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Kevin McKenna

Postby PES Stats Database » 2008 Dec 11, 18:48


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Postby dominat0r » 2010 Mar 05, 15:47

Kevin should get an update.

I suggest a higher mentality as he fights everytime until the end, and the most important change: His header! In all the last games he won almost all headers clearly in defense, he's a monster in the air.

My stats:

Header: 85
Mentality: 83

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Postby Shubitidze » 2010 Mar 10, 19:09

This guy is a beast in the air... His timing is perfect, you will hardly ever see someone beating him in the air. I would like to update this to 86 and so put him among the top players in heading of the league, the current 81 is totally inaccurate.

I agree about MENT as well, he is a real fighter, who equals lacking technical abilities and pace with his mentality. To get him from the pitch you will have to break at least one of his legs. :lol: Furthermore: do we really still have to keep the CF position? ;)

Overall I would like to update like this:


Delete CF (?)

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Postby s-cobar » 2010 Mar 11, 07:07

agree with your suggestions, but I`m not sure about remove CF. I know at Köln he never played, but in the nationalteam he do it often at Cottbus also. I think it`s something special at him.

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Postby yuliancho » 2012 Mar 07, 22:20

Correct AGE: 32 (1980)

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Postby Malakayi » 2012 Sep 25, 16:16

I think in some points we are too harsh, in others too generous with McKenna. He's an old-school defender, strong header, good tackling and positioning but slow, stiff and playing the ball as if he had wooden blocks instead of feet. I see Kevin's DEF a bit better, his positioning is not that bad, could be on 79. Same with balance, +1 to 87 wouldn't be a bad thing, also TW should be on the same level as MENT imo.
About decreases, while I think TS is okay for him ACC should come down a good bit, he isn't this explosive, never was, never will be, TS > ACC. John Terry has 65 AGI, I think that'd be a good number for McKenna, too. His passes are rather inaccurate as well as his TECH being a bit weaker than current value.


Defence 79
Balance 87
Acceleration 67
Agility 65
Short Pass Accuracy 68
Short Pass Speed 73
Long Pass Accuracy 71
Long Pass Speed 73
Technique 69
Teamwork 76

EDIT: looked up McKenna's new Konami set (, seems like they didn't gave him some generic stats but I can't really see how they fit him.

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Postby Eternal Night » 2012 Sep 25, 16:27

Updated. You know this player better than me but I see your suggestions with common sense. I've seen this player 2-3 times and your idea about him is very realistic :)

The intelligent people are full of doubts while the stupid ones are full of confidence.
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