Jermaine Jenas

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Jermaine Jenas

Postby PES Stats Database » 2008 Dec 09, 17:35


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Re: Jermaine JENAS

Postby prosser2k10 » 2011 Dec 13, 02:30

Shouldn't his Injury Tolerance be C? he's been unlucky with injuries for a few years now. He isn't a week in week out player and if he does play week in week out he ends up sidelined.
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Re: Jermaine JENAS

Postby Jez » 2011 Dec 16, 20:10

I think in general these are a tad overrated anyway. He's a very decent player on his day, but there's reasons other than his injuries that have restricted his playing time. These make him that little bit too good in my opinion
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Re: Jermaine JENAS

Postby Christiancito » 2012 Jan 23, 23:11

Move him to Tottenham, his injury caused his loan expires before time.
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Re: Jermaine JENAS

Postby vinnie » 2012 Sep 30, 21:44

isn't he on loan at nottingham?

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Re: Jermaine JENAS

Postby BigStu » 2012 Sep 30, 21:50

realised it today, but currently in discomfort due to a neck injury I received in the game to day so not in the mood to move him
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Re: Jermaine Jenas

Postby MotherHen » 2014 Sep 12, 16:13

This guy needs moving from the QPR section to no club section whenever someone can... :) ... ieler/3461

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