Rudi VÖLLER | 1989-1990

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Rudi VÖLLER | 1989-1990

Postby crisfar » 2008 Dec 11, 02:17


Club: AS Roma

World Cup Winner: 1990 (Finalist: 1986)
Coppa Italia: 1991
UEFA Champions League: 1993
French Ligue 1: 1993 (Later revoked)
EURO Finalist: 1992


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Re: Rudi VÖLLER | 1989-1990

Postby crisfar » 2009 Mar 20, 20:53

I was a little fan of Rudi Voller, these stats are mostly quite accurate, tough I have few notes on some values:

His speed is overrated, I woud rate him 88 ACC, 87 in TS...

Shooting Dept. a bit overrated, maybe a 89/84/92 would suit him better...

Jump is exaggerrated at 93, 86 is enough...

Tecnique could have been 83, he was able of good traps and tricks...
Injury tolerance should be B
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Re: Rudi VÖLLER | 1989-1990

Postby Oriello » 2009 Mar 21, 22:26

Updated with the sugestions. ;)

I adjusted everything to all but one of your values as I am not an expert on Rudi and any input is welcome. :)

Speed I was definately influenced from him at Werder Bremen he was a speedy demon with good ball control.

Shooting I think my brain over salivated on some youtube compilatians XD but indeed the ST remaining at a 92 would be fine, though I am unsure of Shot Power to 84 as Voller did score some fantastic long range efforts, mind you this was through his entire career (i.e. Bremen) prehaps not all centralised during his Roman times, so 85 a compromise? A bit torn as Tevez, Fabregas are at 84 and seem to be good reference points but Quagriella is at 86 :?..Di Vaio 85 seems like a good equivalent. But damn this is his Roma days so forget it I will take your lead and indeed to 84 is fine...he was simply red arrow with Bremen. XD

Though the only suggestion that I disagree, partially, with is Jump which I do believe he had quite a fantastic leap and seen him rise shoulders above tall keepers and defenders and reach balls that looked to be unattainable. But I aknowledge that you indeed know him so I will compromise to a 89 in Jump. Some leaps were not totally disimilar to Amauri's and he is 6 cm taller so I belived the extra Jump necessary.

Technique I actually thought Voller seemed to be rather poor in, not bad but nothing outstanding either, 83 while nothing special in regard to good technical players it is a rather high average in regard to a general player spectrem globally...but I defer to you my overlord. :lol: :P

Injury Tolerance, yeah I am always going off about this being reserved for special players, I guess I was lax at looking at some appearance records where he clearly is missing some appearance numbers. Thanks for pointing it out. ;) I also may have had an eye out for a few nasty challenges I seen him take and get up from with some Marseille videos but I do suppose the overall record works against him.
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Re: Rudi VÖLLER | 1989-1990

Postby crisfar » 2009 Mar 22, 01:03

Thanks for updating my suggestions ;) I hope you will find helpul my further thoughts :D
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Re: Rudi VÖLLER | 1989-1990

Postby CDDRodrigo » 2009 May 24, 19:00

Look at Ruud's face :lol:
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Re: Rudi VÖLLER | 1989-1990

Postby sencesor » 2009 May 24, 19:19

"The silence before the storm"... :D
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Re: Rudi VÖLLER | 1989-1990

Postby Defo » 2012 Apr 28, 07:19


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