Geoff BENT 1956-1957

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Geoff BENT 1956-1957

Postby electric_trigger » 2009 Jun 15, 19:00

Name: Geoffrey "Geoff" Bent


Club: Manchester United
Number: 3
Position: *SB, WB
Nationality: English _eng
Age: 23-24 (08/02/1929)
Era: 1956-1957

Foot: L
Side: B

Height: 180 cm
Weight: 72 kg

Attack: 63
Defence: 78
Balance: 82
Stamina: 84
Top Speed: 83
Acceleration: 80
Response: 80
Agility: 76
Dribble Accuracy: 73
Dribble Speed: 73
Short Pass Accuracy: 74
Short Pass Speed: 75
Long Pass Acc.: 80
Long Pass Speed: 77
Shot Accuracy: 64
Shot Power: 75
Shot Technique: 66
Free Kick Accuracy: 66
Curling: 66
Header: 67
Jump: 75
Technique: 74
Aggression: 75
Mentality: 78
Keeper Skills: 50
Team Work: 80

Injury Tolerance: B
Form/Condition/Fitness: 6
Weak Foot Accuracy: 6
Weak Foot frequency: 5
Consistency: 6
Growth type: Early Peak



Attack/Defence Awareness Card: Balanced


Geoffrey "Geoff" Bent (27 September 1932 – 6 February 1958) was an English footballer and one of the eight Manchester United players who lost their lives in the Munich air disaster.

Bent was born in Salford, Lancashire, and joined United on leaving school in the summer of 1948. After several seasons playing in the reserve and youth sides, he became a professional in 1951 and over the decade made 12 league appearances as full-back cover for Roger Byrne on the left and Bill Foulkes on the right.

Geoff Bent was perhaps the unluckiest player to die at Munich. As a reserve fullback he had not been going to make the trip until Roger Byrne suffered a slight strain in the previous match. Geoff was taken along as cover but was not needed in the Babes last match in Belgrade.

In fact if Bent had been at any other club he would have been automatic first choice. In fact many pundits thought he should be the regular left back thus allowing Byrne to switch to his natural right side. However Bill Foulkes had something to say about that!

Bent was an aggressive tackler who could operate on either side of the defence. He boasted speed, a cool head and accurate distribution among his assets. Life in the captain's shadow must have been frustraing but it never affected his enthusiastic approach or his loyalty.

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Plava Čigra
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Re: Geoff BENT 1956-1957

Postby Plava Čigra » 2009 Sep 24, 10:30

His height is 182 cm (approximately).
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Re: Geoff BENT 1956-1957

Postby Keaty22 » 2011 Nov 01, 20:46

His height is 180 cm and weight is 72 kg


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