Juan VALDIVIESO | 1936-1938

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Juan VALDIVIESO | 1936-1938

Postby manoloxcr17 » 2009 Dec 15, 05:13

Name: Juan Humberto Valdivieso Padilla
Nickname: "El mago" | "The magician"


Club: Alianza Lima
Number: 1
Position: GK*, CF (optional)
Nationality: Peruvian _per
Aged: 25 (1936: Berlin Olimpics)

Foot: R
Side: B

Length: 183 cm ?
Weight: ? kg

Attack: 60
Defence: 94
Balance: 83
Stamina: 73
Top Speed: 78
Acceleration: 78
Response: 95
Agility: 85
Dribble Accuracy: 71
Dribble Speed: 70
Short Pass Accuracy: 66
Short Pass Speed: 67
Long Pass Accuracy: 64
Long Pass Speed: 66
Shot Accuracy: 67
Shot Power: 84
Shot Technique: 69
Free Kick Accuracy: 61
Curling: 66
Header: 65
Jump: 85
Technique: 69
Aggression: 63
Mentality: 84
Keeper Skills: 93
Teamwork: 85

Injury Tolerance: B
Condition/Fitness: 8
Weak Foot Accuracy: 4
Weak Foot Frequency: 4

Penalty Stopper*

"El mago", he must be the best peruvian GK of all time, he was a "penalty barrier" or a "penalty savior", he save a lot of penalty kicks around his all football carreer. Maybe you're wondering why he has a hight attack, DA, SA, ST and TECH beeing just a GK, well Valdivieso also played once as CF and he score 7 goals in one match, an amazing record for a GK who also plays his first match as Forward. He score 10 goals in all his career. He is also plart of the Peruvian Football Team who participated in the Berlin Olimpics in 1936, when the Peruvian Team had won the football gold medal and because of a Hitler's order they have to play again and that's when the PNT loose against Austria.

Credits: manoloxcr17 (me)
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Re: Juan VALDIVIESO | 1936-1938

Postby electric_trigger » 2009 Dec 16, 18:56

Many thanks! ;) Is Quiroga done yet? I don't see him
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Re: Juan VALDIVIESO | 1936-1938

Postby elalva_M8 » 2009 Dec 17, 20:04

i think his SA & ST should go up. its not very usual to play 4 games as CF and score like 9 goals. specially becouse hes a GK.

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Re: Juan VALDIVIESO | 1936-1938

Postby manoloxcr17 » 2009 Dec 18, 04:43

I will do Quiroga in the next days.
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Re: Juan VALDIVIESO | 1936-1938

Postby maestrillo » 2009 Dec 18, 07:13

other picture

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Re: Juan VALDIVIESO | 1936-1938

Postby beiderbecke » 2011 Mar 05, 19:52

What justifies such a high value in goalkeeping skills? I am sure he had an excellent response because he was a great penalty saver. About the defence (94), I am not certain about this, but certainly confers to him a superb positioning - just one point below the best South American goalkeeper, who is Mazurkiewicz (95). Even better than Fillol (93 in defence), the starting line-up for Argentina National All Star Team (!). Are you really sure about that?
Taking for example Fillol again... he owns "only" 89 in goalkeeping skills. Valdivieso has 93, the same as Zamora and Casillas and superior to many other world class keepers. I indeed respect your work, Manolo, but could you explain your reasons?
Valdivieso, with these outstanding stats, deserves to be part of the South American All-Time Team. :lol:

Thanks in advance.

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