Simon Cox

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Simon Cox

Postby PES Stats Database » 2009 Nov 20, 13:01

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Re: Simon COX

Postby KeyserSoze » 2011 May 29, 23:43

In the second half of the season he usually played deeper, as a SS behind Odemwingie.
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Re: Simon COX

Postby WHUfan » 2011 Nov 08, 13:42

MaxPower wrote:In the second half of the season he usually played deeper, as a SS behind Odemwingie.

He's still doing it, in the game on Saturday he played the second half at SS behind Tchoyi at CF
Mr. Evans
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Re: Simon COX

Postby Mr. Evans » 2011 Nov 08, 19:42

Added SS to his positions.
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Re: Simon Cox

Postby BigStu » 2013 Aug 13, 11:32

clearly needs a update, this makes him one of the best strikers in the division which he is not, he's way too damm mercurial for that, konami's set sucks complelty missing his technical ability
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Re: Simon Cox

Postby vinnie » 2014 Jan 21, 02:43

the fact that the swindon goal is form 2009 makes me think these aren't flukes, and even though i know nothing of them, there's little to argue against the skill of those touches and traps, which are absolutely top drawer.
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