Classic Players On WebSite

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Classic Players On WebSite

Postby Majin » 2011 Jun 10, 08:51

From today, the classic players will be included in the website database.
Will find the updates page and the page ranking of automatically.
Please report any errors in this topic of the new classic section :)
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Re: Classic Players On WebSite

Postby scr1899 » 2011 Jun 10, 11:05

Great work, thank you.
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Re: Classic Players On WebSite

Postby Brezza » 2011 Jun 10, 14:59

About Time, :D great work.
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Re: Classic Players On WebSite

Postby Albo7 » 2011 Jun 19, 10:48

Amazing work man. Thank you, seriously. :)
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Re: Classic Players On WebSite

Postby Santana73 » 2012 Jul 04, 07:58

I'm new to this all... Is there way to download the classic players to the PS3 or do I have to manually input them...

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