Enzo Trossero | 1982-1984

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Enzo Trossero | 1982-1984

Postby PES Stats Database » 2011 Sep 18, 19:56

Club: Club Atlético Independiente

Spoiler: show
Enzo Héctor Trossero (born 23 May 1953), nicknamed El Vikingo (the Viking), is an Argentine footballer and coach, who was last the manager of Al-Ittihad in Saudi Arabia.

He began his playing career at Argentine minnows Belgrano de San Francisco but he soon moved on to Colón de Santa Fe, and in 1975 he arrived at Independiente. In this team he had two phases: from 1975 to 1979, when he was transferred to FC Nantes Atlantique of France, and from 1981 to 1985. During that time he won three Argentine titles (1977–78 and 83), a Copa Libertadores (1984) and an Intercontinental Cup (1984). He was named as one of the club's best defender during Independiente's 90th anniversary.

International career

He had great attacking prowess for a defender, he scored 55 goals in 308 games during his time with Independiente. He made the Argentina national football team for the 1982 FIFA World Cup in Spain, but he didn't manage to play in any game. He played in the qualifying matches for the 1986 FIFA World Cup, but he wasn't called for the tournament itself.

_arg Argentina - 22 appearances

_arg 1971–1972 Sportivo Belgrano
_arg 1972–1975 Colón de Santa Fe 101 appearances | 3 goals
_arg 1975–1986 Independiente 308 appearances | 55 goals
_fra 1979–1981 → Nantes (loan) 69 appearances | 12 goals
_mex 1986 Toluca
_arg 1986–1987 Estudiantes 20 appearances | 4 goals
_sui 1987–1988 Sion
_arg 1989 Estudiantes

_arg 1977 Nacional
_arg 1978 Nacional
_fra 1980 Champion de France
_arg 1983 Metropolitano
_arg 1984 Copa Libertadores
_arg 1984 Intercontinental Cup






Attack/Dribble/Agility/Aggression/Technique/Extra Attacker/ATT-DEF awareness:
Enzo Trossero was an exceptional player in defence, but he was remembered his intelligence in attack movements and also he's compared with Passarella in this aspect (obviously that Daniel had better control of the ball and was more aggressive) because his typical gameplay from deep was: keeper gave the ball to him and he took the ball in his left foot and the attack started there. Then, he dribbled from sometime, crosses the midfield and gave an accurate pass to (in this era) Marangoni, Burruchaga or Bochini to create danger. A lot of times, he crossed from the defence, and goes to attack to finish the gameplay reaching the other box. He was known also because of have great control of the ball to be a CB, and he could does this because he was covered by another great central back who always stayed in defence when he did this attack movements, who was Hugo Villaverde, so if he loses the ball (strange in him), he was covered by him or Giusti in that excellent team. He was capable to surpass some players with his dribble abilities and in this he had the aggressive style of Passarella, Beckenbauer (saving the obvios distances) and in the modern era Milito's aggression or Piqué. He was a technical player to be a CB too, able to stop difficult balls or aerial ones without difficults, he wasn't an incredible technical player, but enough to play like a "modern" average midfielder. I didn't want to assign him a green value in aggression because I've also gave to him Extra Attacker which will make him be aggressive and lean the attack movements of the team. I sitted him 4 points bellow Daniel in attack because Passarella was better header than him in attack and Trossero only leaned the team, wasn't too intelligent to create spaces to himself. To complement his non-green value in AGG+his non superhigh value in attack to a player of this characteristics, I assigned him a BAL ATT/DEF awareness, that compensates a bit this lack of high values. This "combo" will make the more realistic possible that I could find, to represent his aggressive style and how he was capable to did a such of excellent goals, and the impressive porcentual between matches/goals for a CB.

Defence/Stamina/Balance/Response/Mentality/Teamwork/DF Leader:
He was the typical CB with awesome attitude in those times of argentinian teams/NT glory. A player with guts (basically with big balls), with may be one of the best "never give up" attitude, who in the field killed you, he crossed and when he went to antipate he left pass the ball or the guy, not two at the same time. Despite being a "hard" defender, his positioning in the mark was better than good, he was capable to did excellent recoverings of the ball in 1 on 1 situations, without being this his best quality. He was more an aggressive marker than a "waiter". He was owner of a tiny body, but with strenght, in this case I don't know with who compare, but may be with Milito also. Obviously that he wasn't that strong as Gaby in Barca's prime or Zaragoza, but he had an acceptable handling to cover the ball meanwhile he was dribbling or in stopped balls in attack and defence to reach the ball with his jump. I compared both defenders because his attitude and his similar height. In a game (I guess that in 1979 vs Talleres de Cordoba), an opponent hit him and the blood in his leg was too much, he was injured; the coach and all his teammates said to him that he had to went out because it could be worse if he continues playing. What did he do? He continued playing, scored a goal and he was far the best of the match, leading the team from the defence. Also, he was the great captain of 1984 excellent team of Independiente, which won Libertadores and International Cup vs Liverpool in Japan. I wanted to give him an orange value in MENT, but sounded me a lot also taking into account his well value in stamina, which doesn't need too much explanation: He used to play all the games, and in that era in Argentina wasn't normal change defenders, so he was able all the matches to play the 90', and running a lot as I've explained about his style of playing in attack and defence.

There isn't too much to say about his top speed/acceleration, in all the videos that I've watched and all the comments about him that I've read, never was an issue. He was quite normal for a CB, neither too much slow as a turtle, nor a fast player; in the middle. Because of that reason, I put him with similar speed of Passarella who has 77-78, and seems reasonable. About passing abilities, was one of his destacable skills to differenciate him from the media, he was pretty accurate in his passes, mostly in short, and most of the times with more than decent speed to doesn't be intercepted, the ball "ran" with speed on the field, and in this case we have to take into account that in this era, in Argentina's stadiums, the grass wasn't good, full of non-nivelations and difficult to control it, the same with the passes, was more difficult than today make passes because the field was unpredictable because of its poor status. Despite having the same SPA than Daniel, I've opted to put him 2 points below him in speed, because Passarella was capable to does better passes in attack, and it's more difficult.
Appart from the rest: his shooting. I didn't want to assign him Long Ranger because seemed me an exaggeration, but I was closer to did it. Watching videos of him, as he was aggressive in his style of playing, the same in his shooting. He was the free kicker/PK taker of that great team, and most of the times was really good located to the goal, because of this great shooting he could reach that amount of goals in his career. I didn't want to exaggerate also in his shooting abilities, but trust me that he had a cannon in his left foot, and he shooted from everywhere trying to score. As I've said, his best quality was his shoot power, but it was with an acceptable technique, because I watched him shooting from difficult angles and with the ball in movements in fields not in the best status. If the free kick that he tried wasn't goal, that was really closer for sure, and was more because of powerness than for ubication, because of that the difference between both. It's a shame that there isn't too many videos of his penalties or shootings, but he had a really nice porcentual about penalties shooted and goals.
About header and jump, not too much to say, despite being a small bay (179 cm), his jump wasn't too good to have a better value and he's far from Milito's jump, but FAR really. He based his attacking movements in stopped balls in response, attack intelligence, capacity to head and timing to look for the ball more than for jump ability. I assigned him a more than decent number because of his height and with the high value in header, will be enough to represent his headers in attack and in defence (where was less effective than in attack).

I couldn't leave here videos of him, because I didn't find. There are matches of Independiente's team 1984 in All Star thread in the URL that I left above.

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Re: Enzo TROSSERO | 1982-1984

Postby Dimon » 2013 Feb 25, 23:44

Why you preserved him so in DEF, BB and RES? Hell of defender, he cleaned everything that came to the area, always gained in tackles and almost impossible to outpush by opponents. I think in 85 for all this three stats, and maybe something like 83 in Jumping is good also, he was quite good jumper, gained a lot in the air.
And btw I don't see his AGI on greens, 74 will be correct here, imo.
Also he was a good placer, I think in 76 in SA.
And FKA/Curl seems strange. He was quite precise in free kicks and especially penalties, but his curling was not good, I think FKA 82-83, Curl 76 (or maybe even 74).
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Re: Enzo TROSSERO | 1982-1984

Postby Vickingo » 2013 Mar 03, 03:07

Set is in old standards everywhere, can you make concrete suggestions?
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Re: Enzo TROSSERO | 1982-1984

Postby Dimon » 2013 Mar 17, 13:56

Vickingo, I meant that he was much better defensively in almost all sense. I put some explanations above and concret numbers are:

DEF: 85 (always in the best position and almost unbeatable by opponents)
FKA: 82-83
Curl: 74 (he shot FKs for power and placement)
SA: 74-75 (not sure, but he was good placer, combined with power that was why he took penalties)

RES: 85 (cleaned everything what comes to the area)
AGI: 74 (wasn't very agile)

BB: 85 (strong player)
Jump: 83 (gained a lot in the air)
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Re: Enzo Trossero | 1982-1984

Postby lucashag » 2018 Jan 19, 21:45

Made his game vs liverpool, first time I ever saw him play but was impressed. Looked very solid going one on one with rush, had a couple of solid long ball deliveries and showed good positioning on aerial balls. Overall he didn't looked as quick as the set suggests.

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