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Postby PES Stats Database » 2009 Oct 30, 18:47

Name: Clemerson de Araújo Soares

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Re: Clemerson De ARAÚJO Soares

Postby pedala robinho » 2011 Mar 03, 02:53

Please, move to Fluminense.

Anyways, I don't think this stats are accurate, with all due respect.

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Re: Clemerson De ARAÚJO Soares

Postby Persee » 2011 Mar 05, 11:07

MOVE TO FLUMINENSE PLEASE!!! :lol: hope its clear like that :roll: AFC mods are just gone incredible, they don't even come now ONCE a while like once a week at least :roll:
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Re: Clemerson De ARAÚJO Soares

Postby tamaguchi_japa » 2011 Mar 13, 19:16

moved but imo this set are not well rated for the little i saw him at Fluminense yet.

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Postby Lucas » 2012 Jan 22, 23:20

yesterday, he did a good job, i dont follow flu every week, so i cant say, but for me he's more a SS than a CF, also he played a couple of minutes as a side-back, that doesnt mean nothin

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Postby Anders » 2012 Jan 24, 18:36

He is a sort of SS/WF, he always subbed Marquinhos when the team was losing.

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Postby Odi1981 » 2012 Jun 04, 22:18

He is in Nautico now!!

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Re: Araújo

Postby bhznet » 2013 Jan 17, 13:44

Pls move to Atlético MG ... -galo.html

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