Raúl Poclaba

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Raúl Poclaba

Postby PES Stats Database » 2011 Oct 13, 03:12

_arg 2010-2011 Racing Club
_uru 2011 C. Nacional F.
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Postby Vickingo » 2011 Oct 13, 04:25

Great set, but I don't agree with his number of DEF. I see it too much exaggerated, taking into account that he's 21 years old, and has a more than good value of DEF being unexperienced and never demonstrated a good level mostly in Racing where was substitute and never did a great match. I'd go for a decrease of 1 or 2 points, taking into account that he also plays as CB could have 73 but I'm sure that 74 is an exaggeration Seb.
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Postby julgui » 2011 Oct 13, 04:29

The usually develops as a CB, then with a value of 73 is very low. 74 is good, looks good for both positions.
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Postby Luisito » 2011 Dec 13, 02:37

To correct yu guys his name is POCLABA ! Raúl Poclaba !!!!!!!!!!!!! stats looks good
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Postby Diego » 2012 May 27, 12:05

no idea of where the fuck is he.. he isnt on Nacional official site. then readed that he was on loan at racing montevideo, he isnt there either, tranfermarkt says racing avellaneda, nope..

gonna search a bit more, if i dont find anything, gonna move him to non-affiliated.
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Postby pelimetal » 2012 May 27, 22:25

he`s non affiliated...
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Re: Raúl Poclaba

Postby lucashag » 2015 May 30, 20:48

He is somoza style ballwinner, stays deep without trying interceptions but it's aggresive when the opponent gets close to him, solid distribution and passing, his ds looks in mid 60's most of the time.
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