George Best | 1967-1968

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George Best | 1967-1968

Postby PES Stats Database » 2008 Dec 10, 19:12

Nickname: "El Beatle"

Club: Manchester United

Growth type: Early Peak

"If I had been born ugly, you would never have heard of Pele."


Spoiler: show
"I think I've found you a genius" - United scout Bob Bishop's telegram to Matt Busby on 15 year old George Best.
A fantastic dribbler of the ball who beat defenders with ease. First discovered by Manchester United scout Bob Bishop at the age of 15, he was described as a "genius". He was a favourite in the media for his showmanship, skill and celebrity lifestyle. His new found lifestyle which included drinking and gambling lead to discipline problems later in his Manchester United career and in 1974, after 466 appearances and 178 goals, he left United having been their top scorer for six consecutive seasons. This marked the beginning of the end of George Best's career, although he did have further spells with Fulham, Bournemouth and three American clubs.

On the 3rd of October 2005, George Best was admitted to intensive care as a result of his long term alocholism and at 1.05PM on 25th November 2005, he died.

Since, his death George Best has had Belfast City Airport renamed after him and had one million "George Best £5 notes" dedicated to him. George Best has been described as the greatest player to have never played in the world cup and in 1999, he was voted 11th in the IFFHS European Player of the Century election and 16th in the World Player of the Century election. He was named as one of the best players in the world by Pele in the FIFA 100 and was 19th in the UEFA Golden Jubilee Poll.

Manchester United
Football League Championship Winners Medal: 1965, 1967
UEFA European Cup Winners Medal: 1968

European Footballer of the Year: 1968
Football Writers' Association Footballer of the Year: 1968
Freeman of Castlereagh: 2002
Inaugural inductee into the English Football Hall of Fame: 2002
Honorary Doctorate from the Queen's University of Belfast: 2001
PFA Special Merit Award, for Services to Football: 2006


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Re: George BEST | 1967-1968

Postby Tom » 2010 Feb 04, 19:17

Alcohomicide wrote:"Every man says his wife is the prettiest"

Unless that man is John Terry ;)
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Re: George BEST | 1967-1968

Postby DYLANRANDALL » 2010 Aug 11, 04:12

Attributes. Its all a relative analysis in my view. The technique ladder is good idea empirically, as are all other ladders , but in a positional sense i feel like Attack rating and balance can be misconstrued. Bestie scored over 40 goals in his prime season of 1967-68. Placing him in the PES10, it makes logical sense to represent him at his BEST, not to sound cliche. Attack 86 is way too low. Adebayor, Amauri , Tevez, etc all these current decent to good players, not exceptional players, should not be repesented in similar statistical class as George Best. If PELE refers to this man as the only player he would pay to see, combining that with his scoring average for a winger, and statistical highwater mark of 40 plus goals in his position....Best should be the highest rated classic winger in the game. Christano Ronaldo for all the adulation and ego worship he gets out of people, is like a 96 or 97 attack in the game. His highwater mark for goals just barely broke Best's man U record of goals for a winger, which stood for over forty years. Here are my ratings for George best.

Att- 94
Def -31

Inj- B

Agility king,Trickster, 1v1 finish, one touch, outside, stepover, quickturn, scooping, incisive run. Alternate options : speed merchant, elastico, marseille roulette.

Notes: Best scored direct from corner kicks twice in his career, hence the curling 96. This offsets the lack of long pass speed, as the action the ball picks up in flight gives defenders equal trouble to a faster, straighter pass.

Week foot acc of 8 is consistent with a player who played two full seasons as an outside left whist being right footed, and scored dozens of left footed goals in his career, many from outside the box.
Slightly lower agility than is posted on this site, and slightly higher balance to 83 should replicate the herky jerky movements always present on Best's vertical runs.

Technique 97 is easily justifiable. If Baggio and Bergkamp are 98, neither of whom scored more spectacular goals than Best, had as big of seasons in their prime or had to control as many difficult 50- 50 balls as he did in his outside position, being constantly squeezed by the touchline and opposition markers. If Technique is ones ability to control a ball and turn it into a useful attacking scenario as quickly as possible, then best suits his technique rating of 97 ideally.

ones abilty to pass accurately does not convey ones willingness to do so. Best was a very accurate short and long passer, that is why i have him at 90 spa and 92 lpa. By leaving out the passer card though, we remove his willingness to distribute as frequently, more realistically depicting his playing style preference.

Mentality outside the pitch is one thing, but a player ranking as high as Best does in the record books and the man called the best player never to play in a world cup, has to have a mentality of at least 78. It befits the audacity of many of his cheeky chips, uber- creative goals and moves. To me, a quick wit on the pitch and Mentality are one in the same.
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Re: George BEST | 1967-1968

Postby Luisao82 » 2010 Aug 11, 07:57

Alcohomicide wrote:BB is not about your balance as in walking on a tight rope and staying vertical etc. It's about strength. Very misleading title.

That would be more like: Agility.
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Re: George BEST | 1967-1968

Postby Classical » 2010 Aug 13, 07:46

Actually that stunt move, in my opinion, would be a mix of both - bb and agility.

But that's sideline talking.
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Re: George BEST | 1967-1968

Postby ballmer » 2011 Aug 04, 12:22

Had a few thoughts...

ATT - Current value, 86 - Suggested value, 87/88
Judging attack as overall effectiveness, the 67-68 season could be likened to C.Ronaldo's 07-08 era. Judging ATT as overall effectiveness, an 87/88 wouldn't be overrating him in my opinion. Ronaldo has 88 in ATT for that season and though Best wasn't quite the goalscoring machine that Ronaldo was that year (Best scored 32, Ronaldo 42), I think he was almost, if not as effective in the final third as Ronaldo.

AGI - Current value, 97 - Suggested value, 92/93.
I think a decrease is needed. I've been watching lots of footage lately and I can't honestly say I see any displays of agility of classic Ronaldinho's level, or Messi's etc. Wouldn't something like 92/93 be more accurate? His agility was certainly world class, but he didn't seem to rely on excessive twists or turns. His movements to wrongfoot defenders were minimal and subtle - a drop of the shoulder or a feint in one direction, before accelerating past them. Which leads me to...

ACC - Current value, 92 - Suggested value, 94.
Obviously 92 is a great value already but given the point made above I think a raise to 94 would be better. While he may not be as obviously explosive as some, when dribbling he regularly slowed slightly, fooled the defender before bursting past. I'd particularly like to hear other's thoughts about a value. I''m not set on any value, I just believe a slight increase is needed.

RES - Current value, 84 - Suggested value, 80/81.
With a better understanding of RES, we can rate this more fairly. He was relatively static and didn't notably pounce on stray balls nor did he score poacher's goals. A higher value than this is simply unnecessary in my opinion.

DA - Current value, 98 - Suggested value, 97.
I agree he's deserving of god-region for DA. Some of his dribbling reminds me of Messi. He could use the frequency of his touches of the ball to shimmy through the smallest of gaps, beating multiple defenders in confined spaces. However, 98 is slightly overrating him I feel. Just for the sake of balancing with modern players, I'd drop it to 97, minimal a tweak as this is.

DS - Current value, 97 - Suggested value, 96.
As above, I think this is a tiny bit overrated. 96 looks good to me. Sorry for the lack of explanation here. To me, 97 just seems too high. I think he needs to be just a tad lower, closer to an orange value, though still deservedly in the lower god-region.

LPA - Current value, 88 - Suggested value, 86.
I'm not sure about this, but I think a small decrease could be warranted here. 86 was the value I had in mind. Obviously a higher value will make him rely moreso on it, but moreover his crosses often seemed to come from the edge of the area, not excessively difficult, and therefore not deserving quite as high a value as 88.

SP - Current value, 83 - Suggested value, 82.
Just a small tweak I'd suggest, to 82. This is still more than enough to score from outside the area as he was capable of, but his shots never travelled with notable speed.

MEN - Current value, 71 - Suggested value, 77/78.
I'm guessing this is so low because of the old interpretation being tendency to chase down the opposition. With our better understanding nowadays I think he deserves a raise here. He wasn't a leader on the pitch in the vocal, aggressive sense, such as Puyol/Terry etc. But he led by example on the field, and was often capable of scoring important goals, or late in games etc. The 68 European cup final being one example (regained United's lead in extra-time). Not to mention, for a player who went on numerous solo runs per game, and with only an average value for stamina, his current 71 will see him go missing late in the game, or having gone a goal down and whatnot. I think a 77/78 is justifiable. He wasn't a renowned big-game player but he was certainly capable of maintaining a good level towards the end of games or when facing defeat.

In summary:
ATT: 86 --> 87/88
AGI: 97 -->92/93
ACC: 92 --> 94
RES: 84 --> 80/81
DA: 98 --> 97
DS: 97 --> 96
LPA: 88 --> 86
SP: 83 --> 82
MEN: 71 --> 77/78

Phew, that took far too long. Anyways, I'd love to hear the thoughts of others about these values. :)
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Re: George BEST | 1967-1968

Postby Brezza » 2011 Aug 25, 00:46

Bah, just read that. Great post Ballmer I agree with all of your suggestions and your reasoning behind them. Wasn't sure about acc at first in relation to Cruyff's revised set, but your right in saying that he did rely on his burst alot of the time to get that yard of space when defenders were all about kicking and diving in. While Cruyff maybe relied on his pace on the ball more and built up his speed from there. I was thinking that Cruyff could have better top speed and higher DS than Best if he was to be given 94 maybe even 95 for acc.

Your right about what you said about his dribbling style as well. I actually think his sudden quick burst dribbling style and movement is more like Messi than Maradona at times. Just less agile and right footed :P

Still in two minds regarding balance really deceptively tough agaisnt really cutthrout defenders of his era at that time. You basically stuck the fat muscular guys in defence and the athletes on the wings. :P but he did dive and complain at times. Thing is although a agility drop is justified it might hamper that extraordinary low level of gravity he has. I probably rate him the same as Messi in bal pound for pound as they both had very good balance to resist powerful challenges but not a great amount strength. Given Messi's height id put him maybe a point or more higher in balance than what he has now in tandem with his higher agility.

I might test Attack: 88 Agi: 92 response: 80 Acc: 95 DS: 95 and bal:80 on top of your suggestions :)

Passing and turning skills should probably go.
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Re: George BEST | 1967-1968

Postby Toneti- Esp » 2011 Aug 25, 09:59

So it seems that Best was better dribbler than Maradona...
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Re: George BEST | 1967-1968

Postby Fantasista » 2011 Aug 25, 10:44

Well... he was simply the best :lol:
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Re: George BEST | 1967-1968

Postby ballmer » 2011 Aug 27, 07:59

Thanks Brezza. Yes, in fact, I think maybe DS could be lowered even further to an orange value perhaps? Or maybe I'm trying too hard not to overrrate him, I'm not sure.
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Re: George BEST | 1967-1968

Postby Albo7 » 2011 Aug 27, 11:38

He keeps more speed on the ball than current Messi imo, I rate Messis DS at 94, though I think Bests DS could be alright at a 95.
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Re: George BEST | 1967-1968

Postby Brezza » 2011 Sep 02, 22:08

Updated ;) Seems to work well with 95 acc in game as well. Thoughts on that?
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Re: George BEST | 1967-1968

Postby Brezza » 2011 Dec 03, 21:02

Updated with the majority of ballmer's full set. Still unsure about higher Att than Ronaldo though (unless he was updated as well), in terms of pure in the box positioning I'd say Ronaldo has the edge on him, although their attacking intelligence was similar.
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Re: George BEST | 1967-1968

Postby Alex » 2012 Jan 02, 14:32

For a guy who's one of the greatest dribblers of all time, he's DA seems low( I know, DA isn't the sole thing in establishing a great dribbler). If Stanley Matthews has 98, how come George doesn't deserve it(Jimmy Johnstone also has 96 which I also think is to low for the kind of close control he had).
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Re: George BEST | 1967-1968

Postby Brezza » 2012 Jan 02, 18:02

Yeah, I don't have any qualms putting him back on 97, bit of gap between him and classic Robben really. Updated. Jimmy Johnstone might need quite a few tweaks here and there i'll look over his stats. Busby nearly signed him once, imagine Best and Johnstone in the same team. :shock:
" If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants." - Isaac Newton
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Re: George BEST | 1967-1968

Postby Alex » 2012 Jan 02, 22:43

Both could do some amazing things with the ball, and they were both some characters :D. Unfortunately in the modern game, the winger isn't what he was. Few and fewer players have that magic touch.
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Re: George BEST | 1967-1968

Postby Alex » 2012 Feb 18, 01:53

I think his TEC could go to 96, maybe 97. Cruyff is a 96 and form the vids I saw he didn't control the ball better then George.
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Re: George BEST | 1967-1968

Postby Yazid » 2012 Apr 13, 20:22

Attack could even go to 89-90, I rate him as a more dangerous player in the final third than Dzajic on 88.
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Re: George BEST | 1967-1968

Postby ElDiez » 2012 May 19, 01:13

Great Video of George, he makes a Rabona at 5:03 8-)

This Stats are wonderfull for him.

Maradona good, Pelé better, George Best.
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Re: George BEST | 1967-1968

Postby Alex » 2012 May 19, 02:49

Such a damn shame that there is so little footage of him.

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