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_Greek Lower Leagues↓ IN

 Georgios Barkoglou (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Anestis Agritis (To  Retired Players)
 Michalis Pavlis (To  AEK Athens)
 Steffen Haas (To  _German Lower Leagues)
 Manolis Psomas (To  Retired Players)
 Christos Pouris (To  _Other Clubs)
 Patrick Ogunsoto (To  _Other Clubs)
 Mauro Poy (To  Aris Thessaloniki FC)
 Ardian Cuculi (To  _Other Clubs)
 Marcos dos Santos (To  _Other Clubs)
 Marcos dos Santos (To  _Other Clubs)
 Diego Romano (To  Iraklis)
 Jonas Ivens (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Njazi Kuqi (To  _German Lower Leagues)
 Vassilis Koutsianikoulis (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Georgios Makris (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Giorgi Merebashvili (To  Veria FC)
 Ricardo Verón (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Mayron George (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Georgios Sarris (To  _Turkey Other Clubs)
 Savvas Tsabouris (To  _Other Clubs)
 Ilias Kotsios (To  _Other Clubs)
 Michalis Fragoulakis (To  _Other Clubs)
 Iosif Daskalakis (To  Non-Affiliated)

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