My retierment...

pedala robinho
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My retierment...

Postby pedala robinho » 2010 Mar 29, 00:39

Well, so here we go, friends :D . Well, I arrive this site a long time ago. I always tried to be a great worker on this forum, looking for accurate stats and a precise Brazilian league :mrgreen: , but now I believe my time has gone. As you guys can see, my visits to the forum become a lot seldom on the recent days, and it's being really hard to spend some time ahead of the PC :cry: . I'm working and studying a lot, and I'm in a crucial phase of my life. I need to define the prioritys of my life now :) .

I always loved to be here helping the growth of the forum, and I about one-and-half year I made a lot of friends here.

I really wish the best things for everyone here, success, money and girls ( :twisted: ) in your lifes. I hope the forum keep as it is, each day more precise and interesting.

Cheers from your friend in Brazil,
Fábio Calliari (a.k.a. pedala Robinho :lol: ).
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Re: My retierment...

Postby Josh » 2010 Mar 29, 00:59

I don't know you mate, but all the best for the future.
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Re: My retierment...

Postby A-SK » 2010 Mar 29, 01:26

we can always chat online, buddy. you'll be missed :(
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Re: My retierment...

Postby brazilianpesfan » 2010 Mar 29, 01:45

Good luck my friend!
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Re: My retierment...

Postby jmg721 » 2010 Mar 29, 01:54

Damn. This is a huge hit for the site. I really focused on launching the Argentine league after I knew the Brazilian league was in safe hands with you as their 1st mod. I regret not working with you more. I really trusted your thoughts and opinions and always appreciated your help with Brazilians playing in Europe.

I wish you the best buddy, and I hope you make a return at some point even just to talk football. I don't chat on msn or anything but feel free to email me. If you don't have mine PM me, and I'll give it to you. I'm sure I could use your knowledge for some Brazilians in Italy in the future.

I am pretty bummed about this, but did notice your absence lately and was hoping it was just a phase. You are one of my favorite active statsmakers on this site. I hope you taught a lot of the current Brazilians to follow in your footsteps. I'd hate to see that league suffer losing you, Matias and with .Maguss. not that active.

Best of Luck!
"The Recoba Effect"
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Re: My retierment...

Postby manoloxcr17 » 2010 Mar 29, 03:19

Good luck mate. :)
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Re: My retierment...

Postby Xyder » 2010 Mar 29, 09:47

I haven't talk with you, but like jmg721 I trust your knowledge making and updating brazilian players.
In less that one week, two great brazilian stat makers need to focuss his effort in his real life, so Fábio, good luck in all that you make and we hope that you can return soon. The mods will work hard to let this forum continue growing.

Cheers and god bless you in all you do.
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Re: My retierment...

Postby JuLiTo » 2010 Mar 29, 10:58

Luck in the life partner! we wait for him back :P
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Re: My retierment...

Postby Minell » 2010 Mar 29, 12:41

good luck mate :) enjoy your life now ;)
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Re: My retierment...

Postby tamaguchi_japa » 2010 Apr 03, 15:58

good lucky m8, im looking foward to see u again here in a few months ;)
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Re: My retierment...

Postby Messias18 » 2010 May 05, 17:17

Good luck mate! Hopefully you can come back

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