2017 Player Format

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2017 Player Format

Postby Raster » 2016 Sep 27, 19:08

As you have probably noticed, we launched the 2017 Player Format just in time for the game release, if you did not have the chance to take a look you can do so here.

The new format was also added to the Default Format switcher that we have available at the top of every page.

Also, as always, the buttons for the old formats are still in place so you can enjoy the stats in whatever flavor of the game you prefer more.

What do you guys think of the format or PES 2017 in general ?
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Re: 2017 Player Format

Postby Zereth666 » 2016 Dec 20, 21:00

i have tried everything i could but couldn't find the right formula to convert "body balance" into "Body control or physical contact" .. someone please post the right formula because many of us need to convert the old stats into new, including classic players ..
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Re: 2017 Player Format

Postby R9style » 2016 Dec 28, 17:00

420 wrote:Im pretty sure Exp power is ACC, body control is AGI and phisical contact is BB

I have the same feeling. In this game, I see some players with hight body control (agility ??) and less explosiv power (accélération ?) like iniesta, modric, David silva, xavi and others but i m not sure 100 pourcent.

About dribblin and passing skills i have some propositions guys :

For dribbling, i dont use only driblling accuracy, i use the combinaison of DA and DS because i find some anomaly between some players. For exemple verraty with 98 (i agree ) dribbling is not generaly better than messi (97).
the combinaison is : (DA+DA+DS/2), Same for Low pass (LPA+LPA+LPS/2) and lofted pass.

With this combinaison, messi have 96 dribbing and verrati 91, neymar 89, hazard 93, isco 92, marcelo 87, ben arga 94, robben 92, dembele 86, james rodriguez 91, coutinho 90, mahrez 88. I feel IMO more realistec dribbling with this combinaison.
About low pass and lofted pass : messi 91-89, iniesta 95-88, bale 78-86, debruyne 89-89, xabi alonso 95-96. (sorry for my engish)

I see some realistic players overrating with this combinaison :

Messi 96
Ronaldo 94
suarez 92
aguero 91
neymar 91
sergio ramos 91
aexis sanchez 90
iniesta 90
lewandowski 90
Zlatan 90
thiago silva 90
griezmann 90
modric 89
hazard 89
pogba 89
higuain 89
dybala 87
coutinho 87
verraty 88
debruyne 88
reus 88
di maria 88
benzema 87
cavani 88
marhez 85

What do you think guys ?

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