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Postby PES Stats Database » 2008 Dec 09, 23:28

Name: Renato Dirnei Florêncio Santos
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Postby Anders » 2011 Dec 06, 03:20

My update for him:

Remove SS and change CMF to registred position.
STA: 84
AGI: 78
DA: 83
SPA: 85
LPA: 83~84
SP: 83
FKA: 75
SW: 74
TECH: 85
AGG: 75
TW: 85
ADD: P18 – Talisman and ★Playmaking
Attack/Defence Awareness: BAL
He became a hell of a playmaking, obviously need a playmaking card and a increase in his passing and tw, need a increase in his tech stats too, simple take zero time to trap a ball and every time that he is pressured he beat a player just using his first touch.
He stopped to play so aggressive, I was even thinking to remove Free Roaming, but he was so great in this that I leaved in his set, I need to see how he is going to play next season.
He is one of those guys that can rule the midfield, I remember a game that he owed both Paulinho and Ralf, amazing player.
pedala robinho
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Postby pedala robinho » 2011 Dec 09, 02:29

Couldn't agree more, Anders. He's an amazing player. The only change that I'd make is, instead of Talisman, I would go for Classic No 10. Anyways, I'll sent a set to you via PM.
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Postby Anders » 2012 Feb 28, 02:27

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Re: Renato

Postby PIPA23 » 2014 May 14, 17:53

i moved him to Santos, updated his weight and shirt number.

Image ... te-renato/
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Re: Renato

Postby toaad » 2016 Jan 24, 05:47

Excellent player . Essential to hold the vertices of the Santos offensive system connecting the defense to attack and defending very well.

He proved to be much slower than these values ​ , maybe even in the white zone .
Anyway this not influenced his game dynamics because he has fucking great intelligence in the reading (of the game) with his class-brilliant technique.
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