Carlos BABINGTON | 1973-1974

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Carlos BABINGTON | 1973-1974

Postby Il Codino » 2009 Sep 27, 23:20


Club: Club Atletico Huracán
Number: 10
Position: *AMF
Nationality: Argentinian _arg
Era: 1973-1974
Age: 24-25

Foot: L
Side: L

Length: 1.80m
Weight: 74 kg

Attack: 77
Defence: 44
Balance: 80
Stamina: 83
Top Speed: 78
Acceleration: 77
Response: 82
Agility: 83
Dribble Accuracy: 86
Dribble Speed: 78
Short Pass Accuracy: 87
Short Pass Speed: 86
Long Pass Acc.: 85
Long Pass Speed: 82
Shot Accuracy: 77
Shot Power: 84
Shot Technique: 78
Free Kick: 93
Curling: 90
Header: 78
Jump: 74
Technique: 94
Aggression: 78
Mentality: 76
Keeper Skills: 50
Team Work: 86
Injury Tolerance: B
Condition/Fitness: 6
Weak Foot Accuracy: 3
Weak Foot frequency: 4
Consistency: 5
Growth type: Standard

P05 – Trickster
P03 – Classic No.10
P20 – Talisman
S02 – Passer
S06 – Outside Curve

* Tactical Dribbling
* Playmaking
* Passing
* Outside

Attack/Defence Awareness Card: Attack Minded


Carlos Alberto Babington "El Inglés" (The Englishman) (born 20 September 1949) is a former Argentine football striker. He represented the Argentine national team at the 1974 World Cup.

Babington was born in Buenos Aires and started his career at Club Atlético Huracán in 1969, he was part of the team that won the Metropolitano 1973 championship. Babington scored 126 goals for Huracán in his 8 years with the club.

In 1974, he was transferred to the German team SG Wattenscheid 09, though he had also considered an offer from Stoke City due to his English ancestry.

One of the great Playmakers (number 10) of the 70's in Argentina, he had a great technique and creativity, and was an outstanding free kick taker.

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Re: Carlos BABINGTON | 1973-1974

Postby Il Codino » 2010 Feb 22, 16:56

Updated with new format and a little overhaul.
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Re: Carlos BABINGTON | 1973-1974

Postby xaguanteelrojox » 2010 Mar 19, 18:13

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Re: Carlos BABINGTON | 1973-1974

Postby Jez » 2010 Mar 20, 01:43

I feel like I'm being really picky and uptight, but could you remove the bold on the post? :oops:
It just bugs me a bit because it doesn't fit with 99% of the stats layouts on the site. Again, I'm not trying to be an arse about it, just saying :)
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Re: Carlos BABINGTON | 1973-1974

Postby Il Codino » 2010 Mar 20, 03:14

No problem mate, fixed ;)
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Re: Carlos BABINGTON | 1973-1974

Postby lucardax5d » 2010 Dec 12, 19:17

Clearly needs to increase its Free Kick Accuracy. To Babington it was easier to become a free kick, what in a penalty. It was really incredible ease to score goals on free kicks..

It is also necessary to increase their skills. The technique was one of the best skills of Carlos Babington. Had "atada al pié", he could splice and stop as he wanted. Once, playing in Huracán, a move the party there was a rebound, and the ball went too far in the air, but when the ball was falling (very quickly), Babington down with his foot so that stadium applauded. So, I suggest these changes:

Free Kick Accuracy: 85 -> 92/93 (I suggest 93).
Technique: 87 -> 94/95 (I suggest 94).
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Re: Carlos BABINGTON | 1973-1974

Postby John1 » 2012 Feb 04, 03:34

A nice video of this brilliant footballer
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Re: Carlos BABINGTON | 1973-1974

Postby Vickingo » 2012 Feb 14, 03:03

This guy was owner of a huge talent and one of most remembered players in 70's here. Talented and technical, he was able to make incredible gameplays into the pitch, a classic no. 10 of that era but this guy was simply awesome...full of quality his left boot. This set needs some changes, mostly with lasts revolutions. His attack should be really high, I'm not saying that as awesome as prime Riquelme, but at least middle's 80 to represent his incisiviness and fantastic decisions to pass through defenders. Stamina/Mentality must have a massive decrease...was those type of players that doesn't need those high ratings at all...I see more accurate high greens in stamina and low 70's in mentality, less than nothing special was this guy.
His speed stats must have a massive decrease too (TS/ACC/DS/RESP)...82 in RESP? wtf? This guy was very relaxed and didn't use it at all, doesn't need more than 77/78 to represent his style of classic no. 10. I have doubts about his agility also, he was able to make quick turns but he didn't use it at all, he was more elegant for what I could watch of him.
TW is an issue, his understanding with his teammates was godly but his off-the ball movement didn't...not sure in 86 though...will be omnipresent and accurate in his passes as hell, plus a raise in ATT will be an explosive and dangerous combo.
If you update him, could you give him the new format?
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Re: Carlos BABINGTON | 1973-1974

Postby John1 » 2012 Feb 14, 18:05

As vickingo said, he was the godfather of Bocha and Roman in terms of his playing methodology. Relaxed, concise, deliberate (and intuitive too), relaxed and smooth.

He was not a fast player, but his stamina was not bad. He did not hustle much and wasn't that strong of a player. His obvious strengths were dribbling, ball control, passing, vision and decision making abilities...oh and a brilliant set piece taker he was.
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Re: Carlos BABINGTON | 1973-1974

Postby JeffVR98 » 2017 Jun 04, 20:57

LPA One of his mainly skills, reminds me to Luis Suarez, not powerfull in his passes but 100% accurate, he knows how synchronize his passes to compensate his lack of power, he deserved low orange level for sure. (90/91)

DA could be in high yellows, classic playmaker, oriented to do more tactical movements to open spaces to make passes, he has a decent close control back in those days probably 88/89.

AGI Could go down to low green levels (79) he don't was a example in that aspect he was more a classic playmaker

Probably he don't deserved the trickster card, don't fit in his style.
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