Mauricio SABILLIÓN, CD Marathón

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Mauricio SABILLIÓN, CD Marathón

Postby ballack13 » 2010 Jan 25, 19:56

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Re: Mauricio SABILLION, Marathon

Postby E_9 » 2010 Jan 26, 22:17

Hm, about Sabillón...

I'm not sure about *Side. He looks like a guy, who usually like to goes to centre and shot with left foot.. Oh, WFA and WFF should be increase to 5 ;)

Top Speed: He is that fast? Acceleration looks nice, but I think that he is a bit slower guy.. In my opinion he is on Robert Lewandowski's level, who has 80..

Defence: Attack and defence on this some level? Hm, Usually he showed that he prefers playing like right SMF, not SB.. I think that it should be decrease, but I don't know to how number ;P


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Re: Mauricio SABILLION, Marathon

Postby Mouarikh » 2010 May 05, 23:57

Doesn't he play in China with greentown?

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Re: Mauricio SABILLIÓN, CD Marathón

Postby Helios » 2011 Apr 06, 15:35

Back to Honduras (CD Marathón).

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Re: Mauricio SABILLIÓN, CD Marathón

Postby PIPA23 » 2012 Oct 19, 20:12

his surname is Sabillón not Sabillión..

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