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by WayneThePayne
2012 Mar 15, 12:08
Forum: Watford FC
Topic: Tom Cleverley
Replies: 186
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Is his mentality supposed to be this low?
by WayneThePayne
2011 Apr 04, 11:00
Forum: Sport Club Internacional
Topic: Anderson
Replies: 390
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If you look at Nani's feet in that picture you can clearly see that he is standing on his toes to look taller
by WayneThePayne
2011 Mar 23, 20:11
Forum: Burnley FC
Topic: Anders Lindegaard
Replies: 49
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I didn't know he was that short, and he's quite heavy for his height too ;)
by WayneThePayne
2010 Nov 27, 23:30
Forum: Manchester United FC
Topic: Manchester United FC
Replies: 185
Views: 193487

Re: Manchester United F.C.

Probably because people were making so many stupid suggestions that the mod's couldn't take it anymore.
by WayneThePayne
2010 Nov 22, 12:55
Forum: Retired Players
Topic: Nemanja Vidić
Replies: 525
Views: 137588

Re: Nemanja VIDIĆ

No it's not. He reads the game very well and reacts quickly but in a straight race pretty much everyone has him beaten.
by WayneThePayne
2010 Jul 24, 21:44
Forum: West Ham United FC
Topic: Javier Hernández
Replies: 733
Views: 272302

Re: Javier "Chicharito" HERNÁNDEZ

Guys, guys. Slow down. Let's wait until we have seen him more. A few games in the world cup alone isn't enogh to warrant an upgrade in his stats. And the statistics that shows that he was the fastest player in the World cup doesn't mean anything, as someone said before, statistics for the Euros 06 s...
by WayneThePayne
2010 Jun 25, 11:48
Forum: SS Lazio
Topic: Nani
Replies: 692
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Do it.
by WayneThePayne
2010 Apr 28, 06:24
Forum: Everton FC
Topic: Wayne Rooney
Replies: 941
Views: 293215

Re: Wayne ROONEY

chanman wrote:I would go with the 178cm 79kg value, I think it is the most accurate height & weight value for him. Like you said he is a little more leaner this year. 183kg is really heavy and I don't see him being that heavy.

I agree 183 kg seems a bit over the top :lol:
by WayneThePayne
2010 Feb 27, 19:01
Forum: Arsenal FC
Topic: Aaron Ramsey
Replies: 250
Views: 162193

Re: Aaron RAMSEY

Terrible leg break just now, Eduardo-like unfortunetly.
by WayneThePayne
2009 Oct 22, 17:33
Forum: Retired Players
Topic: Nemanja Vidić
Replies: 525
Views: 137588

Re: Nemanja VIDIĆ

But the difference is that Ferdinand sometimes takes the ball and just gallops forward and that is something Vidic doesn't do.
by WayneThePayne
2009 Sep 17, 12:38
Topic: Ashley Cole, LA Galaxy
Replies: 250
Views: 86255

Re: Ashley COLE

According to these stats he is faster than Evra... And I seriously doubt that's true.
by WayneThePayne
2009 Sep 07, 13:55
Forum: Non-Affiliated
Topic: Abou Diaby
Replies: 187
Views: 91242

Re: Abou DIABY

I have some ideas. Agility (as some have mentioned) could go up to about 83 - 84 to be level with the likes of Gerrard ( 83 ) or Berbatov ( 84 ). Dribble speed could go up aswell as he does not posess any real pace but he can keep a fair bit of it with the ball, maybe a value of 82 - 83 would do him...
by WayneThePayne
2009 Sep 03, 11:39
Forum: Queens Park Rangers FC
Topic: Nedum Onuoha
Replies: 53
Views: 28648

Re: Nedum ONUOHA

Alex_10 wrote:does he really weights 94 kg? :shock:

Haha, haven't really noticed that but it can't be right.
by WayneThePayne
2009 Aug 30, 17:18
Forum: PSV Eindhoven
Topic: Park Ji-Sung
Replies: 170
Views: 78342

Re: PARK Ji-Sung

Looks about right, but his DA could go even lower (80? on par with Clichy) because when he dribbles it's more a case of agility rather than DA
by WayneThePayne
2009 Jul 25, 12:00
Forum: Retired Players
Topic: Mikaël Silvestre
Replies: 39
Views: 20574


maybe a slight drop in Balance because i can't really see him being stronger than Wes Brown.
by WayneThePayne
2009 Jun 17, 14:31
Forum: Real Madrid CF
Topic: Sergio Ramos
Replies: 819
Views: 253899

Re: Sergio RAMOS

Surely his curling needs a raise
by WayneThePayne
2009 Jun 13, 17:00
Forum: West Asia
Topic: Wes Brown, Kerala Blasters
Replies: 39
Views: 32899


Ok, i just thought that he isn't faster than for example Ferdinand with the ball at his feet but maybe it's a case of letting the position tweak the values a bit.
by WayneThePayne
2009 Jun 13, 12:46
Forum: West Asia
Topic: Wes Brown, Kerala Blasters
Replies: 39
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I think dribble speed might be a bit over the top, IMO he is not that fast with the ball. Perhaps a 78 value would be enough?
by WayneThePayne
2009 Jun 07, 10:22
Forum: Boca Juniors
Topic: Carlos Tévez
Replies: 608
Views: 195586

Re: Carlos TÉVEZ

The most important thing is to reduce his TS, with his speed stats he is faster than Nasri for example and thats just not right. With 82 TS (on par with Kuyt) he plays more realisticly, because you almost never see Tévez beat a defender for raw pace, it's more a combination of his average speed and ...
by WayneThePayne
2009 Feb 13, 10:32
Forum: Retired Players
Topic: Steven Gerrard
Replies: 685
Views: 159530

Re: Steven GERRARD

I don't think his SA should be raised (absolutely not more then one point), with his SP you can pretty much blast the ball through the keeper and if we raise it he will be to dangerous.

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