Jean Barrientos

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Jean Barrientos

Postby PES Stats Database » 2011 Jul 05, 19:57

Notes: It is only an approximation of when I saw him play (about 7-8 games).
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Re: Jean Pierre BARRIENTOS

Postby da_ni » 2011 Dec 25, 12:14

I think his DA could be higher... He can keep it really well, and with some class... 79 is definitelly too low for him, in my opinion. Maybe 83/84 would be more acurate? And his attack could reach at least 75...
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Re: Jean Pierre BARRIENTOS

Postby FernandoA13 » 2012 Aug 13, 11:57

Updated the suggestions :)
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Re: Jean Barrientos

Postby chamakh » 2015 Aug 04, 19:40

Move him to Racing de Montevideo, Conmebol section. ... 8346380288
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Re: Jean Barrientos, Racing de Montevideo

Postby Paablito » 2016 Jan 11, 22:38

wtf are thinking Olimpo buying players who play in amf position or technically good when you have a dt as Osella who puts them in the line to run everywhere?
btw, moved.

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