Next Gen PES (14-15-16) Stats Explanation

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Next Gen PES (14-15-16) Stats Explanation

Postby PES Stats Database » 2015 Aug 07, 13:37

Attacking Prowess:
The Ability to be involved with goal scoring chances (appropriate positioning when attacking, fast reactions to loose balls, getting into the right places for crosses).

Ball Control:
Probability of success on a trap or feint. This will be higher for players who do not often lose the ball when trapping.

Dribble Acuracy indicates the level of control a player has with the ball at his feet while dribbling.

Low Pass:
Indicates how much accuracy a player has in his grounded passes.

Long Passing:
Indicates how much accuracy a player has in his arial passes.

Relates to the level of accuracy a player has while shooting. Players with high finishing will be more able to shoot the ball into hard-to-reach places for the keeper, such as the corners. High finishing makes a player more likely to score.

Place Kicking:
Indicates a player's level of accuracy when taking free kicks.

Swerve determines how much curve a player can apply to a free kick or corner. One thing that you might not realize, however, is that this value also dictates how well a player can make the ball drop after it clears the defensive wall. A player with high Free Kick Accuracy but poor Swerve may be able to clear the wall and send his kick in the right direction from sub-25 yard distances, but the ball will rarely dip sufficiently to trouble the goalkeeper.

Rate at winning the ball in the air. This includes all general heading ability, not just scoring headed goals, but also headed clearances and skills as a target man.

Defensive Prowess:
The ability of defending by predicting the pattern of play. It includes how good his reactions are based on intelligent reading of the game when defending, rather than his physical reactions.

Ball Winning:
Tackling ability. How likely the player is to win the ball in tackles. A player whose 1 on 1 ball winning rate is high through normal or sliding tackles.

Kicking Power:
Shot power of the player. Higher value for players who score goals through powerful long range free kicks or shots; judge based on the distance the ball is kicked and the initial ball speed.

Top speed when sprinting/running.

Explosive Power:
Explosive power of the player. Higher for agile players who can accelerate to top speed over a short distance.

Body Balance:
Strength when competing with opposition players. High value is essential for players who can keep the ball without falling over. Higher for strong players who can often win physical duels.

Jump indicates how high a player can jump to challenge for aerial balls.

Stamina represents a player's level of energy. A player with an excess of Stamina will be able to take part in more, such as running to contribute to the defense or offense. A player with lower Stamina will need to play more conservitively with their energy (less running/less activity that they don't actually need to do).


Ability of making saves. How good the player's shot reactions are, as well as their ability to judge the best option to do in 1 on 1 situations.

Includes all the GK skills. The previous value was given by the medium of the down mentioned stats. Replaced by separate goalkeeper stats from PES 2016.

Catching: IN PES 2016
How good is a goalkeeper to do not make errors when catching the ball.

Clearing: IN PES 2016
Goalkeeper clearance ability. How good is a GK at clearing the ball to areas where there are no opposition players.

Reflexes: IN PES 2016
How good is a keeper to react to a shot with his own body and legs.

Coverage: IN PES 2016
Diving ability for a goalkeeper.

Weak Foot Use:
Frequency that a player uses his weaker foot. Highest value is for players who use both feet with the same frequency, and the lowest value for players who only use their stronger foot.
4: Stronger and weaker feet used equally
3: Stronger foot used slightly more often
2: Mostly uses stronger foot
1: Never uses weaker foot

Weak Foot Accuracy:
High for players who can use both feet equally well.
4: Same accuracy for both feet
3: Accuracy with weaker foot slightly weaker than stronger foot
2: Weaker foot accuracy at lowest level
1: Can't use weaker foot

Ability to keep the same form during the matches of a season. High for players who play well to the same standard in every game and low for players whose form changes significantly game by game.

Injury Resistance:
How difficult it is for the player to get injured.
3: Player who never misses a match during a season
2: Normal Fitness
1: Player who misses games due to 3 or more injuries in a season, or player who is absent for 3 weeks or more

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Re: Next Gen PES (14-15-16) Stats Explanation

Postby vialli82 » 2017 Jul 10, 13:12

AFC teams was a total rubbish, that's were i've found most of the 4/4 weak foot... And Japanese teams was only superior on that not because "it's from a japanese dev" but stats was taken directly from previous Winning Eleven J-league version with others standards (directly from We2014, etc.)

But for the rest of AFC teams, they've decreased pratically every players stats, which is weird.

The most broken sets i've seen is on French Ligue 2. But that's the case for every league which aren't on top. In fact it really depends from team to team, and who's in charge with.
PL and Serie A are the most correctly rated and with less mistake, LaLiga too but there were many weird sets.

I think the famous "online tool" needs to be changed, the system needs. Fifa is what it is, but they've got a real rating system based on height/weight/position/age/current league.
There's no big mistake like the one i've noticed, just poorly rated players, and they update players stats regularly if they're over-underrated.

I remember, from PES 2009 to 2013, there was many stats updated after winter transfers... Now that doesn't exist anymore.
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Re: Next Gen PES (14-15-16) Stats Explanation

Postby vinnie » 2017 Jul 23, 20:08

Just a small detail from PES 18 demos, body control has been renamed "Strength on the Ball" it appears, so probably any theories about links to agility have a hard time being logical- this seems to clarify that this ability is much more about balance and resistance when dribbling.
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Re: Next Gen PES (14-15-16) Stats Explanation

Postby vialli82 » 2017 Jul 25, 07:35

But "Physical contact" have the same impact... But also without the ball.

That renaming doesn't really makes that stat clearer but also mystify another one, and how to rate both. PES 2018 feature automatic ball protection too, both attributes will be involved in.

About Agility was tested by someone here (or on Evo-web, don't remember) by makings some sets with extremes value on that attribute, and that guy have says Body Balance isn't related at all.

Testing on training, with extreme values is the best way to understand some attributes impact. But it's a bit hard to made some test on stats without the ball and "mesure" them, and even more tactical attributes like Att/Def prowess

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