Albert Acevedo

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Albert Acevedo

Postby PES Stats Database » 2009 Oct 04, 01:29


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Re: Albert ACEVEDO, CD O'Higgins

Postby maestrillo » 2011 Jan 20, 09:57

Move to Universidad de Chile _chi
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Re: Albert ACEVEDO

Postby manoloxcr17 » 2011 May 13, 14:24

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Re: Albert ACEVEDO

Postby REAL_MADRID » 2012 Jun 02, 16:15

I haven't seen him playing too much, only a few games in Libertadores, but.... is he really that bad?

I also would like somebody to update some of the U's players.
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Re: Albert ACEVEDO

Postby KeyserSoze » 2012 Jun 02, 17:10

I don't think La U needs major changes, but Albert is an exception.
He's just average, but not that bad either.
I'll give him an update next week.
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Re: Albert ACEVEDO

Postby Reverend » 2012 Jun 03, 02:59

I think before you start then updated, we should fix it scales with the new values ​​according to the revolution of PSD
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Re: Albert ACEVEDO

Postby RoMario » 2012 Aug 24, 20:08

Add Marking, Sampaoli uses it as a harsh marker, and he responds very well, Neymar happened 2 times in the game, I never saw to Acevedo as a side, but I understood that their task was to block to Neymar (besides go to attack).

Defence: 74 -> 76/77 (is a great defender, only lacks technique)
Response: 79 -> 80/81 (is alert to game)
Aggression: 63 -> 65/66 (He has AGG of a player who never attacks)

★ Marking

S07 - Man Marking

[I'm comparing with all the Chilean soccer, through the "Stats Ranking / Ladder"]

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