Gianluca Zambrotta | 2005-2006

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Gianluca Zambrotta | 2005-2006

Postby PES Stats Database » 2009 Aug 24, 17:43


In his 2nd season for Juventus, 2000-01, Zambrotta made 29 league appearances and scored 3 goals. But Juventus finished once again on the 2nd place. Zambrotta won his first scudetto in the season 2001-02, while he made 32 league appearances and scored 1 goal throughout the season.

After Zambrotta suffered an injury in the game against South Korea during the 2002 FIFA World Cup, he missed the beginning of the season 2002-03. During his absentation, the new signing of Juventus Mauro Camoranesi took his place on the right wing and was in superb form. This prompted the coach Marcello Lippi to switch Zambrotta to the left-back when he returned to action. Zambrotta was adapted to his new position very quickly and performed particularly well. He remained a regular first team player as Juventus won the 2nd consecutive scudetto and reached the UEFA Champions League final, in which they were defeated by Milan in the penalty shoot-out after a 0-0 draw.

Zambrotta has won three scudetti with Juventus as of 2005, making a total of 185 league appearances and scoring 7 goals in 6 seasons. In 2005-06, following the injury of Zebina and the arrival of Chiellini, Zambrotta is again switched to the right-back by the coach Fabio Capello. In 2005, Zambrotta extended his deal with Juventus again which will keep him in the black-and-white jersey until 2010.


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Re: Gianluca ZAMBROTTA | 2005-2006

Postby DeFrenZ » 2009 Aug 26, 01:06

SA 78
ST 75

in that period he was a shooting machine

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Re: Gianluca ZAMBROTTA | 2005-2006

Postby hsnandra » 2010 May 09, 19:37

The video does show him defending quite a lot; I'm just wondering whether he also deserves Deep Cover or Covering?

We all know that he loved to get forward but when it came to defending he would track back and hold his position.

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Re: Gianluca ZAMBROTTA | 2005-2006

Postby CLU82 » 2010 May 27, 10:06

For some reason, the 'KAKA | 2001-2002 & 2006-2007' link comes straight here... :?:

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Re: Gianluca ZAMBROTTA | 2005-2006

Postby Fantasista » 2011 Aug 16, 10:20

I think we could extend era to 2004-06. The previous season was pretty good too.

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Re: Gianluca ZAMBROTTA | 2005-2006

Postby midivial » 2013 Jan 15, 09:24

He has been world class since 2002. I still cant forget how he completely took roberto carlos out of the game in 2003 CL semifinal.

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