2017 Player Format

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2017 Player Format

Postby Raster » 2016 Sep 27, 19:08

As you have probably noticed, we launched the 2017 Player Format just in time for the game release, if you did not have the chance to take a look you can do so here.

The new format was also added to the Default Format switcher that we have available at the top of every page.

Also, as always, the buttons for the old formats are still in place so you can enjoy the stats in whatever flavor of the game you prefer more.

What do you guys think of the format or PES 2017 in general ?

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Re: 2017 Player Format

Postby Sanji » 2017 Jun 15, 01:29

Teamwork is also present in att prowess. You'll notice that high attack means high agression, high attack, high response AND high teamwork. They'll place themselves better on the pitch. Sometimes by running forward, but also by teamwork (supporting player with the ball).

Defensive prowess is both placement and aggression, but in a defensive way, a stat we never had.

And if i may, this makes it atrocious to rate very good CB. Over 90 makes them really good at anticipation, but if your midfield is late on the counter your defender with a really high def prow will always rush 20meters to fight for the ball leaving huge gaps in behind. We used to balance it with teamwork but now we can't.
Well if i'm being fair the tactics matter. Agressive center defense will make it worse. The problem is, this is the best tactic for many big teams. It will make them fight for the ball quicklier, more effectively, etc. Creating a real pressure. Compactness and def line matter too if you want to emulate high press. I suggest to do it this way rather than using the gegenpress for high pressing teams.
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Re: 2017 Player Format

Postby R9style » 2017 Jul 09, 18:30

Im convinced, Exp power for PES 2017 is Acceleration.
About Agility , maybe , its the combinaison between acceleration (x 2) and Body control (x1) !!
Agility is the abilty to make turns or change direction with more ease. To turn and change direction With more ease and quickly, you need to have hight Balance (or Body Control) and acceleration (exp power).
That the reason why, players like neymar, messi have hight body control and acceleration ( exp power) in this game.

Some interesting Calculation :

Messi : 95 BODY CONTROL (x1) + 88 acc (IMO) (x2) /3 = 90 AGILITY ( like fifa set lol)

Iniesta : 83 BODY CONTROL (x1) + 82 acc (x2) /3= 82 AGILITY ( like psd set )

Neymar if i use Konami BC AND ACC : 92 BODY CONTROL (x1) + 93 acc (x2) /3 = 93 AGILITY (like psd set)

Dembele : 78 BC (X1) + 93 acc (IMO) (x2) /3 = 88 AGILITY (like psd set )

Griezmann : 82 BC (X1) + 86 ACC ( X2) /3 = 85 AGILITY (like psd set)

IBRA : 63 BC (X1) + 74 ACC (X2)/3 = 70 AGILITY ( like psd set)

Lukaku : 58 BC IMO (X1) + 82 ACC (X2) = 74 AGILITY ( like psd set ).

Sergio ramos : 60 BC (X1) + 79 ACC IMO (X2) /3 = 73 AGILITY (like psd set )

Luis Suarez : 77 BC (konami set) (X1) + 83 ACC IMO (X2) / 3 = 81 AGILITY ( like psd set).

i m still realy not sure about this lol.

Your opinion GUYS !!!
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Re: 2017 Player Format

Postby Epsi » 2017 Jul 09, 19:02

interesting point of view but there's not that kind of calculation in stats making for pes 17
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Re: 2017 Player Format

Postby R9style » 2017 Jul 09, 19:22

Yes i know, its just one estimate to explain IMO the absence of agility in the game.
Some guys here explain HEIGHT AND WEIGHT to determine agility.
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Re: 2017 Player Format

Postby georgetsiflikas » 2017 Jul 30, 21:22

body control cannot be agility cause then terry would have 82 thats his rating for body control while walcott only 78 who is way more agile than him

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