Mario CORSO | 1962-1967

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Mario CORSO | 1962-1967

Postby electric_trigger » 2009 Apr 12, 16:11

Stats by electric_trigger & Plava Čigra

Name: Mario Corso

Nickname: "God's Left Foot" | "Mandrake" | "Mariolino"


Club: F.C. Internazionale Milano
Number: 11
Position: *WF, SMF
Nationality: Italian _ita
Age: 21-26 (25/08/1941)
Era: 1962/1967

Foot: L
Side: L

Height: 175 cm
Weight: 75 kg

Attack: 83
Defence: 40
Balance: 80
Stamina: 80
Top Speed: 85
Acceleration: 87
Response: 82
Agility: 82
Dribble Accuracy: 90
Dribble Speed: 88
Short Pass Accuracy: 84
Short Pass Speed: 85
Long Pass Accuracy: 93
Long Pass Speed: 80
Shot Accuracy: 83
Shot Power: 80
Shot Technique: 83
Free Kick Accuracy: 90
Curling: 96
Header: 78
Jump: 77
Technique: 90
Aggression: 85
Mentality/Tenacity: 74
Goalkeeper Skills: 50
Team Work: 80

Injury Tolerance: B
Form/Condition/Fitness: 6
Weak Foot Accuracy: 6
Weak Foot Frequency: 6
Consistency: 4
Growth type: Early/Lasting

P05: Trickster
P07: Mazing Run
P09: Early Cross
P17: Free Roaming
S01: Reaction
S02: Passer
S05: 1-touch Play

*Tactical Dribble
*1-Touch Pass

Attack/Defence Awareness Card: Attack Minded


Mario Corso, (born August 25, 1941) was a famed, brilliant and turbulent left winger adored by fans but notable for his inconsistency.

Born at San Michele Extra (province of Verona, Veneto), Corso was an important player of Internazionale (1958-1973), winning two European Champions and two Intercontinental Cups in the 1960s. He played for the Inter Milan team known as La Grande Inter.

A midfielder-striker and left winger, he played a total of 502 matches with 92 goals in Serie A. He played 23 times for Italy national football team. He was controversially dropped from the Squad that traveled to Chile in 1962 and then in 1966 was dropped during the tournament for bad form and falling out with the coach during Italy's poor World Cup.

His nickname was "God's Left Foot", a reference to his outrageous skill in hitting free kicks and crosses Corso would hit the ball softly, with his instep, and with a tremendous amount of spin. The ball would travel slowly and seemingly innocuously, before turning back towards the goal and landing "like a dead leaf falling from a tree" (as one commentator put it).


Mario Corso featues #11 in the black and white clips

Goal #36

Goal #72

ADDITIONAL LINKS: ... p?id=18369 ... rio-corso/ ... ault/14896
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Re: Mario CORSO | 1962-1968

Postby electric_trigger » 2009 May 09, 12:09

updated LPA and LPS
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Plava Čigra
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Re: Mario CORSO | 1962-1968

Postby Plava Čigra » 2009 Sep 28, 21:37

He really didn't have extraordinary power in his shot, but I think his SP could be raised to yellow area. 78 seems too low. I've watched a few games with him and I base my suggestion on that.

Also, he had very good positioning when his team defends (for attacker, off course). Often he follows opposition's action and positions himself on the right place, in the right time, in order to cut their attack (in most cases he cuts that final pass, which goes to the penalty box). I would suggest Defence: 40.


I found these two videos: (free kick) (shot from the box)

Look at Corso's free kick and his shot from the box in the other video. It doesn't seem that slow to me...
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Re: Mario CORSO | 1962-1967

Postby Plava Čigra » 2010 Jun 16, 08:44

Updated to fit new format. Changes...

1. Changed his Era from 1962-1968 to 1962-1967. Changed his Height: 182-->175 cm and Weight: 76-->75 kg (according to last 2 sources in Additional Links).

2. Defence: 30-->40 - Despite what you can read about Corso, he wasn't that lazy when his team defends. If I were to judge only those ECC Final games, he would deserve 45 for his defensive positioning and good tackling. But since he might be a bit more motivated for those games (aka on the red arrow day), 40 is enough for him (at least, until I can find more Inter games from that Era).

3. Balance: 78-->80 - He could hold his own against strong defenders, although he preferred to use his dribbling and speed in order to beat them. At first I thought 1 point raise will be enough, but due to his new Height/Weight data, I think 80 isn't too high value.

4. Stamina: 78-->80 - Yes, he would looked tired 10-15 minutes before the game is over, but with 78 and such low Mentality (even when I've updated Mentality to 74), he will be pretty much tired and useless after 70 minutes of the game.

5. Response: 80-->82 - He somehow always finds a way to be in the right place, at the right time, especially during his team's attacks. Also, his Response helps him during his defensive tasks.

6. Long Pass Speed: 78-->80 - His long passes weren't in the green area. I could even go with 82-83, but I've decided to go with more conservative value, due to the low number of games I've watched.

7. Shot Accuracy: 82-->83, Shot Power: 78-->80, Shot Technique: 82-->83 - His shooting precision should be over Beckenbauer's by 2 points. He just makes clean connection with the ball and in most situations aims for the corners. Again, despite his specific free-kick style, he would put more power in his shooting (including FKs). I mean he wasn't Sandro Mazzola, but I think SP: 80 suits him fine.

8. Mentality/Tenacity: 62-->74 - Yes, he was probably the laziest player in that team, but in Herrera's Inter, even such gifted players had to do some running. That team's playing style revolved around defense and even Corso had to try and put some pressure on opposition players. Also, with so much players that "worked" on the field, expression laziest doesn't necessarily mean that he should have under 65 value for Mentality. Obviously, he must look bad in this segment when his teammates are "working" extremely hard on the field.

If I was guided only by those Final games, he could claim green value, but since he could be on his inspired day, 74 should be enough for him.

9. Team Work: 63-->80 - Why such low value? He was the one who would occasionally drop deeper, near the centre and try to help Luis Suarez to organize attacks. And although he would often try to dribble, he wasn't the one to always try and finish everything on his own. Just the opposite, he would dribble past his guards, pass the ball and then try either to receive return pass or go into the box and lurk for a ball after keeper's saves.

10. Removed *Side. He wasn't a typical winger. He often played closer to the centre, allowing Facchetti to exploit free space on the left side. Off course, he could be also seen on the side, from time to time, but my point is that he wasn't the one to always drift on the side.

11. Added new Cards - P05: Trickster, P07: Mazing Run, P09: Early Cross, P17: Free Roaming, S01: Reaction, S02: Passer, S05: 1-touch Play + Attack/Defence Awareness Card: Attack Minded.

12. Added Growth type: Early/Lasting. Added Videos and Additional Links. Added me into credits.


Fevernova (or anybody else who is familiar with FK Styles), feel free to suggest FK Style for Corso and Didi. Thanks in advance. :)
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Re: Mario CORSO | 1962-1967

Postby Fevernova » 2010 Jun 17, 16:32

I´d be pleased, Plava, but I´m having some problem with youtube, and I can see none of the reference vids you´ve posted, if there´s a link to any of his Free Kicks in another site´s videos I could surely help with his FKStyle, as well as DIDI´s. I´ve gone deep into this aspect of the game... ;)
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Re: Mario CORSO | 1962-1967

Postby patrick88 » 2011 Nov 08, 22:05

quote from lodovico maradei, a soccer reporter from la gazzetta at the time of la grande inter - 'on the left, in front of facchetti, you had corso, a very creative player, not the quickest or most attacking, but a man capable of unlocking opposing defences'

are we sure about the 85/87 for his speed and acceleration?

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