Directed at all Moderators.

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Directed at all Moderators.

Postby jurgens » 2011 Sep 18, 16:54

If a player of semi-significance is about to recive a complete overhaul of their stats (both good or bad) please post that players stats prior to the update in the contemporary players section. There is so many great players from the past still playing, far past their prime... with no accurate set for their prime on PSD, though we once had one, but it was lost due to repeated overhauls. Same can be said about young players turning into stars, we had the work already done... but it's lost due to overhauls.

It's really a shame to lose perfectly good stats for a player that represents a specific period of time in his career. Thats what the contemporary player section is really there for, so please make more use of it :)
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Re: Directed at all Moderators.

Postby BigStu » 2011 Sep 18, 17:21

should add i've been doing the premier league players lately
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Re: Directed at all Moderators.

Postby Vickingo » 2012 Mar 07, 17:57

Sorry for bump this thread, but I have two doubts. Shouldn't we add Neymar/Ganso to Contemporary players? They're two great and important players of the world and must have his stats here...also that Ganso is now updated fitting new standards and Neymar's looks good too. So I'm here I'd like to ask if we could add Riquelme/Veron/Camoranesi recent sets to replicate his last 5 years in football for the time being. Mostly Veron who needs an Estudiantes' set as he is probably with his father most important Estudiantes player in all time and he was so succesful winning 3 Cups with a "small" team since he came to Argentina; ah also played 2010 WC and his style changed a bit since he came. I have a set and I'm gonna post it on my Alternative. I have problems with this cause there are lots of proyects/realities/amazing players who'll play in important teams in Europe soon here (specially Julian Velazquez/Lucas Ocampos/Hector Canteros/Juan Manuel Martinez) which in Southamerican football are really important promises and I don't want to lose their sets not having in Classic section when he'll go to Europe soon. Thanks.

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