Milutin Šoškić | 1962-1968

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Milutin Šoškić | 1962-1968

Postby PES Stats Database » 2009 May 22, 19:24

Club: Partizan Belgrade (1962/1966) | 1. FC Köln (1966/1968)

Growth type: Early/Lasting


Šoškić was among top 3 goalkeepers in the former Yugoslavia. Really hard working, team player, with never-say-die attitude. Played for Partizan Belgrade, 1. FC Köln and Yugoslavian national team with great success. Had three serious injuries during his career. First one at the beginning of his career in Partizan Belgrade. After one save after the corner, while Šoškić was on the ground, one of the opposite players jumped on his lower part of the leg and broke his ligaments. That was in the 19. minute of the game. Šoškić stayed on the goal until the end of the match! It was so serious that doctors said, that he should consider himself lucky if he could walk without cane. 7 months after the surgery, rehabilitation and much hard work he was back, and he was better then ever. He can thank for that only to his iron will (since people from Partizan offered no real help to him). Also during his years in 1. FC Köln, he has broken his leg and again return stronger then ever. Amazing will power, I would say! Sadly, in his late years this (broken leg) happened again and he started to think about retiring from football.

In the penalty box he's the king. Great positioning, timing and bravery (probably too much in some moments, because this is the cause of all 3 of his injuries). He's appeared in the match between England and Rest of the World in 1965, on Wembley. First halftime Yashin was GK for the Rest of the World and second halftime was Šoškić's time. He was that kind of goalkeeper that often saved amazing shoots that everybody already considered to be goals.

When somebody tries to compare Yashin and Šoškić, one interesting information shows up. Bora Kostić (striker for Red Star Belgrade during '50s and '60s, and the best Yugoslavian free kick taker of that time) never scored free kick against Šoškić, while against Yashin he scored one time from good distance (from around 35 meters). This is very interesting because Kostić played 2 or 3 times against Yashin, while against Šoškić he played more then 20 times.


(Šoškić's training: from 4:50 until the end of the video)

(quarterfinals against West Germany in 1962 World Cup, Chile)

(group stage against USSR in 1962 World Cup, Chile)


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Re: Milutin ŠOŠKIĆ 1962/1971

Postby Plava Čigra » 2009 Jul 28, 22:41

Now, I've updated Soskic due to more videos watched. I've realized that I've truly underrated his TS and ACC, due to my smaller knowledge about him 2 months ago. Also, here are a few more things I found out about Soskic when I watched that videos.

He had very good defensive positioning, but he would sometimes run from his line in order to sweep or catch the ball, and in most cases he did that superbly (although in few times, those runs from goal line were quite dangerous, and that's the main reason for 2 or 3 nasty injuries through his career). I thought that only Aggression should be raised to emulate this, but then I discussed this with Classical and he explained me that higher Mentality and higher Aggression are the proper way to emulate this. He also pointed me to the thread where this is discussed. Thanks for helping me, mate ;).

Also, I did a few minor changes of some Abilities, in order to be more synchronized with the Ladders.

List of changes:

Stamina: 75 (previously 70),
Top Speed: 70 (previously 48),
Acceleration: 72 (previously 50),
Dribble Accuracy: 50 (previously 44),
Short Pass Speed: 60 (previously 58),
Shot Accuracy: 45 (previously 40),
Shot Technique: 44 (previously 42),
Jump: 88 (previously 90),
Aggression: 65 (previously 58),
Mentality: 85 (previously 83),
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Re: Milutin ŠOŠKIĆ | 1962-1971

Postby Classical » 2009 Jul 29, 08:23

I say: quite interesting Yashin 2nd best
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Re: Milutin ŠOŠKIĆ | 1962-1971

Postby Sekularac » 2009 Jul 29, 09:18

Nice work NightCaller3.Congrat's mate. I've already implemented Soskic in my Yugoslavia classic team. Is there any chance to make Beara's stats :?:
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Re: Milutin ŠOŠKIĆ | 1962-1971

Postby Plava Čigra » 2009 Jul 29, 13:53

I've already done it mate: 50-s/vladimir-beara-1950-1960-t10910.html
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Re: Milutin ŠOŠKIĆ | 1962-1968

Postby Plava Čigra » 2009 Nov 29, 19:26


1. Changed his Era to 1962/1968 (from 1962-1971). I decided to change his Era because during his final seasons in 1. FC Köln were disrupted by injuries.

2. Changed his Injury Tolerance to B in his 1. FC Köln days (was C). Since I've excluded his last final seasons from his Era (when he was especially injury prone), I've decided to change Injury Tolerance.

3. Changed his Growth type to Early/Lasting (from Standard/Lasting).

4. If you're interested to see other changes in these stats, and Šoškić's comparison with Ćurković, Mrkušić and Beara go here: post127980.html#p127980
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Re: Milutin ŠOŠKIĆ | 1962-1968

Postby VUKDS » 2015 Jan 30, 20:33

I've found a couple of highlights and three full games - vs Chile, Real Madrid and England.

Soskic was an excellent keeper for that period, one of best on the world.
He's get a call for the 1963. game England vs Rest of the World, where he replaced Jashin and played the second half.

Best asset was his athleticism
Spoiler: show
and how it wouldn't after this training
. He was jumping like a crazy on the high balls and crosses, but it wasn't unusual if he fucks up and drops the ball. His low balance probably affected a bit there..
He was also a pretty good shot stopper, but sometimes knew to make a mistake with positioning on the goal line or to go out of it when it's not the time for it. However, he's improved in the later years of career and became a more mature keeper.

I will post a details from the games which I was watching.

1. Yugoslavia vs Chile 0-1 , WC 1962. Match for the third place.
Spoiler: show diving save wonderful jump, but the ball has been fallen from his hands interception catching the high ball easy save
goal scored by Chile:

2. Partizan vs Real Madrid 1-2, Champions League final, 1966.
Spoiler: show calm save of this free kick, it seems that it was a powerful shot going out of the line catching the high ball save with the body first goal scored by Real. Soskic couldn't do much here. Real's second goal

3. England vs Rest of the World 2-1, 1963. Yashin was playing the first half, Soskic replaced him for the second.
Spoiler: show aerial duel with an England forward and the save a couple of second after catching the cross goal scored by England and ridiculous referee's decision crazy jump another one 1st goal scored by England save another well save boxing the ball catching the cross not the happiest positioning, the ball almost went into the goal here England scored the second goal after his save here


Yugoslavia vs Germany 1-0, WC 1962 quarter finals
Spoiler: show diving save intercepting the cross not the best reaction after this corner save

Yugoslavia vs Uruguay 3-1, WC 1962.
Spoiler: show chance by Uruguay Uruguay's goal save

Partizan vs Dinamo Zagreb 2-3, 1960 league game. He was a pretty young here..
Spoiler: show Dinamo scored after he went out of the goal line similar situation 3rd goal

USSR vs Yugoslavia 2-0, WC 1962.
Spoiler: show 1st goal save 2nd goal

Czechoslovakia vs Yugoslavia 3-1, WC 1962.
Spoiler: show save Czechoslovakia 2nd goal

France vs Yugoslavia 1-0, 1965. qualifications for the WC.
Spoiler: show goal scored by France

My set:
Spoiler: show
Attack: 30
Defence: 87
Balance: 78
Stamina: 66
Top Speed: 70
Acceleration: 71
Response: 91
Agility: 86
Dribble Accuracy: 52
Dribble Speed: 54
Short Pass Accuracy: 56
Short Pass Speed: 60
Long Pass Accuracy: 62
Long Pass Speed: 68
Shot Accuracy: 46
Shot Power: 85
Shot Technique: 47
Free Kick Accuracy: 45
Curling: 52
Header: 48
Jump: 86
Technique: 54
Aggression: 69
Mentality: 83
Keeper Skills: 89
Teamwork: 82

Condition/Fitness: 7
Weak Foot Accuracy: 4
Weak Foot Frequency: 4

I don't know if I overreacted a bit with downgrades, but it isn't far from reality I think.
Btw, his Height is 182.
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Re: Milutin ŠOŠKIĆ | 1962-1968

Postby VUKDS » 2015 Feb 02, 20:55

I've been trying him with 88 Def, 93 GKS and 87 Jump.. With the other values I have suggested in my previous set, it looks a bit better. But I am still not really satisfied, he is rebounding too many shoots that he would save normally, and isn't so aggressive at jumping on the high balls and crosses as he used to be..
Any thoughts??

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