pes patch Pro Gamerz


Lassana DiarraNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
Didier DrogbaNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players


Nicky KuiperNon-Affiliated to  _Eerste Divisie Other Clubs
Sergiu OlteanNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Jan PolakNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Joel LindpereNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Daniele PortanovaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Milan BojovićNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Änis Ben-HatiraNon-Affiliated to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Damià AbellaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Kwame QuansahNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Oleksiy ShlyakotinNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Javier ParedesNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues


Pavel VidanovNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Yordan TodorovNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs


Tobias NickenigNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Cristian GómezNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Rob WielaertNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
João PauloNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
János SzékelyNon-Affiliated to  Serie D & Lower Levels
Enzo MarescaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Stéphane ZubarNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Gill SwertsNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Dan BucșăNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Mahir ShukurovNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Roger RojasNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players
Nikolče NoveskiNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Gergely RudolfNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Ivan KlasnićNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Özer HurmacıNon-Affiliated to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Gordan BunozaNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Ángel LópezNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
José SaezNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Christian PanderNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Andreas OttlNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Dani BautistaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
MarcosNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Jean Sony AlcénatNon-Affiliated to  CD Feirense
Sebastian AchimNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
João AlvesNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Emiliano BonazzoliNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Nicolàs AmodioNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Jonathan WoodgateNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Kike TortosaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Bruno MadeiraNon-Affiliated to  _LigaPro & Lower Leagues
Fitz HallNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
PaítoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Adama CoulibalyNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Rui DuarteNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Sergiu HomeiNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Karim Aït-FanaNon-Affiliated to  Nîmes Olympique
Joel EkstrandNon-Affiliated to  Rotherham United FC
José María López SilvaNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Michael LangerNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
MazolaNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
MazolaNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Sascha KirschsteinNon-Affiliated to  _German Lower Leagues
Ralph GuneschNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Filip TrojanNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Lamine GassamaNon-Affiliated to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Victor RamosNon-Affiliated to  Chapecoense
Robert KochNon-Affiliated to  _German Lower Leagues
Jakub NavrátilNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Borja GómezNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Damir VrančićNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Oliver PeterschNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Bogdan OpreaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players


Vlad RusuNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Paul PârvulescuNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs


Titus BrambleNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
LucianoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Juan ValeraNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Francisco DorronsoroNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Brahim FerradjNon-Affiliated to  _French Lower Leagues
Brahim FerradjNon-Affiliated to  _French Lower Leagues


Jorge PalatsíNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Diego MainzNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Diego MainzNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Daniel EstradaNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Luís FilipeNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
David LazarNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Alexandru VladNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Miguel Ángel Sainz-MazaNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group C (South)
Fabio MazzeoNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group C (South)
Antonio VaccaNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group C (South)
Cristian AgnelliNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group C (South)
Alberto GerboNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group C (South)
Luca MartinelliNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group C (South)
Matej NatherNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Jagoba BeobideNon-Affiliated to  Racing Club de Santander
JandroNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
David Garcí­aNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players


Adrian IordacheNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Adrian IordacheNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Aythami ÁlvarezNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Igor CuestaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Ovidiu PetreNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Alexander FarnerudNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Ricardo LeónNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Jonathan AyitéNon-Affiliated to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Mohamed SissokoNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Juan Pablo PinoNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Tomasz PtakNon-Affiliated to  _Polish Lower Leagues
Sebastian SzałachowskiNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Marek ZieńczukNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Marcin JuszczykNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Krzysztof OstrowskiNon-Affiliated to  _Polish Lower Leagues
Janusz DziedzicNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Bartosz IwanNon-Affiliated to  _Polish Lower Leagues
Chris BurkeNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Elvis AbbruscatoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Mathias GehrtNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs


Vasilios GalanisNon-Affiliated to  _German Lower Leagues
Marko MarovićNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players
LoloNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Stiven RivićNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Sergiu CostinNon-Affiliated to  _Romanian Lower Leagues
César PeixotoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Cédric KantéNon-Affiliated to  _French Lower Leagues
Daniel HaasNon-Affiliated to  FC Erzgebirge Aue
Andrés FranzoiaSarmiento de Junín to  Non-Affiliated
Pape Habib Sow_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Eñaut ZubikaraiNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Eñaut ZubikaraiNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Stelian StancuNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Moritz VolzNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Efthimios KouloucherisNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Abdisalam IbrahimNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Da Silva JúniorNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
Dejan JakovicNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players
Ishmael MillerNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Heinz MüllerNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players


Valeri DomovchiyskiNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Leonidas KampantaisNon-Affiliated to  _Greek Lower Leagues
Rok ElsnerNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
PaulinhoNon-Affiliated to  Serie D & Lower Levels
Vladimir GadzhevNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Aleksandar SubićNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Bogdan MilićNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
Davide MarsuraNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group B (North & Central East)
Stefano MoreoNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group B (North & Central East)
Alex PederzoliNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group B (North & Central East)
Vittorio Fabris Non-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group B (North & Central East)
Evans Soligo Non-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group B (North & Central East)
Alessandro MalomoNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group B (North & Central East)
Marco ModoloNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group B (North & Central East)
Davide FacchinNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group B (North & Central East)
Davide FacchinLega Pro - Group B (North & Central East) to  Non-Affiliated
Ross JenkinsNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Sergio MantecónNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Fernando VelascoNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Victor GolasNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
SisiNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Sérgio MarakisNon-Affiliated to  _LigaPro & Lower Leagues
Jorge WagnerNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
RenanNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Chris MaguireNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Marcos De La EspadaNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Viktor GenevNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
HéltonNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Adriano Leite RibeiroNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
NunesNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
Gavin GunningNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Souleymane DiamouteneNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Victor Hugo MontañoNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
Valentin IlievNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Jean-Eudes MauriceNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs


Kevin GroßkreutzNon-Affiliated to  SV Darmstadt 98
Emilio HernándezNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
José ÁngelNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Faton ToskiNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
DiersonNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
Leandro DominguesNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
RafinhaNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
Alireza HaghighiNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Marcos MichaelNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Yuval JakobovichNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Kristi VangjeliNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Arseniy LogashovNon-Affiliated to  _Russia Other Clubs
Pavel YakovlevNon-Affiliated to  _Russia Other Clubs
Juan PabloNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Guilherme MattisNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
JacoboNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
JacoboNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Damien PlessisNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Kevin KuranyiNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players


Eneko Fernández_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated


David González_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Danilo SilvaNon-Affiliated to  SC Internacional
David Miguélez_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated


Yago Fernández_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Juanma BarreroNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Juanma BarreroNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Sergio Díaz Castilla_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Hans Mulder_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Víctor Espasandín_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Roberto Batres_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Chando_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Jorge Larrosa_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
José Oya_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Iván Moreno_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated


Juan Antonio Zamora_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Ander Lafuente_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Nicolás Raimondi_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Carlos SotoNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Fran Cortés_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Juan Francisco Aranda_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Nico Chafer_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Joseba Del Olmo_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Francisco Maldonado_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated


Héctor Ladero_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Ryan Harper_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Javi Paños_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Miki Martínez_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated


Mikel Dañobeitia_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated


Paul KeitaAO Kerkyra to  Non-Affiliated
Paolo BranduaniLega Pro - Group B (North & Central East) to  Non-Affiliated
Davide BassiLega Pro - Group B (North & Central East) to  Non-Affiliated
Enzo RéaleClermont Foot to  Non-Affiliated
Ibrahim Sissoko_Turkey Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Willie Overtoom_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Dean Hammond_English Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Kamel Ghilas_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Thierry Doubai_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Antônio Carlos_Série B & Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Keun-Ho LeeEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Mohammed Rabiu_Russia Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated


Diego MartínezEstudiantes de San Luis to  Non-Affiliated
Júlio Baptista_CONCACAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Robbie Keane_CONCACAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Dane Richards_CONCACAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Adriano Leite Ribeiro_CONCACAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Norberto Paparatto_CONCACAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Steve Purdy_CONCACAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Hendry Thomas_CONCACAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Freddy AduFC Sion to  Non-Affiliated
Sanna Nyassi_CONCACAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Nigel Reo-Coker_CONCACAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Roger Rojas_CONCACAF Players to  Non-Affiliated


KayCS Universitatea Craiova to  Non-Affiliated
Cristian DaminuţăFC Olimpia Satu Mare to  Non-Affiliated
Olivier SorinNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Florent ChaigneauNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Benjamin KirstenNon-Affiliated to  _German Lower Leagues
Tariq SpezieNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Kelvin DavisNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Sanaa AltamaNon-Affiliated to  _French Lower Leagues
Sanaa AltamaNon-Affiliated to  _French Lower Leagues
Frank NoubleNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Richard WrightNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
John EustaceNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Maka MaryNon-Affiliated to  _French Lower Leagues
Ludovic GuerrieroNon-Affiliated to  _French Lower Leagues
Otman BakkalNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Julien CardyNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Ighli VannucchiNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players


Carlton ColeNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Jorge Alonso_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Erico Da SilvaCS Pandurii Târgu Jiu to  Non-Affiliated
Cristian SârghiNon-Affiliated to  CS Pandurii Târgu Jiu


Danilo SilvaFC Dynamo Kyiv to  Non-Affiliated


Javi Hernández_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Tariq Spezie_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Mateusz PrusNon-Affiliated to  _Polish Lower Leagues


Bienvenue Basala-MazanaNon-Affiliated to  _LigaPro & Lower Leagues
Bernardo DomínguezNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Timo GebhartNon-Affiliated to  _German Lower Leagues
Ceyhun GülselamNon-Affiliated to  _Turkey Other Clubs
TonelNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
AraújoNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players
Christian AlfonsoNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Christian AlfonsoNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Dimitrije InjacNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Simon CziommerNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Demy De ZeeuwNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Moisés HurtadoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Manu TorresNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Anton FerdinandNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
David AganzoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Bertrand LaquaitNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Bertrand LaquaitNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Bertrand LaquaitNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Eric Tié BiNon-Affiliated to  _French Lower Leagues
Israel BascónNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Jesús RubioNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Ondřej ŠvejdíkNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Igor MorozovNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Igor MorozovNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Ninos GouriyeNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Adam BanaśNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Per KroldrupNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Nicolás CapellinoNon-Affiliated to  Serie D & Lower Levels
Hérold GoulonNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Ricardo Ribeiro FernandesNon-Affiliated to  _LigaPro & Lower Leagues
Christian CellayNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Mindaugas KalonasNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs


Abdelkader GhezzalNon-Affiliated to  _French Lower Leagues
Tonći KukočNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Tomáš DočekalNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
MadsonCS Universitatea Craiova to  Non-Affiliated
Davide BassiNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group B (North & Central East)
Caio SeccoNon-Affiliated to  Serie D & Lower Levels
Gilberto MartinezNon-Affiliated to  Serie D & Lower Levels
Riccardo ColomboNon-Affiliated to  Serie D & Lower Levels
Adrian RicchiutiNon-Affiliated to  Serie D & Lower Levels
Domenico GiampàNon-Affiliated to  Serie D & Lower Levels
Francesco RuopoloNon-Affiliated to  Serie D & Lower Levels
Francesco RuopoloSerie D & Lower Levels to  Non-Affiliated
Francesco RuopoloNon-Affiliated to  Serie D & Lower Levels


Ney SantosNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
Ney SantosNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
Salif DiandaNon-Affiliated to  Serie D & Lower Levels
Angelo AntonazzoNon-Affiliated to  Serie D & Lower Levels
Angelo AntonazzoNon-Affiliated to  Serie D & Lower Levels
Hugo LuzNon-Affiliated to  _LigaPro & Lower Leagues
Lloyd DoyleyNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Lloyd DoyleyNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Álvaro CorralNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Marc-André ZoroNon-Affiliated to  _Greek Lower Leagues
Adrian MierzejewskiNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
Riccardo AllegrettiNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Jordan Garcia-CalveteNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Neal EardleyNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Jean-Alain BoumsongNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Jean-Alain BoumsongNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players


Cătălin Samoilă Romanian Liga 2 Players to  Non-Affiliated
Epaminonda Nicu Romanian Liga 2 Players to  Non-Affiliated
Rareș TakacsNon-Affiliated to  _Romanian Lower Leagues
Adrian BorzaNon-Affiliated to  _Romanian Lower Leagues
Dani LópezNon-Affiliated to  _Romanian Lower Leagues
Marian ConstantinescuNon-Affiliated to  _Romanian Lower Leagues
George ȚucudeanNon-Affiliated to  FC Viitorul
Robert Tătar_Romanian Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Travis CooperNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Marjan PetkovićNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Radoslav ZabavníkNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Rubén GonzálezNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Lucas MugniNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Felix BurmeisterNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Diego SeoaneNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Siaka TiénéNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Adriano Pereira Da SilvaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Vahan GevorgyanNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Nuno ClaroNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Erico Da SilvaNon-Affiliated to  CS Pandurii Târgu Jiu
Pape Abdoulaye NdawNon-Affiliated to  CAF Players
Henri NdongNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs


Damiano FerronettiNon-Affiliated to  Serie D & Lower Levels
Damiano FerronettiNon-Affiliated to  Serie D & Lower Levels
Ousmane N'doyeNon-Affiliated to  _Romanian Lower Leagues
Walter IbáñezNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Walter IbáñezNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
WelintonNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
André BikeyNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
André BikeyNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Marius Tigoianu Romanian Liga 2 Players to  Non-Affiliated
Elton Da SilvaCS Pandurii Târgu Jiu to  Non-Affiliated
Erico Da SilvaCS Pandurii Târgu Jiu to  Non-Affiliated
Paul BotaşCS Afumaţi to  Non-Affiliated
Răzvan Pădurețu Romanian Liga 2 Players to  Non-Affiliated
Iulian RoșuNon-Affiliated to   Romanian Liga 2 Players
Cristian DaminuţăNon-Affiliated to   Romanian Liga 2 Players


Harmeet SinghNon-Affiliated to  Wisła Płock


Juan Manuel DíazAEK Athens to  Non-Affiliated
Luccas ClaroNon-Affiliated to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Andrea ParolaNon-Affiliated to  Serie D & Lower Levels
Paul KoncheskyNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Paul KoncheskyNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Seydina DiarraNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Yann Songo'oNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Javier ArizmendiNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Óscar GonzálezNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Pedro BotelhoNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
Chigozie UdojiNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Matthew TaylorNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Matthew TaylorNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
CoroNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Rodrigo TaddeiNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
FreddyNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Mark SchwarzerNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Luca ScapuzziNon-Affiliated to  Serie D & Lower Levels
Lucas LandaNon-Affiliated to  Guillermo Brown de Puerto Madryn


Matteo GentiliNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Matteo GentiliLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated


Pedro Ken_Russia Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Stephane AckaCS Universitatea Craiova to  Non-Affiliated


João FilipeNon-Affiliated to  Atlético Goianiense
Mohamed SissokoTernana Calcio to  Non-Affiliated


Michael EssienNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players


Filip JazvićNon-Affiliated to  CS Universitatea Craiova
RonnyHertha BSC Berlin to  Non-Affiliated


BrandãoNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
Romain InezNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Leonardo CáceresNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Pol HurtadoNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs


João Paulo AndradeNon-Affiliated to  _LigaPro & Lower Leagues
Lalaina NomenjanaharyNon-Affiliated to  _French Lower Leagues
Lalaina NomenjanaharyNon-Affiliated to  _French Lower Leagues
Hogan EphraimNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Mix DiskerudNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Yevhen MakarenkoFC Dynamo Kyiv to  Non-Affiliated


Elián Parrino_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated


Victor RamosChapecoense to  Non-Affiliated
Alejandro MartinuccioChapecoense to  Non-Affiliated
Bruno RodrigoNon-Affiliated to  Grêmio FBPA
Alexandru Margină_Romanian Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated


Tommy SmithNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Mamadou SamassaNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Mamadou SamassaNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Andrew HoggNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Andrew HoggNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Javi ChicaNon-Affiliated to  UE Llagostera
Suk-Young YunNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Georg NiedermeierNon-Affiliated to  SC Freiburg
Georg NiedermeierNon-Affiliated to  SC Freiburg
David BabunskiNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Dániel TőzsérNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs


Stefan SimicNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Uğur BoralNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Artem MilevskiyNon-Affiliated to  _Russia Other Clubs
Artem MilevskiyNon-Affiliated to  _Russia Other Clubs
Patrick N'koyiNon-Affiliated to  _Eerste Divisie Other Clubs
Patrick N'koyiNon-Affiliated to  _Eerste Divisie Other Clubs
Mix Diskerud_CONCACAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Bart Van Hintum_Turkey Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
David Mateos_CONCACAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Kevin FoleyNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
ManéNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
ManéNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues


EdmarNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players
Emiliano Romero_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Leonardo Borzani_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Kevin GroßkreutzVfB Stuttgart to  Non-Affiliated
Ricardo CarvalhoNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
WendelNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
Marek ČechNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Amauri PereiraNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
Amauri PereiraNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues


Eugenio MenaNon-Affiliated to  Sport CR
Ivan BandalovskiNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Kyle EbecilioFC Twente to  Non-Affiliated
LúcioWest Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Sadat BukariWest Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Grégory TadéWest Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Wesley VerhoekWest Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
André BikeyWest Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Victor Hugo MontañoWest Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Manuele BlasiWest Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Eidur GudjohnsenWest Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Hamed KonéWest Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Fábio RochembackNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Kamil ZayatteWest Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Gastón SangoyWest Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Mounir El HamdaouiWest Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Boubacar SanogoWest Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Moussa NarryWest Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Miguel GarciaWest Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Saïd BoutaharWest Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Kevin GarcíaNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
El-Hadji DioufNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Julen CastañedaNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Leandro SomozaVélez Sársfield to  Non-Affiliated
Emilio HernándezSan Martín (SJ) to  Non-Affiliated


Lucas LandaColón de Santa Fe to  Non-Affiliated
Saša NovakovićNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Bilal Ould-Chikh_LigaPro & Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Giannis PotouridisNon-Affiliated to  Miedź Legnica
Miloš MarkovićNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
VitinhoNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players
VitinhoNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players
Javier CanteroNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
RodyNon-Affiliated to  CAF Players
RodyNon-Affiliated to  CAF Players
LincolnNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
LincolnNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Danny CollinsNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Danny CollinsNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Claudio MaldonadoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Claudio MaldonadoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Aníbal ZurdoNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues


Joshua ParkerNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
John UtakaNon-Affiliated to  CAF Players
Sylvain MonsoreauNon-Affiliated to  _French Lower Leagues
Sylvain MonsoreauNon-Affiliated to  _French Lower Leagues
Carlos CarboneroNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Leonardo RolónNon-Affiliated to  Arsenal de Sarandí
Leonardo RolónNon-Affiliated to  Arsenal de Sarandí
Saïdi NtibazonkizaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Ruslan RotanNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Henri CamaraNon-Affiliated to  _Greek Lower Leagues
Henri CamaraNon-Affiliated to  _Greek Lower Leagues
Mamadou CamaraNon-Affiliated to  _French Lower Leagues
Mamadou CamaraNon-Affiliated to  _French Lower Leagues
Leonel Bontempo_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Israel PuertoNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Juan Pablo CaffaNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players
Jan PolakLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Karim ZianiNon-Affiliated to  _French Lower Leagues
Didier Drogba_CONCACAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Stefan NikolićNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Marko JovanovićNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Karim FegrouchCAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
GeraldoCAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Bouna CoundoulCAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Edson SilvaNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
Wajdi BouazziCAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
FreddyCAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
GustavoNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
Yannick N'djengCAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Christian ObodoNon-Affiliated to  Apollon Smyrni
Mohamed TraoréCAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Karim BoutadjineCAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Ousmane BertheCAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Janvier Besala BokunguCAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Mohammed Awal IssahCAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Merouane ZemmamaCAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Soumbeïla DiakitéCAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Carlos SotoCentral Córdoba (SdE) to  Non-Affiliated


Marco AmeliaNon-Affiliated to  Vicenza Calcio
Maciej GostomskiNon-Affiliated to  Chojniczanka Chojnice


Serdar Kesimal_Turkey Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Emmanuel FrimpongNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Dario VidošićNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
LimaWest Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Mahamane TraoréNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Paul CaddisNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Wojciech KaczmarekNon-Affiliated to  MKS Kluczbork


Zbigniew MałkowskiNon-Affiliated on loan to  Zagłębie Lubin
Bojan MarkovićNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
MaiconNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
CésarNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
EdmílsonNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
JuanNon-Affiliated to  Goiás EC
Victor RangelNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
David Pérez ArteagaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Francisco PrietoNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Ezequiel RescaldaniNon-Affiliated to  Talleres
Hamit AltıntopNon-Affiliated to  SV Darmstadt 98
Rubén OliveraNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Nikolay MihaylovNon-Affiliated to  _Turkey Other Clubs


Joël ThomasNon-Affiliated to  FC Dordrecht
Marco RamosNon-Affiliated to  _LigaPro & Lower Leagues
JosuéNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Rodrigo AntônioNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Danilo SoaresNon-Affiliated to  TSG 1899 Hoffenheim
Santi AcasieteNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Ismail AissatiNon-Affiliated to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Ayoze DíazNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Gaspar GálvezNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Bruno LopesNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
Gianvito PlasmatiNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group C (South)
RafinhaEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Asdrúbal PadrónEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Jean-Eudes MauriceEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Wilson MathiasDorados de Sinaloa to  Non-Affiliated
Julien GoriusEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Sekou OlisehEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Cristian BáezNon-Affiliated to  Dorados de Sinaloa
Carlos CuéllarNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Yannick DjalóEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Dario VidošićEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Rok ŠtrausEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
ObinaEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Mario RondónEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Jhon ValoyEast Asia Players on loan to  Non-Affiliated
Juan José MoralesEast Asia Players on loan to  Non-Affiliated
Erton FejzullahuEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Chigozie UdojiEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Vlada AvramovEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Travis CooperEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
BottiEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Dejan JakovicEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Hélder PostigaEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Rok ElsnerEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Takuya MurayamaEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Kalu UcheNon-Affiliated to  UD Almería
RonaldinhoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Mahamadou DiarraNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Javi MárquezNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players
José Luis GarcíaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Cristian TulaNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues


Jonathan IglesiasNon-Affiliated to  Clermont Foot
Mauricio GomezNon-Affiliated to  Clermont Foot
Bogdan MitacheFC Viitorul to  Non-Affiliated
Mădălin MartinCSM Politehnica Iaşi to  Non-Affiliated
Gianmarco PiccioniNon-Affiliated to  FC UTA Arad


Fernando MenegazzoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Hugo IriarteNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Walter GarcíaNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players


Nahuel RodríguezTiburones Rojos de Veracruz to  Non-Affiliated
Emmanuel Frimpong_Russia Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Bojan JokićNon-Affiliated to  _Russia Other Clubs
Bruno MatosNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
Joaquín LarriveyNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Nicolás RoyónNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Leo FrancoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Leo FrancoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Leo FrancoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
César GonzálezNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Carlos ValdesNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Daniel BarnaAFC Dunărea Călăraşi on loan to  Non-Affiliated
Hristu ChiacuNon-Affiliated to  FC Clinceni
Alexandru LazărNon-Affiliated to  FC Clinceni
Mihăiță PleșanNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Nahuel RodríguezNon-Affiliated to  Tiburones Rojos de Veracruz
Ernesto GoñiNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Roberto TuckerNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Javier SaviolaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
ElanoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Zé EduardoNon-Affiliated to  Figueirense FC
Anderson AquinoNon-Affiliated to  Figueirense FC
Anderson AquinoNon-Affiliated to  Figueirense FC
ApodiNon-Affiliated to  Chapecoense
José Luis MuñozNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs


Víctor VázquezNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players
Richard SchunkeNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Diego Martín Caballero_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
José RojasNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Emiliano AlbínNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Juan Manuel TorresNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Mario Martínez RubioNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Rolando BianchiNon-Affiliated to  FC Pro Vercelli 1892
Alexandru IchimNon-Affiliated loan return to  FC Braşov


Leonardo RolónArsenal de Sarandí to  Non-Affiliated
Álvaro ReyNon-Affiliated to  Panetolikos
Álvaro ReyNon-Affiliated to  Panetolikos
Kevin OlimpaPlatanias FC to  Non-Affiliated
Felipe MattioniNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
Omar BravoNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players
EduardoNon-Affiliated to  Atlético Paranaense
Bence MervóFC Sion to  Non-Affiliated
Arthur BokaFC Sion to  Non-Affiliated
Javi MárquezGranada CF to  Non-Affiliated
Lucas MarequeNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Lucas MarequeNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Yonatan IrrazabalNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Rubén MaldonadoNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Diego ScottiNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Mariano BogliacinoNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Marcelo AguirreNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Damián LizioNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Flavio CiampichettiNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Maximiliano LasoNon-Affiliated to  _LigaPro & Lower Leagues
Henry GiménezNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Héctor MancillaNon-Affiliated to  Lobos BUAP
Brian FerreiraNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
Matías DegraNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Matías DegraNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Alexander CallensNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players


Francesco LodiUdinese Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
Ezequiel RescaldaniAtletico Nacional to  Non-Affiliated
Ezequiel RescaldaniAtletico Nacional to  Non-Affiliated
Rodrigo RamalloNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs


Mohamed SissokoNon-Affiliated to  Ternana Calcio
Matteo GentiliNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
New PlayerNon-Affiliated to  FC Twente
Adam SarotaFC Utrecht to  Non-Affiliated
Duvier RiascosNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Johnny PlacideNon-Affiliated to  En Avant de Guingamp
Martín CáceresNon-Affiliated to  Southampton FC
Andrea OrlandiNon-Affiliated to  Novara Calcio


Athos SolomouWest Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated


Maciej GostomskiKorona Kielce to  Non-Affiliated
Zbigniew MałkowskiKorona Kielce on loan to  Non-Affiliated
Sebastian MladenNon-Affiliated to  FC Viitorul
Kevin ConstantNon-Affiliated to  FC Sion
Yasin PehlivanFC Red Bull Salzburg to  Non-Affiliated
Serkan ÇiftçiSK Rapid Wien to  Non-Affiliated
Oleh HusyevFC Dynamo Kyiv to  Non-Affiliated
Juan Manuel SalgueiroNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Alex BolañosNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Alex BolañosNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Rogelio Chavez_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Franco Cángele_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated


Lassana DiarraOlympique de Marseille to  Non-Affiliated
Pol HurtadoLarissa FC to  Non-Affiliated
Facundo ParraNon-Affiliated to  Santa Cruz FC
Fabricio FontaniniNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Juan Pablo Pino_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Dante LopezNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs


Leonardo Cáceres_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Exequiel Benavidez_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated


AlisonNon-Affiliated on loan to  Red Bull Brasil
Kevin GarcíaPanetolikos to  Non-Affiliated


New PlayerPanetolikos to  Non-Affiliated
Ali SoweNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group C (South)
Ali SoweLega Pro - Group C (South) to  Non-Affiliated
Pedro Costa FerreiraNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group C (South)
Pedro Costa FerreiraLega Pro - Group C (South) to  Non-Affiliated
Luca GiannoneNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group C (South)
Luca GiannoneLega Pro - Group C (South) to  Non-Affiliated
Enis NadarevićNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group C (South)
Enis NadarevićLega Pro - Group C (South) to  Non-Affiliated
Giuseppe FigliomeniNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group C (South)
Giuseppe FigliomeniLega Pro - Group C (South) to  Non-Affiliated
Giovanni MarcheseNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group C (South)
Giovanni MarcheseLega Pro - Group C (South) to  Non-Affiliated
Davide BertonciniNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group C (South)
Davide BertonciniLega Pro - Group C (South) to  Non-Affiliated
Lys GomisNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group C (South)
Lys GomisLega Pro - Group C (South) to  Non-Affiliated
Filippo PerucchiniNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group C (South)
Filippo PerucchiniLega Pro - Group C (South) to  Non-Affiliated
Arturo LupoliNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group B (North & Central East)
Arturo LupoliLega Pro - Group B (North & Central East) to  Non-Affiliated
Abou DiopNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group B (North & Central East)
Abou DiopLega Pro - Group B (North & Central East) to  Non-Affiliated
Juan SurracoNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group B (North & Central East)
Juan SurracoLega Pro - Group B (North & Central East) to  Non-Affiliated
Felipe SodinhaNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group B (North & Central East)
Felipe SodinhaLega Pro - Group B (North & Central East) to  Non-Affiliated
Martí RiverolaNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group B (North & Central East)
Martí RiverolaLega Pro - Group B (North & Central East) to  Non-Affiliated
Luigi ScagliaNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group B (North & Central East)
Luigi ScagliaLega Pro - Group B (North & Central East) to  Non-Affiliated
Armin BačinovičNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group B (North & Central East)
Armin BačinovičLega Pro - Group B (North & Central East) to  Non-Affiliated
Vincenzo CamilleriNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group B (North & Central East)
Vincenzo CamilleriLega Pro - Group B (North & Central East) to  Non-Affiliated
Simone IacoponiNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group B (North & Central East)
Simone IacoponiLega Pro - Group B (North & Central East) to  Non-Affiliated
Valerio Di CesareNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group B (North & Central East)
Valerio Di CesareLega Pro - Group B (North & Central East) to  Non-Affiliated
Paolo BranduaniNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group B (North & Central East)
Paolo BranduaniLega Pro - Group B (North & Central East) to  Non-Affiliated
JéffersonNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
JéffersonLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Felice EvacuoNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Felice EvacuoLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Alessio CampagnacciNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Alessio CampagnacciLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Patrick CiurriaNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Patrick CiurriaLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Simone RossoNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Simone RossoLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Luigi FalconeNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Luigi FalconeLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Daniele GalloppaNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Daniele GalloppaLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Andrea DoninelliNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Andrea DoninelliLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Michele FrancoNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Michele FrancoLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Simone FarelliNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Simone FarelliLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Michele CaniniNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Michele CaniniLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Milan MilanovićNon-Affiliated to  AC Pisa 1909
Juan Pablo Caffa_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Juan Pablo Caffa_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Walter Ibáñez_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Alejandro SilesClub Atlético Peñarol to  Non-Affiliated
Alejandro SilesClub Atlético Peñarol to  Non-Affiliated
Marco Estrada_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Marco Estrada_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated


Aquivaldo MosqueraNon-Affiliated to  Chiapas FC
Thiago RibeiroNon-Affiliated to  Santos FC
Adnan AganovićNon-Affiliated to  Larissa FC
Giannis ManiatisNon-Affiliated to  Atromitos FC
Giannis ManiatisAtromitos FC to  Non-Affiliated
Giannis ManiatisAtromitos FC to  Non-Affiliated
Giannis ManiatisNon-Affiliated to  Atromitos FC
Júlio CésarCR Vasco da Gama to  Non-Affiliated
Jorge HenriqueCR Vasco da Gama to  Non-Affiliated
RenatoSE Palmeiras to  Non-Affiliated


Alexandru ZahariaNon-Affiliated to  CS Juventus Bucureşti
Marian PleașcăNon-Affiliated to  FC Steaua București
Daniel PopescuNon-Affiliated on loan to  CS Concordia Chiajna
Victor RangelEC Bahia to  Non-Affiliated
Bruno RodrigoCruzeiro EC to  Non-Affiliated
WilliansCruzeiro EC to  Non-Affiliated
Eugenio MenaCruzeiro EC to  Non-Affiliated
Gervasio NúñezNon-Affiliated to  Sarmiento de Junín


Rafael MartinsNon-Affiliated to  Vitória de Guimarães
Toni GorupecNon-Affiliated to  Vitória de Setúbal
Nuno PintoNon-Affiliated to  Vitória de Setúbal
Emídio RafaelA. Académica de Coimbra to  Non-Affiliated
LionnNon-Affiliated to  Rio Ave FC
GégéNon-Affiliated to  FC Paços de Ferreira
Michael OlaitanPanionios to  Non-Affiliated
Osmar FerreyraNon-Affiliated to  Boca Unidos
CauêNon-Affiliated to  Moreirense FC


Damien PlessisCS Marítimo to  Non-Affiliated
Diego PoyetNon-Affiliated to  Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba
Alireza HaghighiCS Marítimo to  Non-Affiliated
Renan BressanNon-Affiliated to  GD Chaves
FelipeNon-Affiliated to  GD Chaves
Daniel KolářFC Viktoria Plzeň to  Non-Affiliated
Paul KeitaNon-Affiliated to  AO Kerkyra
Carlos CarmonaNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players
Carlos MartinsCF Belenenses to  Non-Affiliated
RamonNon-Affiliated to  Maccabi Tel Aviv FC


Danijel PranjićNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Danijel PranjićNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Mohamed HamdaouiGo Ahead Eagles to  Non-Affiliated


RamonEC Vitória to  Non-Affiliated
Łukasz SkowronNon-Affiliated to  _LigaPro & Lower Leagues
Javier BalboaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Frank FeltscherNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Ivan IvanovNon-Affiliated to  _Russia Other Clubs
Alexandru IchimASA Tîrgu Mureș to  Non-Affiliated
Marian ConstantinescuCS Concordia Chiajna to  Non-Affiliated
Adrian CristeaCS Concordia Chiajna to  Non-Affiliated
Alexandru ZahariaCS Gaz Metan Mediaș to  Non-Affiliated
Dani LópezFC Viitorul to  Non-Affiliated
AlisonSantos FC on loan to  Non-Affiliated


Victor ObinnaFC Dinamo București to  Non-Affiliated


Giannis ManiatisOlympiacos FC to  Non-Affiliated
Rafa GarcíaCF Reus Deportiu to  Non-Affiliated
Nicolás Royón_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Ivan KelavaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Nicolás López MacriFerro Carril Oeste to  Non-Affiliated


Carlos CarboneroUC Sampdoria to  Non-Affiliated
Sebastián Vidal_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Lucas Mareque_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
José Luis García_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Martín AguirreRamón Santamarina to  Non-Affiliated
Dimas MoralesFerro Carril Oeste to  Non-Affiliated
Frank LampardNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Joel EkstrandBristol City FC to  Non-Affiliated
Matthew TaylorBristol City FC to  Non-Affiliated
João GuilhermeWest Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
João GuilhermeWest Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Matías CarabajalNon-Affiliated to  Central Córdoba (SdE)


José ÁngelUD Almería to  Non-Affiliated
Sergio MantecónCádiz CF to  Non-Affiliated
Dominique MalongaNon-Affiliated to  Elche CF
Marcos TébarNon-Affiliated to  CF Reus Deportiu
Álvaro ReyAD Alcorcón to  Non-Affiliated
Iliyan MitsanskiNon-Affiliated to  Korona Kielce
Paul KeitaAtromitos FC to  Non-Affiliated
Markos VellidisPAOK to  Non-Affiliated
Carlos CarmonaAtalanta BC to  Non-Affiliated
Michele CaniniNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Michele CaniniLega Pro - Group B (North & Central East) to  Non-Affiliated
Abel TamataNon-Affiliated to  ADO Den Haag
Préjuce NakoulmaNon-Affiliated to  FC Nantes


Nelson Rivas_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Nelson Rivas_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Eric Tié BiStade Brestois 29 to  Non-Affiliated
Fernando Gutiérrez_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Conor SammonNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Gaby MudingayiAC Pisa 1909 to  Non-Affiliated
Constant DjakpaNon-Affiliated to  1. FC Nürnberg
GégéFC Arouca to  Non-Affiliated
Daniele GalloppaNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Arseniy LogashovFC Lokomotiv Moskva to  Non-Affiliated
Alessandro BudelFC Pro Vercelli 1892 to  Non-Affiliated
Jonathan Ayité_Turkey Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Henrique SerenoNon-Affiliated to  UD Almería
Emir SpahićHamburger SV to  Non-Affiliated
Juan Carlos GarcíaWigan Athletic FC to  Non-Affiliated
Emmanuel AdebayorNon-Affiliated to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Donny GorterNon-Affiliated to  ADO Den Haag
Oguchi OnyewuNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players
Taye TaiwoNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Juan Manuel MartínezNon-Affiliated to  Vélez Sársfield


Aymen TaharNon-Affiliated to  CS Gaz Metan Mediaș
Andrea OrlandiAPOEL FC to  Non-Affiliated
Gianluca Curci1. FSV Mainz 05 to  Non-Affiliated
Anastasios AvlonitisNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Steven TaylorNon-Affiliated to  Ipswich Town FC
Jefferson FarfánNon-Affiliated to  FC Lokomotiv Moskva
Felice EvacuoNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Felice EvacuoLega Pro - Group B (North & Central East) to  Non-Affiliated


Antonio Di NataleNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Dani NietoNon-Affiliated to  CD Numancia
Jonathan Iglesias_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Leonardo Migliónico_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Cristian Báez_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated


Dominique MalongaFC Pro Vercelli 1892 to  Non-Affiliated
Francesco RuopoloLega Pro - Group B (North & Central East) to  Non-Affiliated
Rolando BianchiAC Perugia Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
Donny GorterNAC Breda to  Non-Affiliated
BabancoNon-Affiliated to  CD Feirense
Hélder CabralNon-Affiliated to  CF Belenenses
Luis Cáceres_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Pau CendrósCD Mirandés to  Non-Affiliated
Rodrigo RamalloEC Vitória to  Non-Affiliated


EdcarlosNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Paul CaddisBirmingham City FC to  Non-Affiliated
Lorenzo EbecilioNon-Affiliated to  APOEL FC
Damián MansoChacarita Juniors to  Non-Affiliated
Antonio CassanoUC Sampdoria to  Non-Affiliated
Liviu AntalNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Änis Ben-HatiraSV Darmstadt 98 to  Non-Affiliated


Ivan IvanovPanathinaikos to  Non-Affiliated
Alexandru LazărLega Pro - Group C (South) to  Non-Affiliated
Patrick CiurriaNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Patrick CiurriaLega Pro - Group B (North & Central East) to  Non-Affiliated
Erico Da SilvaNon-Affiliated to  CS Pandurii Târgu Jiu
Claudiu VoiculețCS Pandurii Târgu Jiu to  Non-Affiliated
Filip MrzljakCS Pandurii Târgu Jiu to  Non-Affiliated
Marian PleașcăCS Pandurii Târgu Jiu to  Non-Affiliated
Constantin GrecuCS Pandurii Târgu Jiu to  Non-Affiliated
Liviu AntalCS Pandurii Târgu Jiu to  Non-Affiliated
David LazarCS Pandurii Târgu Jiu to  Non-Affiliated
Alexandru BourceanuNon-Affiliated to  _Russia Other Clubs
Adrian ViciuASA Tîrgu Mureș to  Non-Affiliated
Viorel FerfeleaNon-Affiliated to  ASA Tîrgu Mureș
Bănel NicoliţăNon-Affiliated to  ASA Tîrgu Mureș
Mirel BolboaşăNon-Affiliated to  ASA Tîrgu Mureș
Javier VelayosNon-Affiliated to  ASA Tîrgu Mureș
Daniel VădrariuACS Poli Timişoara to  Non-Affiliated
Iulian RoșuACS Poli Timişoara to  Non-Affiliated
Yuval JakobovichASA Tîrgu Mureș to  Non-Affiliated
Adrian BorzaASA Tîrgu Mureș to  Non-Affiliated
Ianis ZicuASA Tîrgu Mureș to  Non-Affiliated
Alexandru IonițăASA Tîrgu Mureș to  Non-Affiliated
Romeo SurduASA Tîrgu Mureș to  Non-Affiliated
RambéCS Universitatea Craiova to  Non-Affiliated
Iulian MameleCS Concordia Chiajna to  Non-Affiliated
Bojan GolubovićNon-Affiliated to  CSM Politehnica Iaşi
Dumitru HotobocCSM Politehnica Iaşi to  Non-Affiliated
Gianmarco PiccioniCSM Politehnica Iaşi to  Non-Affiliated


Steven ThicotNon-Affiliated to  Larissa FC
Joleon LescottNon-Affiliated to  Sunderland AFC
Guillermo RodríguezNon-Affiliated on loan to  Chiapas FC
Gerardo FloresDeportivo Toluca FC on loan to  Non-Affiliated
Omar BravoCD Guadalajara on loan to  Non-Affiliated
Aquivaldo MosqueraCF Pachuca to  Non-Affiliated
Rafael MartinsLevante UD to  Non-Affiliated
Alexander CallensCD Numancia to  Non-Affiliated
Urko VeraNon-Affiliated to  CD Mirandés
Sebastián SajaNon-Affiliated to  Real Zaragoza


Mathieu BodmerNon-Affiliated to  En Avant de Guingamp
Cristian Sârghi_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Renan BressanAPOEL FC to  Non-Affiliated
Andreas StavrouNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Andreas StavrouAEL Limassol to  Non-Affiliated
João Paulo AndradeAEL Limassol to  Non-Affiliated
Emilio SánchezNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
BabancoAEL Limassol to  Non-Affiliated
Frank FeltscherAEL Limassol to  Non-Affiliated
Urko VeraSD Huesca to  Non-Affiliated
João FilipeAvaí FC loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Douglas CoutinhoNon-Affiliated loan return to  Atlético Paranaense
Pablo MoucheNon-Affiliated loan return to  SE Palmeiras
Diogo MateusNon-Affiliated loan return to  AA Ponte Preta
DiguinhoCR Vasco da Gama to  Non-Affiliated
Jaime JiménezNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Borja EkizaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs


Giannis PotouridisLarissa FC to  Non-Affiliated
Giannis PotouridisLarissa FC to  Non-Affiliated
Dani NietoA.O. Xanthi to  Non-Affiliated
Aymen TaharEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Yuji OnoNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Ivano BaldanzedduNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group C (South)
Ivano BaldanzedduLega Pro - Group C (South) to  Non-Affiliated
Kelvin MatuteNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group C (South)
Kelvin MatuteLega Pro - Group C (South) to  Non-Affiliated
Aniello CutoloNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group C (South)
Aniello CutoloLega Pro - Group C (South) to  Non-Affiliated
Daniele PaponiNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group C (South)
Daniele PaponiLega Pro - Group C (South) to  Non-Affiliated
Fabiano SantacroceNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group C (South)
Fabiano SantacroceLega Pro - Group C (South) to  Non-Affiliated
Michele PaolucciNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group B (North & Central East)
Michele PaolucciLega Pro - Group B (North & Central East) to  Non-Affiliated
Massimiliano CarliniNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group B (North & Central East)
Massimiliano CarliniLega Pro - Group B (North & Central East) to  Non-Affiliated
Giuseppe ZampanoNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group B (North & Central East)
Giuseppe ZampanoLega Pro - Group B (North & Central East) to  Non-Affiliated
Fabrizio GrilloNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group B (North & Central East)
Fabrizio GrilloLega Pro - Group B (North & Central East) to  Non-Affiliated
Cesare AmbrosiniNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group B (North & Central East)
Cesare AmbrosiniLega Pro - Group B (North & Central East) to  Non-Affiliated
Gianni MunariNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group B (North & Central East)
Gianni MunariLega Pro - Group B (North & Central East) to  Non-Affiliated
Matteo ScozzarellaNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group B (North & Central East)
Matteo ScozzarellaLega Pro - Group B (North & Central East) to  Non-Affiliated
Pierluigi FrattaliNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group B (North & Central East)
Pierluigi FrattaliLega Pro - Group B (North & Central East) to  Non-Affiliated
Giammario PiscitellaNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Giammario PiscitellaLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Nicolas BremecNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Nicolas BremecLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Thomas PhibelNon-Affiliated to  
Moestafa El Kabir_Turkey Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
César GonzálezCoritiba FC to  Non-Affiliated
Emerson Da ConceiçãoCoritiba FC to  Non-Affiliated


Nathan DelfounesoNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Lukáš DroppaNon-Affiliated to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Georgios TzavellasNon-Affiliated to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Georgios TzavellasPAOK to  Non-Affiliated
Christopher SambaPanathinaikos to  Non-Affiliated


Andreas IvanschitzNon-Affiliated to  FC Viktoria Plzeň
Georgios MakrisAC Pisa 1909 to  Non-Affiliated
Cristian LedesmaNon-Affiliated to  Ternana Calcio
Thomas PhibelFK Crvena Zvezda to  Non-Affiliated


CésarAA Ponte Preta to  Non-Affiliated
CésarAA Ponte Preta to  Non-Affiliated
Davide BassiAtalanta BC to  Non-Affiliated
Raoul LoéWest Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Raoul LoéWest Asia Players on loan to  Non-Affiliated
Fabiano SantacroceNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group C (South)
Massimiliano CarliniNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group B (North & Central East)
Massimiliano CarliniLega Pro - Group B (North & Central East) to  Non-Affiliated
JuanfranNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
GustavoEC Vitória to  Non-Affiliated
Leandro SalinoNon-Affiliated to  EC Vitória
Shaun BarkerNon-Affiliated to  Burton Albion FC
Andraž StrunaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
José Manuel CasadoNon-Affiliated to  CD Numancia


Borja FernándezNon-Affiliated to  UD Almería
Paweł BaranowskiNon-Affiliated to  Wigry Suwałki
MarcelinhoNon-Affiliated to  Avaí FC


Marko DevićNon-Affiliated to  FC Rostov
Pedro MoralesNon-Affiliated to  Colo-Colo
David BarralNon-Affiliated to  APOEL FC
Bakary SareNon-Affiliated to  Moreirense FC
Modibo DiakitéNon-Affiliated to  Ternana Calcio


Samed YeşilNon-Affiliated to  Panionios
Saul VillalobosPuebla FC to  Non-Affiliated
Jean Paul PinedaNon-Affiliated to  EC Vitória
AlexSC Internacional to  Non-Affiliated
Dante LopezPumas de la UNAM to  Non-Affiliated
Ángel ReynaNon-Affiliated to  Tiburones Rojos de Veracruz
Yuji Ono_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated


Nicolas BremecNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)


Gervasio NúñezBotafogo FR to  Non-Affiliated
Emerson SheikCR Flamengo to  Non-Affiliated
Préjuce Nakoulma_Turkey Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Guilherme MattisEC Vitória to  Non-Affiliated
Lucas MugniCR Flamengo loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Gabriel GirottoNon-Affiliated to  SC Corinthians P
Carlos AlbertoNon-Affiliated to  Atlético Paranaense
Semir StilićNon-Affiliated to  Wisla Kraków
Ivan KelavaGranada CF to  Non-Affiliated
David BarralGranada CF to  Non-Affiliated


Georgios BantisNon-Affiliated to  Panionios
RômuloNon-Affiliated to  CR Flamengo
JéffersonNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
JéffersonLega Pro - Group B (North & Central East) to  Non-Affiliated
Cesare AmbrosiniNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group B (North & Central East)
Cesare AmbrosiniLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Fabrizio GrilloNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group B (North & Central East)
Fabrizio GrilloLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Giovanni MarcheseNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group C (South)
Enzo MarescaHellas Verona FC to  Non-Affiliated
Leonardo PisculichiNon-Affiliated to  EC Vitória
RômuloFC Spartak Moskva to  Non-Affiliated
Vladimir GabulovNon-Affiliated to  _Russia Other Clubs
Román DíazNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Román DíazNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues


Luciano BecchioNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Emiliano RomeroNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Mateusz PiątkowskiNon-Affiliated to  Wisła Płock
Luigi FalconeNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Luigi FalconeLega Pro - Group B (North & Central East) to  Non-Affiliated
Robert Piris Da MottaNon-Affiliated to  San Lorenzo
Joan VerdúNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players


Gabriel VallésNon-Affiliated to  Santa Cruz FC
Walter GarcíaLos Andes to  Non-Affiliated
Carl MedjaniNon-Affiliated to  Trabzonspor AŞ
Javi LaraNon-Affiliated to  Córdoba CF
Mathieu BodmerOGC Nice to  Non-Affiliated
Carl MedjaniCD Leganés to  Non-Affiliated
Charles ItandjeNon-Affiliated to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Lex ImmersNon-Affiliated to  Club Brugge KV
Robert Piris Da Motta_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated


Antimo IuncoNon-Affiliated to  AS Cittadella
Stefano MauriNon-Affiliated to  Brescia Calcio
Alberto CobreaNon-Affiliated to  FC Botoșani
Alberto CobreaFC Dinamo București to  Non-Affiliated
Valentin MunteanuNon-Affiliated to  CS Concordia Chiajna


Antimo IuncoLega Pro - Group C (South) to  Non-Affiliated
Fausto RossiNon-Affiliated to  Trapani Calcio
Mohamed YoussoufNon-Affiliated to  Levadiakos FC
Emmanuel SarkiAEL Limassol to  Non-Affiliated
PitiNon-Affiliated to  Albacete Balompié


Brede HangelandNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
David BabunskiFK Crvena Zvezda to  Non-Affiliated
CbNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
CmNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
GkNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
José RojasBelgrano to  Non-Affiliated


CmOlympiacos FC to  Non-Affiliated
CbOlympiacos FC to  Non-Affiliated
Matías Degra_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Gk_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
GkNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Giliano WijnaldumNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players
Henri NdongAJ Auxerre to  Non-Affiliated
Brandon MecheleNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Sébastien BruzzeseNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Brandon MecheleClub Brugge KV on loan to  Non-Affiliated
Sébastien BruzzeseClub Brugge KV on loan to  Non-Affiliated
Johnny PlacideStade de Reims to  Non-Affiliated
Lalaina NomenjanaharyRC Lens to  Non-Affiliated
Mohamed FofanaNon-Affiliated to  RC Lens
Nicolas DouchezNon-Affiliated to  RC Lens
Jem KaracanGalatasaray AŞ to  Non-Affiliated


Nahuel RodríguezDouglas Haig to  Non-Affiliated
JuanCoritiba FC to  Non-Affiliated
Lex ImmersCardiff City FC on loan to  Non-Affiliated
Gabriel GirottoSE Palmeiras to  Non-Affiliated
Jesús DátoloNon-Affiliated to  EC Vitória
Daniel PopescuFC Steaua București loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Alexandru BourceanuFC Steaua București to  Non-Affiliated
Adnan AganovićFC Steaua București to  Non-Affiliated
Bojan GolubovićFC Steaua București to  Non-Affiliated


Kevin Foley_English Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Charles Itandje_Turkey Other Clubs on loan to  Non-Affiliated
Zakaria LabyadNon-Affiliated to  FC Utrecht
Filip ModelskiNon-Affiliated to  Bytovia Bytów
PitiRayo Vallecano de Madrid to  Non-Affiliated
Albert LopoClub Gimnàstic de Tarragona to  Non-Affiliated
LoloElche CF to  Non-Affiliated
Giammario PiscitellaNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Giammario PiscitellaLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Luccas ClaroCoritiba FC to  Non-Affiliated
RenanAvaí FC to  Non-Affiliated
DiersonBotafogo FR to  Non-Affiliated
ApodiSport CR to  Non-Affiliated
Rodrigo ManchaSport CR to  Non-Affiliated
EdmílsonSport CR to  Non-Affiliated
Zé EduardoEC Vitória to  Non-Affiliated
Diogo MateusEC Vitória to  Non-Affiliated
AmaralEC Vitória to  Non-Affiliated
Leandro DominguesEC Vitória to  Non-Affiliated
HenriqueEC Vitória to  Non-Affiliated


Olcan AdınNon-Affiliated to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Juan VargasNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs


ElanoSantos FC to  Non-Affiliated
Damián LizioBotafogo FR to  Non-Affiliated
Juan Manuel SalgueiroBotafogo FR to  Non-Affiliated
Anderson AquinoBotafogo FR to  Non-Affiliated
Kolbeinn SigthórssonNon-Affiliated to  FC Nantes
Kolbeinn SigthórssonGalatasaray AŞ to  Non-Affiliated
Hamit AltıntopGalatasaray AŞ to  Non-Affiliated
Joel EkstrandNon-Affiliated to  Bristol City FC
Marcos SánchezNon-Affiliated to  Central Córdoba (SdE)
Marcos SánchezNon-Affiliated to  Central Córdoba (SdE)
Ryan BabelNon-Affiliated to  Beşiktaş JK
Quincy Owusu-AbeyieNEC Nijmegen to  Non-Affiliated
Bojan JokićVillarreal CF to  Non-Affiliated


Joey BartonNon-Affiliated to  Burnley FC
Ferreira PintoNon-Affiliated to  Serie D & Lower Levels
Andrea SoncinNon-Affiliated to  Serie D & Lower Levels


Michel BastosNon-Affiliated to  SE Palmeiras
Christian PoulsenNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Richard SchunkeAlmagro to  Non-Affiliated
Joey BartonRangers FC to  Non-Affiliated
Marko DevićFC Rubin Kazan to  Non-Affiliated
RubinhoNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
RubinhoLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Lino MarzoratiNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Lino MarzoratiLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Abdoulaye BambaNon-Affiliated to  Angers SCO
Mark GonzálezNon-Affiliated to  Colo-Colo
Joaquín LarriveyWest Asia Players on loan to  Non-Affiliated
Marouane ChamakhCardiff City FC to  Non-Affiliated
Kieran RichardsonCardiff City FC to  Non-Affiliated
Vasyl KobinFC Shakhtar Donetsk to  Non-Affiliated
EduardoFC Shakhtar Donetsk to  Non-Affiliated
Lukáš Droppa_Russia Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Ryan BabelRC Deportivo La Coruña to  Non-Affiliated
Gregor BalažicNon-Affiliated to  _Russia Other Clubs
Andreas Ivanschitz_CONCACAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Taye Taiwo_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Evander SnoNon-Affiliated to  RKC Waalwijk
Lukman HarunaFC Dynamo Kyiv to  Non-Affiliated
Joffre GuerrónCruz Azul to  Non-Affiliated
Jesús DátoloAtlético Mineiro to  Non-Affiliated
EdcarlosAtlético Mineiro to  Non-Affiliated
Pedro Morales_CONCACAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Innocent Emeghara_CONCACAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Víctor VázquezCruz Azul to  Non-Affiliated
Paddy MccarthyNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Javier CámporaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Tony HibbertNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Shehu AbdullahiNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Shehu Abdullahi_LigaPro & Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
SisiVeria FC to  Non-Affiliated
Wes BrownNon-Affiliated to  Blackburn Rovers FC
Steve HarperNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Emmanuel LedesmaPanetolikos to  Non-Affiliated
Osmar FerreyraPanetolikos to  Non-Affiliated


Michel BastosSão Paulo FC to  Non-Affiliated
Fernando UseroNon-Affiliated to  CD Mirandés
Achille EmanáNon-Affiliated to  Club Gimnàstic de Tarragona


Bobby ZamoraNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players


Cristian LedesmaPanathinaikos to  Non-Affiliated


Facundo GuichónUCAM Murcia CF to  Non-Affiliated
Fede VicoNon-Affiliated to  CD Lugo
Mikel SaizarNon-Affiliated to  CD Numancia
David LópezNon-Affiliated to  SD Huesca
Sebastián SajaClub Gimnàstic de Tarragona to  Non-Affiliated


Lino MarzoratiNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)


Oussama AssaidiNon-Affiliated to  FC Twente
MarquitosNon-Affiliated to  Miedź Legnica


Brian FerreiraIndependiente to  Non-Affiliated
Steven Taylor_CONCACAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Sebastián DubarbierNon-Affiliated to  Estudiantes de La Plata


Felipe SantanaNon-Affiliated to  Atlético Mineiro


Lazar ĆirkovićNon-Affiliated to  FK Partizan Belgrade


Pablo BangardinoNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Gregor BalažicFK Partizan Belgrade to  Non-Affiliated
Pablo MoucheFK Crvena Zvezda to  Non-Affiliated
Miloš CvetkovićFK Crvena Zvezda to  Non-Affiliated


Enis NadarevićNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group C (South)


AlexNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Matías CarabajalCentral Córdoba (SdE) to  Non-Affiliated
Alexis DanelónCentral Córdoba (SdE) to  Non-Affiliated
Roberto TuckerCentral Córdoba (SdE) to  Non-Affiliated
Roberto TuckerCentral Córdoba (SdE) to  Non-Affiliated


Fernando AristeguietaNon-Affiliated to  FC Nantes
Pawel GolańskiNon-Affiliated to  Chojniczanka Chojnice


Luis CarlosNon-Affiliated to  _LigaPro & Lower Leagues


Federico MachedaNon-Affiliated to  Novara Calcio
RubinhoNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)


Tommaso BellazziniNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Riccardo NardiniNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group C (South)
Federico AmentaLega Pro - Group C (South) to  Non-Affiliated
Alessandro PotenzaLega Pro - Group C (South) to  Non-Affiliated
Enzo RuizNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues


Juan Manuel Martínez_CONCACAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Wilson Palacios_CONCACAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Sebastián DubarbierUD Almería to  Non-Affiliated


Joleon LescottAEK Athens to  Non-Affiliated
Semir StilićAPOEL FC to  Non-Affiliated
Hélder Cabral_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated


LuisinhoNon-Affiliated to  RC Deportivo La Coruña


Steven ThicotCD Tondela to  Non-Affiliated


Maciej IwańskiRuch Chorzów to  Non-Affiliated
Miroslav KloseNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players


Ivan PelizzoliNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)


Frank Lampard_CONCACAF Players to  Non-Affiliated


Jefferson FarfánWest Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Oussama AssaidiWest Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Vladimir GabulovFC Dinamo Moskva to  Non-Affiliated


Marat IzmaylovNon-Affiliated to  FC Krasnodar
Sergei Davydov_Russia Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Marko Lomić_Russia Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Felipe Santana_Russia Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated


Valentin MunteanuCS Pandurii Târgu Jiu to  Non-Affiliated
Pablo BrandánFC Viitorul to  Non-Affiliated
Fabricio FontaniniVicenza Calcio to  Non-Affiliated


Emmanuel TorresNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Germán BasualdoNon-Affiliated to  Los Andes


Claudio Guerra_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated


Mauricio AriasGimnasia Jujuy to  Non-Affiliated
Vladan MilosavljevNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs


Peter OdemwingieNon-Affiliated to  Rotherham United FC


Valentin AlexandruCS Pandurii Târgu Jiu to  Non-Affiliated
George ȚucudeanCS Pandurii Târgu Jiu to  Non-Affiliated
Christian ObodoCS Pandurii Târgu Jiu to  Non-Affiliated
Gordan BunozaCS Pandurii Târgu Jiu to  Non-Affiliated
Jordy BuijsCS Pandurii Târgu Jiu to  Non-Affiliated


Filip MrzljakNon-Affiliated to  CS Pandurii Târgu Jiu
Ludovic ObraniakNon-Affiliated to  AJ Auxerre
Nicola PozziNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Nicola PozziLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated


Wojciech PawłowskiNon-Affiliated to  Górnik Zabrze


Nicola PozziNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Emanuele NordiNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group B (North & Central East)
Emanuele NordiLega Pro - Group B (North & Central East) to  Non-Affiliated
Rúben AmorimSL Benfica to  Non-Affiliated


Luca CeccarelliNon-Affiliated to  FC Dinamo București
Filip MrzljakCS Pandurii Târgu Jiu to  Non-Affiliated
Costin Curelea Non-Affiliated to  FC Voluntari
Ciprian MaricaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players


Daniele FicagnaNon-Affiliated to  Serie D & Lower Levels


Emanuele NordiNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group B (North & Central East)
Juan GarcíaNon-Affiliated to  Serie D & Lower Levels


Nikolaos KarabelasNon-Affiliated to  Aris Thessaloniki FC


Gaby MudingayiNon-Affiliated to  AC Pisa 1909
Andrea GasbarroniNon-Affiliated to  Serie D & Lower Levels
Angelo CasadeiNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group C (South)
Alessandro CamisaNon-Affiliated to  Serie D & Lower Levels
Alessandro CamisaSerie D & Lower Levels to  Non-Affiliated
Vincenzo AriditàNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group B (North & Central East)
Vincenzo AriditàLega Pro - Group B (North & Central East) to  Non-Affiliated


Carlton Cole_CONCACAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Ryan TaylorNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues


Giannis SiderakisNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Wanderson CostaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Leandro PintoNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs


Mark GonzálezSport CR to  Non-Affiliated
Sol BambaNon-Affiliated to  Cardiff City FC
Cédric MongonguNon-Affiliated to  Montpellier HSC


Alexandru TârnovanNon-Affiliated to  FC Botoșani


Alexandru MarginăNon-Affiliated to  FC Viitorul
Adrien RegattinNon-Affiliated to  _Turkey Other Clubs


Änis Ben-HatiraNon-Affiliated to  SV Darmstadt 98


GkLarissa FC to  Non-Affiliated
GkNon-Affiliated to  Larissa FC
GkLarissa FC to  Non-Affiliated


Pedro BotelhoAtlético Paranaense to  Non-Affiliated
MaiconSport CR to  Non-Affiliated
JussiêAtlético Paranaense to  Non-Affiliated


Kieran RichardsonNon-Affiliated to  Cardiff City FC
Vincenzo AriditàNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group B (North & Central East)
Andrea MazzaraniNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group C (South)
Maurizio LanzaroNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group C (South)
Alessandro FabbroNon-Affiliated to  Serie D & Lower Levels
Ciprian Brata Romanian Liga 2 Players to  Non-Affiliated
Alexandru Aldea Romanian Liga 2 Players to  Non-Affiliated


Marouane ChamakhNon-Affiliated to  Cardiff City FC


Junior HoilettNon-Affiliated to  Cardiff City FC


Sebastian BoenischNon-Affiliated to  TSV 1860 München


Andrea LazzariNon-Affiliated to  AC Pisa 1909


Alex BolañosSanta Cruz FC to  Non-Affiliated


Sergiu MuthNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players


DagobertoEC Vitória to  Non-Affiliated


Stéphane SessègnonNon-Affiliated to  Montpellier HSC


Fede VicoRSC Anderlecht to  Non-Affiliated


Michele PazienzaNon-Affiliated to  Serie D & Lower Levels
George MareșNon-Affiliated to  CS Juventus Bucureşti


Michel MacedoNon-Affiliated to  UD Las Palmas


Ciprian RusNon-Affiliated to  ASA Tîrgu Mureș


Sergiu MuthCS Gaz Metan Mediaș to  Non-Affiliated


Alessandro CamisaNon-Affiliated to  Serie D & Lower Levels
PessaliAngers SCO to  Non-Affiliated


José AnguloGranada CF to  Non-Affiliated
George MareșAFC Dunărea Călăraşi to  Non-Affiliated
Andrei MarinescuNon-Affiliated to  CS Gaz Metan Mediaș
Alessandro CamisaLega Pro - Group C (South) to  Non-Affiliated


Carlos AlbertoFigueirense FC to  Non-Affiliated
JacksonCoritiba FC to  Non-Affiliated


Brian LluyFC Asteras Tripolis to  Non-Affiliated
Andraž StrunaPAS Giannina to  Non-Affiliated
Mohamed YoussoufVeria FC to  Non-Affiliated
Georgios BantisFC Asteras Tripolis to  Non-Affiliated
Michael EssienPanathinaikos to  Non-Affiliated
Djamel AbdounVeria FC to  Non-Affiliated
Luis Oscar GonzálezNon-Affiliated to  Atlético Paranaense


Marcelo BustamanteNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Maxi PellegrinoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Héctor DesvauxNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Juan Andrés TejeraNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues


Sebastian GhingaNon-Affiliated to   Romanian Liga 2 Players
Ovidiu DănănaeNon-Affiliated to   Romanian Liga 2 Players
Viorel FerfeleaFC Clinceni to  Non-Affiliated
Florin CosteaNon-Affiliated to  
Sebastián NayarNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs


Ryan BabelNon-Affiliated to  RC Deportivo La Coruña
Ivica VrdoljakNon-Affiliated to  Wisła Płock


Vincenzo CamilleriNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Romario KortzorgNon-Affiliated to  AFC Astra Giurgiu


Cornel RâpăNon-Affiliated to  Pogoń Szczecin
Diego PoyetWest Ham United FC to  Non-Affiliated


Tobias WeisVfL Bochum on loan to  Non-Affiliated
Ilie SánchezTSV 1860 München to  Non-Affiliated
Seyi OlajengbesiSV Sandhausen to  Non-Affiliated
Michael Schulze1. FC Kaiserslautern to  Non-Affiliated
Robert SzczotOlimpia Grudziądz to  Non-Affiliated
Bartosz FabiniakOlimpia Grudziądz to  Non-Affiliated
Matej NatherSandecja Nowy Sącz to  Non-Affiliated
Bartosz IwanGKS Katowice to  Non-Affiliated
Wojciech KaczmarekPodbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała to  Non-Affiliated
Paweł BaranowskiPodbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała to  Non-Affiliated
Pawel GolańskiGórnik Zabrze to  Non-Affiliated
Pavel VidanovGórnik Zabrze to  Non-Affiliated


Salvatore AronicaNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Riccardo TaddeiNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Nicoló ConsoliniNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Maurizio PeccarisiNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Matteo SerafiniNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Matteo FerrariNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Marco RossiNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Manuele BlasiNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
Luca CastellazziNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Leandro RinaudoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Giuseppe ColucciNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Giuseppe BiavaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Gianpaolo BelliniNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Gabriele PaonessaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Francesco ModestoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Davide ZoboliNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Davide SucciNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
Andrea GiallombardoNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Andrea CristianoNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
AmauriNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players
Alessandro SgrignaNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Alessandro AgostiniNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Alberto GiuliattoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Essaïd BelkalemNon-Affiliated to  _French Lower Leagues
Ryan BabelWest Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Michaël CianiNon-Affiliated to  FC Lorient
Dexter BlackstockNon-Affiliated to  Rotherham United FC
Antimo IuncoNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Leonidas KampantaisAO Kerkyra to  Non-Affiliated
Leandro PintoLarissa FC to  Non-Affiliated
Milan BojovićLarissa FC to  Non-Affiliated
Valeri DomovchiyskiLevadiakos FC to  Non-Affiliated
Roberto BattiónVeria FC to  Non-Affiliated
Henri CamaraApollon Smyrni to  Non-Affiliated
Paolo FarinolaApollon Smyrni to  Non-Affiliated
Wanderson CostaApollon Smyrni to  Non-Affiliated
Panagiotis LagosApollon Smyrni to  Non-Affiliated
Ugo UkahKalloni FC to  Non-Affiliated
Rafik DjebbourNon-Affiliated to  Aris Thessaloniki FC


Giacomo CiprianiLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Elvis AbbruscatoLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Andrea SoncinLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Paulo Vitor BarretoLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Manuel TurchiLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Emiliano TaranaLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Tommaso BellazziniLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Salif DiandaLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Riccardo AllegrettiLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Nicolàs AmodioLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Angelo AntonazzoLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Gilberto MartinezLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Vincenzo AriditàLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Nicolas BremecLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Emanuele ConcettiLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Edoardo PazzagliLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Caio SeccoLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Angelo CasadeiLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Andrea PanseraLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Alex CalderoniLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Sebastian MladenLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Fernando UseroAtromitos FC to  Non-Affiliated
Ignacio NicoliniNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Riccardo NardiniLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Alexandru LazărNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Salvatore MasielloLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Andrea CristianoLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Alessandro FabbroLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Jakub NavrátilLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Juan GarcíaLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Marek ČechLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Abdelkader GhezzalLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Marco CassettiLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Luca ScapuzziLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Domenico GiampàLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Antimo IuncoLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
José EnriqueNon-Affiliated to  Real Zaragoza
Emilian DolhaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Ezequiel CiriglianoNon-Affiliated to  Atlético Tucumán


Mathieu FlaminiNon-Affiliated to  Crystal Palace FC
Nicklas BendtnerNon-Affiliated to  Nottingham Forest FC
NeutonNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Jarchinio AntoniaNon-Affiliated to  Go Ahead Eagles


Mathias GehrtADO Den Haag to  Non-Affiliated
Dino IslamovicFC Groningen to  Non-Affiliated
Abel TamataFC Groningen to  Non-Affiliated
André FomitschowNon-Affiliated to  NEC Nijmegen
Thijs Van HofwegenNEC Nijmegen to  Non-Affiliated
Benjamin KirstenNEC Nijmegen to  Non-Affiliated
Quincy Owusu-AbeyieNon-Affiliated to  NEC Nijmegen
Henk DijkhuizenRoda JC to  Non-Affiliated
Nayib LagouirehRoda JC to  Non-Affiliated
Nicky KuiperWillem II to  Non-Affiliated
David MeulWillem II to  Non-Affiliated
Derrick TshimangaNon-Affiliated to  Willem II
Dorin GogaNon-Affiliated to  _Romanian Lower Leagues
Pedro MingoteNon-Affiliated to  ASA Tîrgu Mureș
Raul CostinNon-Affiliated to  CS Concordia Chiajna
Mihai DinaNon-Affiliated to  
Jonás GutiérrezNon-Affiliated to  Defensa y Justicia
Dexter BlackstockNottingham Forest FC to  Non-Affiliated
Leon BestNon-Affiliated to  Ipswich Town FC
Cameron StewartIpswich Town FC to  Non-Affiliated
Urby EmanuelsonNon-Affiliated to  Sheffield Wednesday FC
Nahuel RoselliNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Cristian SteleNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Enzo MarescaNon-Affiliated to  Hellas Verona FC
Emilio ZelayaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Semir StilićNon-Affiliated to  APOEL FC
Abdallah YaisienNon-Affiliated to  _French Lower Leagues


Stuart TaylorNon-Affiliated to  Southampton FC
ReginaldoNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)


Mateusz PiątkowskiAPOEL FC to  Non-Affiliated
Mateusz PiątkowskiNon-Affiliated to  APOEL FC
Matías MartínezAtlético de Rafaela to  Non-Affiliated
Vytautas ČerniauskasNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Teteh Bangura_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Michael EssienNon-Affiliated to  Panathinaikos
Victor AnichebeNon-Affiliated to  Sunderland AFC
Bruno MadeiraCS Concordia Chiajna to  Non-Affiliated
Nicolae GrigoreFC Voluntari to  Non-Affiliated
Claudio GuerraNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues


Mikel Saizar_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Douglas CoutinhoCruzeiro EC to  Non-Affiliated
Duvier RiascosCruzeiro EC to  Non-Affiliated
Fabio ConcasNon-Affiliated to  Carpi FC 1909
Eduardo MéndezNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Leonardo BorzaniNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Martín Morel_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Juan Manuel Torres_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Alejandro CapurroNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Diego CálgaroNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Julio IricibarReal Valladolid CF to  Non-Affiliated
Giovanni AbateNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Pablo Daniel OsvaldoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Brian FerreiraNon-Affiliated to  Independiente
Anastasios AvlonitisOlympiacos FC to  Non-Affiliated
Gabriel GiurgiuNon-Affiliated to  _Romanian Lower Leagues
Alexandru PăcurarNon-Affiliated to  _Romanian Lower Leagues
Pedro HenriqueNon-Affiliated to  ACS Poli Timişoara
Dorin GogaASA Tîrgu Mureș to  Non-Affiliated
Ciprian RusASA Tîrgu Mureș to  Non-Affiliated
Raul CostinASA Tîrgu Mureș to  Non-Affiliated
Kristi VangjeliAFC Astra Giurgiu to  Non-Affiliated
Adrián ColungaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Georgios KatidisNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Carlos OheneAEL Limassol to  Non-Affiliated
Mikel ArruabarrenaNon-Affiliated to  AEL Limassol


Ishak BelfodilNon-Affiliated to  Standard Liège
Sol BambaLeeds United FC to  Non-Affiliated
Djamel MesbahNon-Affiliated to  FC Crotone
Giovanni MarcheseGenoa CFC to  Non-Affiliated
David DistéfanoNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Enis NadarevićTrapani Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
Tomáš RosickýNon-Affiliated to  AC Sparta Praha
Juan Pablo PereyraNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Nicolás BatistaNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
José Luis GarcíaNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Alejandro RébolaNon-Affiliated to  Independiente Rivadavia
Michaël CianiRCD Espanyol to  Non-Affiliated
Philippe SenderosNon-Affiliated to  Rangers FC
Juan VargasReal Betis Balompié to  Non-Affiliated
Hal Robson-KanuNon-Affiliated to  West Bromwich Albion FC
Andrea MazzaraniFC Crotone to  Non-Affiliated
Zakaria LabyadSporting Clube de Portugal to  Non-Affiliated
Ishak BelfodilWest Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Dan NistorNon-Affiliated loan return to  FC Dinamo București
Gabriele PericoNon-Affiliated to  US Salernitana 1919
Álvaro ArbeloaNon-Affiliated to  West Ham United FC
Dániel TőzsérQueens Park Rangers FC to  Non-Affiliated
Florin AcsinteNon-Affiliated loan return to  FC Voluntari
Vlad RusuFC Viitorul loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Róbert ElekNon-Affiliated loan return to  FC Botoșani
JussiêNon-Affiliated to  Atlético Paranaense
GuimaFC CFR 1907 Cluj to  Non-Affiliated
Iñigo RosNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Juan José CollantesNon-Affiliated to  UCAM Murcia CF
Valdet RamaNon-Affiliated to  FC Würzburger Kickers


Hélder_Série B & Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
João GuilhermeNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
Aarón ÑíguezNon-Affiliated to  CD Tenerife
Idan VeredNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Idan VeredNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
AdalbertoNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
Luca CeccarelliBologna FC 1909 to  Non-Affiliated
Djamel MesbahUC Sampdoria to  Non-Affiliated
Foued KadirNon-Affiliated to  Getafe CF
Alexandru AldeaNon-Affiliated to   Romanian Liga 2 Players
Răzvan PatricheNon-Affiliated to  CS Afumaţi
Răzvan PatricheNon-Affiliated to  CS Afumaţi
Sebastian CojocneanNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
César ArzoNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Michael OdibeNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Ricardo FullerNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Vladimir DvalishviliNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Vasil ShkurtajNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Massimiliano CarliniNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Papa GueyeNon-Affiliated to  FC Rostov
Luciano BebeNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Pablo GranocheNon-Affiliated to  Spezia Calcio
Konstantin EngelNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Adrian MariappaNon-Affiliated to  Watford FC
RomaricNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
Giuseppe FigliomeniNon-Affiliated to  Trapani Calcio
Ivica VrdoljakLegia Warszawa to  Non-Affiliated
Simão JuniorLevante UD to  Non-Affiliated
Carlos CarboneroNon-Affiliated to  UC Sampdoria
Luigi Della RoccaLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Jarchinio AntoniaFC Groningen on loan to  Non-Affiliated
Jacques Alaixys RomaoNon-Affiliated to  Olympiacos FC
Marko ŠćepovićOlympiacos FC to  Non-Affiliated
Jan WuytensAZ Alkmaar to  Non-Affiliated
Airam CabreraNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Ognjen VranješNon-Affiliated to  _Russia Other Clubs
Róbert ElekACS Poli Timişoara to  Non-Affiliated
José Adolfo ValenciaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Gustavo ObermanNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players


György GaricsSV Darmstadt 98 to  Non-Affiliated
Juan José CollantesAD Alcorcón to  Non-Affiliated
José IsidoroNon-Affiliated to  UD Almería
Adrián ColungaRCD Mallorca to  Non-Affiliated
Miguel Ángel CorderoNon-Affiliated to  Club Gimnàstic de Tarragona
Jean Paul PinedaCórdoba CF to  Non-Affiliated
SisiNon-Affiliated to  Veria FC
Boško JankovićHellas Verona FC to  Non-Affiliated
Francesco Lo BueLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Artjom ArtjuninMiedź Legnica to  Non-Affiliated
Federico MachedaCardiff City FC to  Non-Affiliated
Derrick TshimangaRacing Genk FC on loan to  Non-Affiliated
Anele NgcongcaNon-Affiliated to  CAF Players
Bojan NastićNon-Affiliated to  Racing Genk FC


Semir StilićAPOEL FC to  Non-Affiliated
Mateusz PiątkowskiAPOEL FC to  Non-Affiliated
Djamel MesbahNon-Affiliated to  UC Sampdoria
Olcan AdınGalatasaray AŞ to  Non-Affiliated
Guilherme SityáNon-Affiliated to  Bruk-Bet Termalica Nieciecza
Foued KadirReal Betis Balompié to  Non-Affiliated


Zakarya BergdichNon-Affiliated to  Córdoba CF
David SánchezCádiz CF to  Non-Affiliated


Matteo ContiniNon-Affiliated to  Ternana Calcio
Daniel BarnaNon-Affiliated to   Romanian Liga 2 Players
Jagoba BeobideDeportivo Alavés to  Non-Affiliated
Daniel EstradaDeportivo Alavés to  Non-Affiliated
Zouhair FeddalNon-Affiliated to  Deportivo Alavés
Nenad KrstičićNon-Affiliated to  Deportivo Alavés
Ángel LópezUD Las Palmas to  Non-Affiliated
Nauzet AlemánUD Las Palmas to  Non-Affiliated
Diego MainzGranada CF to  Non-Affiliated


Christos BourbosNon-Affiliated to  Aris Thessaloniki FC
Matteo GentiliVicenza Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
Fausto RossiFC Pro Vercelli 1892 to  Non-Affiliated
Ferdinando CoppolaNon-Affiliated to  Hellas Verona FC
Emiliano BonazzoliAS Cittadella to  Non-Affiliated
Andrea LazzariFC Bari 1908 to  Non-Affiliated
Ionuţ RadaNon-Affiliated to  FC Bari 1908


Nicola PozziVicenza Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
Thomas ManfrediniVicenza Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
MazolaFigueirense FC to  Non-Affiliated
AlemãoFigueirense FC to  Non-Affiliated
AyrtonNon-Affiliated to  Figueirense FC
Tiberiu BălanNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Raphael StănescuNon-Affiliated to  _Romanian Lower Leagues


BorgesAmérica-MG to  Non-Affiliated
Dario KrešićNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Gabriel ObertanNon-Affiliated to  
Ivo IličevićNon-Affiliated to  
João SilvaNon-Affiliated to  US Salernitana 1919
AdalbertoAmérica-MG to  Non-Affiliated
Alessandro CarrozzaNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Ognjen VranješReal Sporting de Gijón to  Non-Affiliated
Valentin LemnaruNon-Affiliated to  FC Clinceni
Karol KarlikNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Jan LaštůvkaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Jan ŠimůnekNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Ondřej Švejdík_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
WelintonCR Flamengo to  Non-Affiliated
Ânderson PicoCR Flamengo to  Non-Affiliated
Markus SteinhöferAC Sparta Praha to  Non-Affiliated


Tomáš RosickýAC Sparta Praha to  Non-Affiliated
Olexandr YakovenkoFC Dynamo Kyiv to  Non-Affiliated
Emiliano OliveroNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Hernán BernardelloNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players
Christian SchulzNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
HenriqueNon-Affiliated to  EC Vitória
Éwerton PascoaSport CR on loan to  Non-Affiliated
Elkin CalleAtletico Nacional to  Non-Affiliated
Pablo ÁlvarezNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
José Luis MuñozUniversidad Católica to  Non-Affiliated
Gabriel LeyesNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Gabriel LeyesClub Atlético Peñarol to  Non-Affiliated
David RamírezNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Edgar Jiménez_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Carlos Carbonero_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Emiliano Romero_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Felipe SeymourNon-Affiliated to  Unión Española
Diego IfránNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Mauricio AriasNon-Affiliated to  Gimnasia Jujuy
Seydou KeitaNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players


Fidencio OviedoNon-Affiliated to  Colón de Santa Fe
Massimo LovisoNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Alessandro CarrozzaLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Wojciech PawłowskiUdinese Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
Simone PepeNon-Affiliated to  Delfino Pescara 1936
Yonatan Irrazabal_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Henry Giménez_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Diego Scotti_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated


Walter BressanNon-Affiliated to  AC ChievoVerona
Archimede MorleoNon-Affiliated to  Bologna FC 1909
José Antonio ReyesNon-Affiliated on loan to  RCD Espanyol


Laurenţiu RusNon-Affiliated to  FC CFR 1907 Cluj
Marcos SánchezGimnasia Jujuy to  Non-Affiliated
Leandro BenítezNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Mario PaglialungaOlimpo to  Non-Affiliated
Brian FerreiraOlimpo to  Non-Affiliated
DiogoNon-Affiliated to  Estudiantes de La Plata
Agustín VuletichNon-Affiliated to  Tiburones Rojos de Veracruz
Vlad MorarNon-Affiliated to  ASA Tîrgu Mureș
Ney SantosVitória de Setúbal to  Non-Affiliated
Borja GómezReal Oviedo to  Non-Affiliated


Vincent SassoNon-Affiliated to  Sheffield Wednesday FC
Steven PienaarNon-Affiliated to  Sunderland AFC
Abdoulay KonkoNon-Affiliated to  Atalanta BC
Iván BorghelloNon-Affiliated to  
Trevor TrevisanNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Massimo LovisoLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
LionnRio Ave FC to  Non-Affiliated
Álvaro VadilloNon-Affiliated to  SD Huesca


TonelCF Belenenses to  Non-Affiliated
Rodrigo AntônioFC Paços de Ferreira to  Non-Affiliated
Emiliano AlbínFC Arouca to  Non-Affiliated
Bruno LopesEstoril Praia to  Non-Affiliated
Javier BalboaEstoril Praia to  Non-Affiliated
Yohan TavaresEstoril Praia to  Non-Affiliated
Eñaut ZubikaraiCD Tondela to  Non-Affiliated
Nicolás CapellinoAtlético de Rafaela to  Non-Affiliated
Facundo ParraAtlético de Rafaela to  Non-Affiliated
Mario Martínez RubioBoavista FC to  Non-Affiliated
Bakary SareVitória de Guimarães to  Non-Affiliated
Victor GolasSC Braga to  Non-Affiliated
Aarón ÑíguezSC Braga to  Non-Affiliated
Vincent SassoSC Braga to  Non-Affiliated
Ciprian RusNon-Affiliated to  ASA Tîrgu Mureș
Mahamadou SissokoNon-Affiliated to  Veria FC
Ludovic Obraniak_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Zakarya Bergdich_English Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated


Viorel NicoarăNon-Affiliated to  AFC Astra Giurgiu
Edson BraafheidNon-Affiliated to  FC Utrecht
Anele NgcongcaRacing Genk FC to  Non-Affiliated
Pasquale SchiattarellaNon-Affiliated to  SPAL
José MariNon-Affiliated to  Cádiz CF
Sebastián SajaNon-Affiliated to  Club Gimnàstic de Tarragona
Benoît Assou-EkottoNon-Affiliated to  FC Metz


JuanjoNon-Affiliated to  UD Almería
Stelios PozoglouNon-Affiliated to  PAOK
Stelios PozoglouPAOK to  Non-Affiliated
Adrien RegattinToulouse FC to  Non-Affiliated
Yoann GourcuffNon-Affiliated to  Stade Rennais FC
Yassine JebbourSC Bastia to  Non-Affiliated
BrandãoSC Bastia to  Non-Affiliated
Pape DiakhatéAS Nancy to  Non-Affiliated
Lerin DuarteNon-Affiliated to  Heracles Almelo
Rafa JordàNon-Affiliated to  UE Llagostera
David TorresNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Miquel RobustéNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Diego BenitoNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Manuel PavónNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Dani BenítezNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
RaycoNon-Affiliated to  SD Ponferradina
Leonardo PisculichiRiver Plate to  Non-Affiliated
Luis Oscar GonzálezRiver Plate to  Non-Affiliated
Luke VarneyNon-Affiliated to  Ipswich Town FC
Nahuel RoselliTalleres to  Non-Affiliated
Mauricio AriasTalleres to  Non-Affiliated


Adrián Gunino_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
RaycoClub Gimnàstic de Tarragona to  Non-Affiliated
Albert LopoNon-Affiliated to  Club Gimnàstic de Tarragona
Roberto NanniNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Diego ForlánNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
Leonel Núñez_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Ignacio Fideleff_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Gustavo Oberman_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Christian Cellay_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Rubén Maldonado_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Sebastián SajaRacing Club to  Non-Affiliated


Pietro De GiorgioNon-Affiliated to  FC Crotone
Pantelis KapetanosNon-Affiliated to  Veria FC
David N'gogNon-Affiliated to  Panionios
Emmanuel SarkiNon-Affiliated to  AEL Limassol


Michele CaniniNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Alexandru DanNon-Affiliated on loan to   Romanian Liga 2 Players
JandroCádiz CF to  Non-Affiliated
Cristian Álvarez_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Carlos Valdes_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Victor Hugo MontañoNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Iván Borghello_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated


Giuliano BardínNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Claudio FileppiNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Facundo Pérez CastroNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Ariel RosadaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Santiago LadinoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Carlos AranoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Pasquale SchiattarellaUS Latina Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
TitoNon-Affiliated to  UCAM Murcia CF
Fernando TissoneMálaga CF to  Non-Affiliated
Mikel ArruabarrenaSD Eibar to  Non-Affiliated
Borja EkizaSD Eibar to  Non-Affiliated
Jaime JiménezSD Eibar to  Non-Affiliated
Carl MedjaniNon-Affiliated to  CD Leganés
Ryan TaylorHull City AFC to  Non-Affiliated


CearáNon-Affiliated to  SC Internacional
Alejandro RébolaTigre to  Non-Affiliated
Ezequiel CiriglianoTigre to  Non-Affiliated
Matías CarabajalNon-Affiliated to  Central Córdoba (SdE)
Matías CarabajalNon-Affiliated to  Central Córdoba (SdE)
Carlos SotoNon-Affiliated to  Central Córdoba (SdE)
Alexis DanelónNon-Affiliated to  Central Córdoba (SdE)
Manolo PestrinNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Francesco TavanoNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Alberto AlmiciNon-Affiliated to  Ascoli Picchio FC 1898
Agustín VuletichArsenal de Sarandí to  Non-Affiliated
Lerin DuarteAFC Ajax to  Non-Affiliated
Raul CostinNon-Affiliated to  ASA Tîrgu Mureș
Valentin RobergeNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Matthew TaylorNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Nile RangerNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Emmanuel LedesmaNon-Affiliated to  Brentford FC
George MareșNon-Affiliated to   Romanian Liga 2 Players


Giampiero PinziNon-Affiliated to  Brescia Calcio
Essaïd BelkalemWatford FC to  Non-Affiliated
Johan AudelNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Martin DemichelisNon-Affiliated to  RCD Espanyol
Ciprian RusFC UTA Arad to  Non-Affiliated
Dennis ManNon-Affiliated to  FC UTA Arad
Dennis ManFC UTA Arad to  Non-Affiliated
Valeriu LupuNon-Affiliated to   Romanian Liga 2 Players
Ricardo CarvalhoAS Monaco FC to  Non-Affiliated
Claudio GuerraIndependiente Rivadavia to  Non-Affiliated
Claudio GuerraIndependiente Rivadavia to  Non-Affiliated
Adrián FernándezNon-Affiliated to  Independiente Rivadavia
Álvaro VadilloReal Betis Balompié to  Non-Affiliated
Carlton ColeNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players


Wendell LiraNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Marius StankevičiusNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Francesco TavanoUS Avellino 1912 to  Non-Affiliated
Granddi NgoyiUS Città di Palermo to  Non-Affiliated
André MartinsNon-Affiliated to  Olympiacos FC
Maurizio LanzaroLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Emmanuel FrimpongNon-Affiliated to  _Russia Other Clubs
Mădălin CrengănişNon-Affiliated to  _Romanian Lower Leagues
Alejandro FaurlínNon-Affiliated to  Getafe CF
Tonny VilhenaNon-Affiliated to  Feyenoord
Gastón RamírezNon-Affiliated to  Middlesbrough FC
Florin AcsinteCS Pandurii Târgu Jiu to  Non-Affiliated
Azer BušuladžićNon-Affiliated to  FC Dinamo București
Raul CostinFC Dinamo București to  Non-Affiliated
Ivan PetrovićFK Partizan Belgrade to  Non-Affiliated


Álex MenéndezGirona FC to  Non-Affiliated
Ranko DespotovićCádiz CF to  Non-Affiliated
Gaston MendyNon-Affiliated to  ASA Tîrgu Mureș
Claudiu BeluNon-Affiliated to  ASA Tîrgu Mureș
Dorin GogaNon-Affiliated to  AFC Astra Giurgiu
HéltonFC Porto loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Mitch HancoxBirmingham City FC to  Non-Affiliated
Gavin GunningBirmingham City FC to  Non-Affiliated
Neal EardleyBirmingham City FC to  Non-Affiliated
Lloyd DyerNon-Affiliated to  Burton Albion FC
Ishmael MillerHuddersfield Town FC to  Non-Affiliated
Larsen TouréIpswich Town FC to  Non-Affiliated
Luke VarneyIpswich Town FC to  Non-Affiliated
Jay TabbIpswich Town FC to  Non-Affiliated
Nick PowellNon-Affiliated to  Wigan Athletic FC
Nathan DelfounesoBlackburn Rovers FC to  Non-Affiliated
Danny GrahamNon-Affiliated to  Blackburn Rovers FC
Anthony StokesNon-Affiliated to  Blackburn Rovers FC
Chris BurkeNottingham Forest FC to  Non-Affiliated
Anton FerdinandReading FC to  Non-Affiliated
Hal Robson-KanuReading FC to  Non-Affiliated
Luciano BecchioRotherham United FC to  Non-Affiliated
Leon BestRotherham United FC to  Non-Affiliated
Emmanuel LedesmaRotherham United FC to  Non-Affiliated
Frazer RichardsonRotherham United FC to  Non-Affiliated
Danny CollinsRotherham United FC to  Non-Affiliated
Junior HoilettQueens Park Rangers FC to  Non-Affiliated
Adrian MierzejewskiWest Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Hélio PintoNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
André MoritzNon-Affiliated to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Cheikh M'bengueNon-Affiliated to  AS Saint-Étienne
Javier Malagueño_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Giulio EbaguaNon-Affiliated to  FC Pro Vercelli 1892
Emmanuel Fernandes Francou_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Facundo NasifNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Alexandru Aldea Romanian Liga 2 Players to  Non-Affiliated
Cătălin Păun Romanian Liga 2 Players to  Non-Affiliated


Nikolaos PantidosNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Grigoris PapazachariasNon-Affiliated to  _Greek Lower Leagues


BetoNon-Affiliated to  Sporting Clube de Portugal
Adam ChicksenBrighton & Hove Albion FC on loan to  Non-Affiliated
Bobby ZamoraBrighton & Hove Albion FC on loan to  Non-Affiliated
Juan Pablo PinoNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Guillermo RodríguezClub Atlético Peñarol to  Non-Affiliated
DiogoClub Atlético Peñarol to  Non-Affiliated
Diego ForlánClub Atlético Peñarol to  Non-Affiliated
Diego ForlánClub Atlético Peñarol to  Non-Affiliated
Diego IfránClub Atlético Peñarol to  Non-Affiliated
Claudiu BeluACS Poli Timişoara to  Non-Affiliated


Steve PurdyNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players
Bruno NascimentoNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Juan Pablo AvendañoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Milano KoendersNon-Affiliated to  CS Concordia Chiajna
Fabián VargasNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Facundo RoncagliaNon-Affiliated to  RC Celta de Vigo
Alain BarojaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Łukasz SkowronAEL Limassol to  Non-Affiliated
Łukasz SkowronAEL Limassol to  Non-Affiliated
Walter FernandezASA Tîrgu Mureș to  Non-Affiliated
Valentin BalintNon-Affiliated to   Romanian Liga 2 Players
Azer BušuladžićFC Dinamo București to  Non-Affiliated
Erfan ZeneliNon-Affiliated on loan to  _Other Clubs
Chinedu ObasiNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Răzvan PatricheCS Afumaţi to  Non-Affiliated
Michael GspurningNon-Affiliated to  1. FC Union Berlin
Enis AlushiNon-Affiliated to  1. FC Nürnberg
Stephan HainNon-Affiliated to  _German Lower Leagues


Florin PătraşcuNon-Affiliated to  _Romanian Lower Leagues
Florin PătraşcuNon-Affiliated to  _Romanian Lower Leagues
Fabián MonserratNon-Affiliated to  _Ascenso MX & Lower Leagues
Ionuț NeagNon-Affiliated to  
Rafael RomoNon-Affiliated to  AEL Limassol
Rafael RomoNon-Affiliated to  AEL Limassol
Adrián Fernández_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Adrián FernándezNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Rodrigo AlbornoNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
José María López SilvaCórdoba CF to  Non-Affiliated
Marius StankevičiusCórdoba CF to  Non-Affiliated
Franco SosaNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Eduardo CasaisNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
CearáCoritiba FC to  Non-Affiliated
Carlos Arano_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
José Luis GarcíaInstituto to  Non-Affiliated
Diego CálgaroIndependiente Rivadavia to  Non-Affiliated
Aymen TaharNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Marco BorrielloNon-Affiliated to  Cagliari Calcio
Fausto MonteroNon-Affiliated to  Independiente Rivadavia
Fausto MonteroIndependiente Rivadavia to  Non-Affiliated
Fausto MonteroNon-Affiliated to  Independiente Rivadavia
Fidencio Oviedo_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated


Epaminonda NicuNon-Affiliated to   Romanian Liga 2 Players
Alexandru BengaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Raul CostinNon-Affiliated to  FC Dinamo București
Germán BasualdoLos Andes to  Non-Affiliated
Facundo NasifLos Andes to  Non-Affiliated
Juan Pablo PereyraIndependiente Rivadavia to  Non-Affiliated
Carlos RearteIndependiente Rivadavia to  Non-Affiliated
Carlos RearteIndependiente Rivadavia to  Non-Affiliated
Enzo RuizIndependiente Rivadavia to  Non-Affiliated
Matías CarabajalCentral Córdoba (SdE) to  Non-Affiliated
Carlos SotoCentral Córdoba (SdE) to  Non-Affiliated
Alexis DanelónCentral Córdoba (SdE) to  Non-Affiliated
Emilio ZelayaArgentinos Juniors to  Non-Affiliated
Santiago RaymondaNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues


Dimitrios AnakoglouNon-Affiliated to  Aris Thessaloniki FC
Nicolás CabreraNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Óscar RamírezNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Jérémy PiedNon-Affiliated to  Southampton FC
Ranko DespotovićNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Ştefan GrigorieNon-Affiliated to  FC Braşov
Iulian PopaNon-Affiliated to  FC Braşov
Joel AcostaNon-Affiliated to  Aldosivi
Virgil DrăghiaNon-Affiliated to  CS Concordia Chiajna
Kevin-Prince BoatengNon-Affiliated to  UD Las Palmas
Armand TraoréNon-Affiliated to  Nottingham Forest FC
Steven TaylorNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players
Darko ZorićAEK Athens to  Non-Affiliated


Bogdan MironNon-Affiliated to  FC UTA Arad
Bogdan MironFC UTA Arad to  Non-Affiliated
Viorel FerfeleaNon-Affiliated to  FC Clinceni
Dawid NowakNon-Affiliated to  Bruk-Bet Termalica Nieciecza
Marius ConstantinNon-Affiliated to  ASA Tîrgu Mureș
Morgan De SanctisNon-Affiliated to  AS Monaco FC
Andrija ŽivkovićNon-Affiliated to  SL Benfica


Landry BonnefoiNon-Affiliated to  RC Strasbourg Alsace
Abdellah ZoubirNon-Affiliated to  RC Lens
Şerban Moraru Romanian Liga 2 Players to  Non-Affiliated
Ciprian Milea Romanian Liga 2 Players to  Non-Affiliated


Raphael MartinhoNon-Affiliated to  FC Bari 1908
Iulian RoșuNon-Affiliated to  ACS Poli Timişoara
Claudiu BeluNon-Affiliated to  ACS Poli Timişoara
Emiliano OliveroRamón Santamarina to  Non-Affiliated


Edixon Perea_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Rosario BucoloNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Héctor MancillaTigres de la UANL to  Non-Affiliated
Bogdan StrăuţNon-Affiliated to  ACS Poli Timişoara
Cristian ScutaruNon-Affiliated to  ACS Poli Timişoara
Roberto GutiérrezNon-Affiliated to  CD Mirandés
Giannis SiderakisAris Thessaloniki FC to  Non-Affiliated
Cătălin ŢîrăNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Vlad MunteanuNon-Affiliated to   Romanian Liga 2 Players
Claudiu CodobanNon-Affiliated to   Romanian Liga 2 Players
André MartinsSporting Clube de Portugal to  Non-Affiliated
Krzysztof BaranNon-Affiliated to  Bruk-Bet Termalica Nieciecza


Raphael MartinhoCarpi FC 1909 to  Non-Affiliated
Valentin RobergeSunderland AFC on loan to  Non-Affiliated
Manu LanzaroteNon-Affiliated to  Real Zaragoza
Dan NistorCS Pandurii Târgu Jiu to  Non-Affiliated
Roman ZozulyaNon-Affiliated to  Real Betis Balompié
Artem FedetskiyNon-Affiliated to  SV Darmstadt 98
Thiago RibeiroEC Bahia to  Non-Affiliated
Bogdan GavrilăNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs


Hristu Chiacu Romanian Liga 2 Players to  Non-Affiliated
Adrian Sălăgeanu Romanian Liga 2 Players to  Non-Affiliated
Simon LanerNon-Affiliated to  Hellas Verona FC
Robert GhindeanuNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Daniel StanNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Valentin BadeaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Béla FejérNon-Affiliated to   Romanian Liga 2 Players
Ivica OlićNon-Affiliated to  TSV 1860 München
Ruymán HernándezNon-Affiliated to  CD Mirandés
Adrian GheorghiuNon-Affiliated to  _Romanian Lower Leagues
Nicuşor GrecuCSM Politehnica Iaşi to  Non-Affiliated
Mădălin CrengănişCSM Politehnica Iaşi to  Non-Affiliated
Pedro HenriqueACS Poli Timişoara to  Non-Affiliated
Alexandru DanCS Pandurii Târgu Jiu to  Non-Affiliated
Rosario BucoloLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Alexandru TârnovanFC Steaua București to  Non-Affiliated


Ion VélezNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
David NavarroNon-Affiliated to  AD Alcorcón
Mattia CassaniNon-Affiliated to  FC Bari 1908
Timothy NocchiNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Dimitrios AnakoglouAEK Athens to  Non-Affiliated


Rubén MartínezNon-Affiliated on loan to  RC Deportivo La Coruña
Jonás GutiérrezRC Deportivo La Coruña on loan to  Non-Affiliated
LuisinhoRC Deportivo La Coruña on loan to  Non-Affiliated
Albert LopoRC Deportivo La Coruña on loan to  Non-Affiliated
TitoUE Llagostera to  Non-Affiliated
Emilio SánchezUE Llagostera to  Non-Affiliated
Marcos TébarUE Llagostera to  Non-Affiliated
JuanjoUE Llagostera to  Non-Affiliated
BenjaUE Llagostera to  Non-Affiliated
Ruymán HernándezUE Llagostera to  Non-Affiliated
Rubén SanzNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Mikel IribasNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Juanma MarreroNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Víctor CurtoAlbacete Balompié to  Non-Affiliated
Diego BenitoAlbacete Balompié to  Non-Affiliated
Javier ParedesAlbacete Balompié to  Non-Affiliated
Israel BascónAlbacete Balompié to  Non-Affiliated
Francisco DorronsoroAlbacete Balompié to  Non-Affiliated
Álvaro ArroyoNon-Affiliated to  Albacete Balompié
Mickaël GaffoorNon-Affiliated to  Albacete Balompié
Diego SeoaneSD Ponferradina to  Non-Affiliated
Pablo InfanteSD Ponferradina to  Non-Affiliated
Manuel PavónSD Ponferradina to  Non-Affiliated
Nacho LópezNon-Affiliated to  SD Ponferradina
Michael OdibeCS Concordia Chiajna to  Non-Affiliated
Jean Sony AlcénatFC Steaua București to  Non-Affiliated


Kolo TouréNon-Affiliated to  Celtic FC


Andreas CalcanNon-Affiliated to  Willem II
Valentin DimaNon-Affiliated to  CS Juventus Bucureşti
Valentin Dima Romanian Liga 2 Players to  Non-Affiliated
Alexandru NeacșaNon-Affiliated to  _Romanian Lower Leagues
Pantelis KapetanosA.O. Xanthi to  Non-Affiliated
Abdoulaye BambaDijon FCO to  Non-Affiliated
Lamine GassamaFC Lorient to  Non-Affiliated
Elvio FredrichNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Fran CarnicerNon-Affiliated to  Albacete Balompié
Rafa GálvezNon-Affiliated to  Albacete Balompié
Miguel FernándezNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Miguel FernándezNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues


Alexander ManningerNon-Affiliated to  Liverpool FC
Octavian AbrudanNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Cristian MunteanuNon-Affiliated to   Romanian Liga 2 Players
Luca AntoniniNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Giampiero PinziAC ChievoVerona to  Non-Affiliated
Stefan NikolićBruk-Bet Termalica Nieciecza to  Non-Affiliated
Armand ŞvichiFC Botoșani to  Non-Affiliated
Tommy SmithBrentford FC loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Clint HillNon-Affiliated to  Rangers FC
Robert GreenNon-Affiliated to  Leeds United FC
Jamie O'haraFulham FC to  Non-Affiliated


Cristian SăpunaruNon-Affiliated to  AFC Astra Giurgiu
Vasil ShkurtajA.O. Xanthi to  Non-Affiliated
Sebastián NayarLarissa FC to  Non-Affiliated
Antonio TomásNon-Affiliated to  Veria FC
Gianvito PlasmatiLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Daniele PortanovaLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Daniele FicagnaLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Michele PazienzaLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Andrea ParolaLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Pablo GranocheLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Davide ZoboliLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Lino MarzoratiLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Daniele GalloppaLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Vasco FaiscaNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Marcus DinizNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Fabiano MedinaLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Emanuele NordiLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Giulio EbaguaVicenza Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
Marco RossiAC Perugia Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
Rubén OliveraUS Latina Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
Vincenzo CamilleriBrescia Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
Ionuţ RadaFC Bari 1908 to  Non-Affiliated
Luca AntoniniAscoli Picchio FC 1898 to  Non-Affiliated
Jacques Alaixys RomaoOlympique de Marseille to  Non-Affiliated
Sylvain MarveauxNon-Affiliated to  FC Lorient
Lloyd DyerBurnley FC to  Non-Affiliated
Matthew TaylorBurnley FC to  Non-Affiliated
NeutonUdinese Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
Ciprian SelageaNon-Affiliated to  _Romanian Lower Leagues
Sorin BuşuNon-Affiliated to   Romanian Liga 2 Players
Dean BeţaNon-Affiliated to   Romanian Liga 2 Players
Valentin DimaNon-Affiliated to   Romanian Liga 2 Players
Matteo ContiniAtalanta BC to  Non-Affiliated
Alberto AlmiciAtalanta BC to  Non-Affiliated
Mateusz StąporskiNon-Affiliated to  _Polish Lower Leagues
Michał JonczykNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Miguel PalancaNon-Affiliated to  Korona Kielce
Valentin Coca_Romanian Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Ştefan Lisandru_Romanian Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Iulian ApostolNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Iulian Apostol_Romanian Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Nuno Claro_Romanian Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Raphael Stănescu_Romanian Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Valeriu Lupu_Romanian Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Emilian Dolha_Romanian Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Claudiu IonescuNon-Affiliated to  _Romanian Lower Leagues
Emmanuel OmgbaNon-Affiliated on loan to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Rafa GálvezCórdoba CF to  Non-Affiliated


Diego BuonanotteNon-Affiliated to  Universidad Católica
Nuno ViveirosNon-Affiliated to  _LigaPro & Lower Leagues
Diego BuonanotteAEK Athens to  Non-Affiliated
Aleksandar SubićFK Partizan Belgrade to  Non-Affiliated
Ivan BandalovskiFK Partizan Belgrade to  Non-Affiliated
Lazar ĆirkovićFK Partizan Belgrade to  Non-Affiliated
Joshua ParkerFK Crvena Zvezda to  Non-Affiliated
Bruno MatosFK Crvena Zvezda to  Non-Affiliated
Edson SilvaFK Crvena Zvezda to  Non-Affiliated
David RamírezGodoy Cruz Antonio Tomba to  Non-Affiliated
Juanma MarreroCD Numancia to  Non-Affiliated
Pau CendrósNon-Affiliated to  CD Mirandés


Grégory TadéNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
Constantin DrugăNon-Affiliated to  ACS Foresta Suceava
Ismaël BangouraNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
Vasile OlariuNon-Affiliated to   Romanian Liga 2 Players
Ismaël BangouraFC Nantes to  Non-Affiliated
Fernando AristeguietaFC Nantes to  Non-Affiliated
Johan AudelFC Nantes to  Non-Affiliated
Saïdi NtibazonkizaSM Caen to  Non-Affiliated
Gojko KačarNon-Affiliated to  FC Augsburg
Miguel Ángel CorderoAEK Athens to  Non-Affiliated
Martin HarnikNon-Affiliated to  Hannover 96


Fran CruzNon-Affiliated to  CD Mirandés
Hugo AlmeidaNon-Affiliated to  AEK Athens
Laurenţiu RusFC Voluntari to  Non-Affiliated
Nenad KrstičićUC Sampdoria to  Non-Affiliated
Alberto CobreaNon-Affiliated to  FC Dinamo București
Carlos De GiorgisNon-Affiliated to  Gimnasia Jujuy
Sebastian BoenischBayer 04 Leverkusen to  Non-Affiliated
Dario KrešićBayer 04 Leverkusen to  Non-Affiliated
Kevin KuranyiTSG 1899 Hoffenheim to  Non-Affiliated
Ivo IličevićSV Werder Bremen to  Non-Affiliated
Milan IvanaSV Darmstadt 98 to  Non-Affiliated
Heinz BarmettlerSC Freiburg to  Non-Affiliated
Ivica OlićHamburger SV to  Non-Affiliated
Michael GspurningFC Schalke 04 to  Non-Affiliated
Konstantin EngelFC Ingolstadt 04 to  Non-Affiliated
Danilo SoaresFC Ingolstadt 04 to  Non-Affiliated


Bruno Nascimento1. FC Köln to  Non-Affiliated
Mohamed Amsif1. FC Union Berlin to  Non-Affiliated
Maximiliano OlivaNon-Affiliated to  FC Dinamo București
Grégory TadéFC Steaua București to  Non-Affiliated
Mihai RomanNon-Affiliated to  FC Botoșani
Victor AstafeiNon-Affiliated to  FC Botoșani
Airam CabreraKorona Kielce to  Non-Affiliated
Michele PaolucciNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
CoroRCD Mallorca to  Non-Affiliated
Abdoulwhaid SissokoRCD Mallorca to  Non-Affiliated
Manuel AranaRCD Mallorca to  Non-Affiliated
Taxiarchis FountasNon-Affiliated to  FC Red Bull Salzburg
Taxiarchis FountasFC Asteras Tripolis to  Non-Affiliated
Dimitar BerbatovPAOK to  Non-Affiliated
Danijel PranjićPanathinaikos to  Non-Affiliated
Michael EssienPanathinaikos to  Non-Affiliated
Leandro SalinoOlympiacos FC to  Non-Affiliated
Krzysztof OstrowskiŚląsk Wrocław to  Non-Affiliated
Marcelo SilvaNon-Affiliated to  Real Zaragoza


Salim ArracheNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Emmanuel SarkiWisla Kraków to  Non-Affiliated
Simone GozziNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Rafik DjebbourAEK Athens to  Non-Affiliated
Alain BarojaAEK Athens to  Non-Affiliated
Fotis KaragiolidisAEK Athens to  Non-Affiliated
Fotis KaragiolidisAEK Athens to  Non-Affiliated
César ArzoAEK Athens to  Non-Affiliated
Ivan BrečevićAEK Athens to  Non-Affiliated
JuliNon-Affiliated to  Córdoba CF
Nicandro BreeveldNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
Simone GozziLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Florin IlieNon-Affiliated to   Romanian Liga 2 Players
Lucas KruspzkyNon-Affiliated to  Talleres
Pablo Nicolás BrunaNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues


Matteo BrighiNon-Affiliated to  AC Perugia Calcio
Ionuț BalaurNon-Affiliated to  FC Voluntari
Dominik StahlNon-Affiliated to  _German Lower Leagues
José IsidoroElche CF to  Non-Affiliated
Mcdonald MarigaNon-Affiliated to  US Latina Calcio
Sergey KrivetsNon-Affiliated to  Wisła Płock


Eric BicfalviNon-Affiliated to  _Russia Other Clubs
Eric De OliveiraNon-Affiliated to  CS Gaz Metan Mediaș
Jordi XumetraNon-Affiliated to  Real Zaragoza
Dimas MoralesNon-Affiliated to  Ferro Carril Oeste
Juan Eduardo EluchansNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues


Dani AquinoNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Felice PiccoloNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Maikel MesaNon-Affiliated to  CD Mirandés
JoseteNon-Affiliated to  Elche CF
Dani AquinoCD Numancia to  Non-Affiliated
Lukáš DroppaNon-Affiliated to  _Russia Other Clubs


Cătălin StratonNon-Affiliated to  ACS Poli Timişoara
Eric De OliveiraCS Gaz Metan Mediaș to  Non-Affiliated
Cosimo FigliomeniCS Gaz Metan Mediaș to  Non-Affiliated
ClaitonNon-Affiliated to  FC Crotone
Daniel SchwaabNon-Affiliated to  PSV Eindhoven
Simone FarelliNon-Affiliated to  Trapani Calcio
Simone FarelliNon-Affiliated to  Non-Affiliated
Bogdan GavrilăFC Dinamo București to  Non-Affiliated


Kristian IpšaPiast Gliwice to  Non-Affiliated
Alessandro LonghiNon-Affiliated to  AC Pisa 1909
Soufiane BidaouiNon-Affiliated to  US Avellino 1912
Mario ZaninovicNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues


Juan Manuel DíazNon-Affiliated to  AEK Athens
MarquitosGórnik Łęczna to  Non-Affiliated
Jan PawłowskiJagiellonia Białystok to  Non-Affiliated
Filip ModelskiJagiellonia Białystok to  Non-Affiliated
Krzysztof BaranJagiellonia Białystok to  Non-Affiliated
Matteo MancosuNon-Affiliated to  Bologna FC 1909
Emerson Da ConceiçãoNon-Affiliated to  Coritiba FC
Bruno MartinsASA Tîrgu Mureș to  Non-Affiliated
Emil DicăNon-Affiliated to  ASA Tîrgu Mureș


Andrei CordoșNon-Affiliated to  ASA Tîrgu Mureș
Jossimar MosqueraNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Lucian CazanNon-Affiliated to  FC Voluntari
Alejandro CapurroAldosivi to  Non-Affiliated
Jonathan PereiraNon-Affiliated to  Real Oviedo
Christian ObodoNon-Affiliated to  CS Pandurii Târgu Jiu


Fabio CeravoloNon-Affiliated to  Benevento Calcio
Franco ZuculiniNon-Affiliated to  Hellas Verona FC
Vicente PérezNon-Affiliated to  UCAM Murcia CF
Stefano LucchiniNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Bogdan Miron Romanian Liga 2 Players to  Non-Affiliated
Leonard Dobre Romanian Liga 2 Players to  Non-Affiliated
Paulinho Romanian Liga 2 Players to  Non-Affiliated
Adrian Gheorghiu Romanian Liga 2 Players to  Non-Affiliated
Alexandru Giurgiu Romanian Liga 2 Players to  Non-Affiliated
Constantin Drugă Romanian Liga 2 Players to  Non-Affiliated
Epaminonda Nicu Romanian Liga 2 Players to  Non-Affiliated
Răzvan PatricheNon-Affiliated to   Romanian Liga 2 Players
Luis CarlosZagłębie Lubin to  Non-Affiliated
Marek ZieńczukRuch Chorzów to  Non-Affiliated
Özer HurmacıTrabzonspor AŞ to  Non-Affiliated


Víctor ValdésNon-Affiliated to  Middlesbrough FC
David N'gogStade de Reims to  Non-Affiliated
Mohamed FofanaStade de Reims to  Non-Affiliated
Mihai RomanToulouse FC to  Non-Affiliated
Benoît Assou-EkottoAS Saint-Étienne to  Non-Affiliated
Yoann GourcuffStade Rennais FC to  Non-Affiliated
Cheikh M'bengueStade Rennais FC to  Non-Affiliated
Olivier SorinStade Rennais FC to  Non-Affiliated
Nicolas DouchezParis Saint-Germain FC to  Non-Affiliated
Jérémy PiedOGC Nice to  Non-Affiliated
Mahamane TraoréOGC Nice to  Non-Affiliated
Arlind AjetiNon-Affiliated to  Torino FC
Sergey KrivetsFC Metz to  Non-Affiliated
Florent ChaigneauFC Lorient to  Non-Affiliated
Julien CardyEn Avant de Guingamp to  Non-Affiliated
ClaitonFC Crotone to  Non-Affiliated
Matteo ParoFC Crotone to  Non-Affiliated
JussiêFC Girondins de Bordeaux to  Non-Affiliated
José BosingwaTrabzonspor AŞ to  Non-Affiliated
Mehmet TopuzFenerbahçe SK loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Raul MeirelesFenerbahçe SK loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Kalu UcheUD Almería to  Non-Affiliated
Ernesto GoñiUD Almería to  Non-Affiliated
Michel MacedoUD Almería to  Non-Affiliated
Carlos CuéllarUD Almería on loan to  Non-Affiliated
Vasile CurileacNon-Affiliated to  ACS Poli Timişoara
Álvaro ArbeloaReal Madrid CF loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Álvaro ArbeloaNon-Affiliated on loan to  Real Madrid CF
Álvaro ArbeloaReal Madrid CF loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Álvaro ArbeloaNon-Affiliated on loan to  Real Madrid CF
Pablo BarzolaNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Matías AlasiaNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Albano BizzarriNon-Affiliated to  Delfino Pescara 1936


Joel AcostaBoca Juniors to  Non-Affiliated
Javier MatillaNon-Affiliated to  Elche CF
Franco BrienzaNon-Affiliated to  Bologna FC 1909
Jesús RubioUCAM Murcia CF to  Non-Affiliated
Ianis ZicuNon-Affiliated to  ASA Tîrgu Mureș


Paul BatinNon-Affiliated to  Miedź Legnica
Hristu ChiacuNon-Affiliated to   Romanian Liga 2 Players
Liviu BăjenaruNon-Affiliated to   Romanian Liga 2 Players
Andrei ŢepeșNon-Affiliated to   Romanian Liga 2 Players
WellysonNon-Affiliated to  Non-Affiliated
Rafael KniefNon-Affiliated to  Non-Affiliated
Miloš Marković_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Lorenzo LaveroneNon-Affiliated to  US Salernitana 1919
Vinko BudenNon-Affiliated to  Non-Affiliated
Luigi VitaleNon-Affiliated to  US Salernitana 1919
Francisco Torres_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Valentin Balint Romanian Liga 2 Players to  Non-Affiliated
Andrei CerlincăNon-Affiliated to  ACS Foresta Suceava
Emmanuel CulioNon-Affiliated to  RCD Mallorca
MáyorNon-Affiliated to  CF Reus Deportiu
Tonny VilhenaFeyenoord to  Non-Affiliated
Vangelis MorasNon-Affiliated to  FC Bari 1908
Emmanuel CulioReal Zaragoza to  Non-Affiliated
Javi RosNon-Affiliated to  Real Zaragoza
Juan RodríguezNon-Affiliated to  RCD Mallorca
Miquel RobustéNon-Affiliated to  
Rafa JordàNon-Affiliated to  
George CălinţaruNon-Affiliated to  
Ionuț NeagNon-Affiliated to  
Ştefan GrigorieNon-Affiliated to  
Ricardo MachadoNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
Mislav LekoNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Eduard NicolaFC Clinceni loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Vasile OlariuFC Clinceni to  Non-Affiliated
Stelian StancuFC Clinceni to  Non-Affiliated
Sergiu HomeiFC Clinceni to  Non-Affiliated
Răzvan PatricheFC Clinceni to  Non-Affiliated
Andrei MarinescuFC Clinceni to  Non-Affiliated
Florent SauvadetNon-Affiliated to  _French Lower Leagues
Narcisse BambaraNon-Affiliated to  Non-Affiliated
Sergio ZijlerNon-Affiliated to  _Dutch Lower Leagues
David FusterNon-Affiliated to  Getafe CF
Valentin NegruNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Calvin TolmbayeCS Mioveni to  Non-Affiliated
Marian ConstantinescuNon-Affiliated to  CS Concordia Chiajna
Marian ConstantinescuNon-Affiliated to  CS Concordia Chiajna
Gabriel GiurgiuCS Concordia Chiajna to  Non-Affiliated
Vasile CurileacCS Concordia Chiajna to  Non-Affiliated
Cristian MelinteNon-Affiliated to  CS Concordia Chiajna


Lorenzo LaveroneVicenza Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
EmersonNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Matteo LivieroNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Antonio MartínezNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
EstebanNon-Affiliated to  Real Oviedo
Gomo OndukuNon-Affiliated to  CAF Players
Dani CoelhoNon-Affiliated to  _LigaPro & Lower Leagues
Alberto FrisonNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Vítor BrunoNon-Affiliated to  CD Feirense
Vasco FaiscaLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Matteo SerafiniLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Andrea GasbarroniLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) loan return to  Non-Affiliated
SisiLech Poznań to  Non-Affiliated
Marcus DinizLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Piotr ĆwielongNon-Affiliated to  Ruch Chorzów


Joan VerdúLevante UD to  Non-Affiliated
Jordi XumetraLevante UD to  Non-Affiliated
José MariLevante UD to  Non-Affiliated
Zouhair FeddalLevante UD to  Non-Affiliated
David NavarroLevante UD to  Non-Affiliated
Carl MedjaniLevante UD to  Non-Affiliated
Piotr ĆwielongVfL Bochum to  Non-Affiliated
Jan ŠimůnekVfL Bochum to  Non-Affiliated
Martin HarnikVfB Stuttgart to  Non-Affiliated
Daniel SchwaabVfB Stuttgart to  Non-Affiliated
Matteo LivieroLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Timothy NocchiJuventus FC loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Georg NiedermeierVfB Stuttgart to  Non-Affiliated
Hugo AlmeidaHannover 96 to  Non-Affiliated
Ivan PelizzoliVicenza Calcio loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Fabiano SantacroceTernana Calcio loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Jens JanseTernana Calcio loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Luigi VitaleTernana Calcio loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Fabio CeravoloTernana Calcio loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Felice PiccoloSpezia Calcio loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Manolo PestrinUS Salernitana 1919 loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Riccardo ColomboUS Salernitana 1919 loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Trevor TrevisanUS Salernitana 1919 loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Christopher AvevorNon-Affiliated to  FC St. Pauli
Andrej StartsevFC St. Pauli to  Non-Affiliated
Rodrigo TaddeiAC Perugia Calcio loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Okan KurtFC St. Pauli to  Non-Affiliated
Enis AlushiFC St. Pauli to  Non-Affiliated
Christopher AvevorFC St. Pauli to  Non-Affiliated
Mcdonald MarigaUS Latina Calcio loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Giuseppe FigliomeniUS Latina Calcio loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Simone FarelliUS Latina Calcio loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Peer KlugeDSC Arminia Bielefeld to  Non-Affiliated
Urby EmanuelsonHellas Verona FC loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Ferdinando CoppolaHellas Verona FC loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Simon LanerHellas Verona FC loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Felix BurmeisterDSC Arminia Bielefeld to  Non-Affiliated
Massimiliano CarliniFrosinone Calcio loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Arlind AjetiFrosinone Calcio loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Alessandro SgrignaAS Cittadella loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Gabriele PericoAC Cesena loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Davide SucciAC Cesena loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Stefano LucchiniAC Cesena loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Robert Koch1. FC Nürnberg to  Non-Affiliated
Jürgen Mössmer1. FC Nürnberg to  Non-Affiliated
Giovanni AbateBrescia Calcio loan return to  Non-Affiliated
André Fomitschow1. FC Kaiserslautern to  Non-Affiliated
Antonis PetropoulosFC Bari 1908 loan return to  Non-Affiliated
João SilvaUS Avellino 1912 loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Valdet RamaTSV 1860 München loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Stephan HainTSV 1860 München loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Dominik StahlTSV 1860 München loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Rubin OkotieTSV 1860 München loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Tomáš RosickýNon-Affiliated to  AC Sparta Praha
Gregory Van Der WielNon-Affiliated to  Fenerbahçe SK
Gökhan GönülNon-Affiliated to  Beşiktaş JK
Albert DorcaNon-Affiliated to  Elche CF


Alessandro LonghiUS Sassuolo Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
Modibo DiakitéUC Sampdoria to  Non-Affiliated
Mattia CassaniUC Sampdoria to  Non-Affiliated
Souleymane DiamouteneDelfino Pescara 1936 to  Non-Affiliated
Abdoulay KonkoSS Lazio to  Non-Affiliated
Stefano MauriSS Lazio to  Non-Affiliated
Francesco ModestoFC Crotone to  Non-Affiliated
Pietro De GiorgioFC Crotone to  Non-Affiliated
Simone PepeAC ChievoVerona to  Non-Affiliated
Walter BressanAC ChievoVerona to  Non-Affiliated
Kevin ConstantBologna FC 1909 to  Non-Affiliated
Archimede MorleoBologna FC 1909 to  Non-Affiliated
Dejan StojanovićBologna FC 1909 to  Non-Affiliated
Franco BrienzaBologna FC 1909 to  Non-Affiliated
Matteo MancosuCarpi FC 1909 to  Non-Affiliated
Anders LindegaardNon-Affiliated to  Preston North End FC
Anders LindegaardWest Bromwich Albion FC to  Non-Affiliated
Michele CaniniAscoli Picchio FC 1898 to  Non-Affiliated
Giovanni PasqualeUdinese Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
Rafael RomoUdinese Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
Seydou KeitaAS Roma to  Non-Affiliated
MaiconAS Roma to  Non-Affiliated
Morgan De SanctisAS Roma to  Non-Affiliated
Milan MilanovićAscoli Picchio FC 1898 to  Non-Affiliated
Enzo MarescaUS Città di Palermo to  Non-Affiliated
AlexAC Milan to  Non-Affiliated
Kevin-Prince BoatengAC Milan to  Non-Affiliated
Philippe MexèsAC Milan to  Non-Affiliated
Edson BraafheidSS Lazio to  Non-Affiliated
Facundo RoncagliaACF Fiorentina to  Non-Affiliated
Matteo BrighiBologna FC 1909 to  Non-Affiliated
Franco ZuculiniBologna FC 1909 to  Non-Affiliated
Cătălin StratonCS Universitatea Craiova to  Non-Affiliated
Fausto TienzaNon-Affiliated to  CA Osasuna
Manu LanzaroteReal Zaragoza to  Non-Affiliated
Albert DorcaReal Zaragoza to  Non-Affiliated
Javi RosReal Zaragoza to  Non-Affiliated
Marc BertránReal Zaragoza to  Non-Affiliated
Rubén GonzálezReal Zaragoza to  Non-Affiliated
Alejandro AlfaroNon-Affiliated to  Córdoba CF
Juan RodríguezGetafe CF to  Non-Affiliated
Rubén MartínezLevante UD to  Non-Affiliated


Marian CârjăNon-Affiliated to  _Romanian Lower Leagues
Ovidiu StoianofNon-Affiliated to  _Romanian Lower Leagues
Ciprian DinuNon-Affiliated to  _Romanian Lower Leagues
Hristijan DragarskiNon-Affiliated to  CS Concordia Chiajna
Aleksandar DyulgerovNon-Affiliated to  CS Concordia Chiajna
Aleksandar DyulgerovNon-Affiliated to  CS Concordia Chiajna
Olberdam De OliveiraCS Concordia Chiajna to  Non-Affiliated
Olberdam De OliveiraNon-Affiliated to  CS Concordia Chiajna
Artem MilevskiyCS Concordia Chiajna to  Non-Affiliated
Christian ObodoCS Concordia Chiajna to  Non-Affiliated
Albano BizzarriAC ChievoVerona to  Non-Affiliated
Martín CáceresJuventus FC to  Non-Affiliated
Fausto TienzaAD Alcorcón to  Non-Affiliated
Antonio MartínezAD Alcorcón to  Non-Affiliated
Matías MartínezNon-Affiliated to  Atlético de Rafaela
Michal PeškovičNon-Affiliated to  Korona Kielce
Steven FletcherNon-Affiliated to  Sheffield Wednesday FC
RubinhoJuventus FC to  Non-Affiliated
Marco BorrielloAtalanta BC to  Non-Affiliated
Alexander FarnerudTorino FC to  Non-Affiliated
Luca CastellazziTorino FC to  Non-Affiliated
Javi ChicaReal Valladolid CF to  Non-Affiliated
Borja FernándezReal Valladolid CF to  Non-Affiliated
Álvaro RubioReal Valladolid CF to  Non-Affiliated
Marcelo SilvaReal Valladolid CF to  Non-Affiliated
Alejandro AlfaroReal Valladolid CF to  Non-Affiliated
Nikolaos KarabelasReal Valladolid CF to  Non-Affiliated
Achille EmanáClub Gimnàstic de Tarragona to  Non-Affiliated
Aníbal ZurdoClub Gimnàstic de Tarragona to  Non-Affiliated
Zlatan IbrahimovićNon-Affiliated to  Manchester United FC
Héctor FontReal Oviedo on loan to  Non-Affiliated
Emmanuel OmgbaReal Oviedo on loan to  Non-Affiliated
JoseteReal Oviedo on loan to  Non-Affiliated
Dani BautistaReal Oviedo on loan to  Non-Affiliated
Nacho LópezReal Oviedo on loan to  Non-Affiliated
EstebanReal Oviedo on loan to  Non-Affiliated
Sergio PelegrínNon-Affiliated to  Elche CF


Hernán BernardelloDeportivo Alavés to  Non-Affiliated
Sergio PelegrínDeportivo Alavés to  Non-Affiliated
Vangelis MorasHellas Verona FC to  Non-Affiliated
Sergio EscuderoNon-Affiliated to  Quilmes


Miroslav ManolovASA Tîrgu Mureș on loan to  Non-Affiliated
Miroslav ManolovNon-Affiliated on loan to  ASA Tîrgu Mureș
Amauri PereiraASA Tîrgu Mureș loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Amauri PereiraASA Tîrgu Mureș loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Amauri PereiraNon-Affiliated loan return to  ASA Tîrgu Mureș
Henrique BernardoASA Tîrgu Mureș loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Henrique BernardoNon-Affiliated loan return to  ASA Tîrgu Mureș
Javier VelayosASA Tîrgu Mureș loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Ousmane N'doyeASA Tîrgu Mureș to  Non-Affiliated
Ionuț BalaurASA Tîrgu Mureș to  Non-Affiliated
Marius ConstantinASA Tîrgu Mureș to  Non-Affiliated
Béla FejérASA Tîrgu Mureș to  Non-Affiliated
Cristian MelinteACS Poli Timişoara to  Non-Affiliated
JuanfranLevante UD to  Non-Affiliated
Dani BenítezAD Alcorcón to  Non-Affiliated
David TorresDeportivo Alavés to  Non-Affiliated
JuliDeportivo Alavés to  Non-Affiliated
Gianpaolo BelliniAtalanta BC to  Non-Affiliated


Johannes Van Den BerghNon-Affiliated to  Getafe CF
Daniel BarnaFC Voluntari to  Non-Affiliated
Slaviša RadovićNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Saša StojanovićNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Miloš OstojićFK Partizan Belgrade to  Non-Affiliated
Marko JovanovićFK Partizan Belgrade to  Non-Affiliated
Andrija ŽivkovićFK Partizan Belgrade to  Non-Affiliated
Roberto GutiérrezCD Tenerife to  Non-Affiliated
Ricardo LeónCD Tenerife to  Non-Affiliated
Javi LaraCD Tenerife to  Non-Affiliated


Marcos De La EspadaClub Gimnàstic de Tarragona to  Non-Affiliated
Miguel PalancaClub Gimnàstic de Tarragona to  Non-Affiliated
Rubén SanzAD Alcorcón to  Non-Affiliated
Erico Da SilvaCS Pandurii Târgu Jiu to  Non-Affiliated
Filip JazvićASA Tîrgu Mureș to  Non-Affiliated
Remo AmadioNon-Affiliated to  FC CFR 1907 Cluj
Dani CoelhoFC CFR 1907 Cluj loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Vítor BrunoFC CFR 1907 Cluj loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Romário PiresNon-Affiliated to  
Mourad SatliNon-Affiliated to  
Kristian IpšaNon-Affiliated to  
Adrian PătuleaNon-Affiliated to  
Adrian IonescuNon-Affiliated to  
Florin PătraşcuNon-Affiliated to  


Tomáš JoslNon-Affiliated loan return to  
Andrei CerlincăNon-Affiliated to  
David FusterOlympiacos FC to  Non-Affiliated
João GuilhermeAPOEL FC to  Non-Affiliated
Eduard PapNon-Affiliated to  ACS Poli Timişoara
PlatiniACS Poli Timişoara to  Non-Affiliated
Ross JenkinsACS Poli Timişoara to  Non-Affiliated
Manu TorresACS Poli Timişoara to  Non-Affiliated
Claudiu BeluACS Poli Timişoara to  Non-Affiliated
Dorin GogaACS Poli Timişoara to  Non-Affiliated
Ianis ZicuACS Poli Timişoara to  Non-Affiliated
Cristian ScutaruACS Poli Timişoara to  Non-Affiliated
Adrian PoparaduNon-Affiliated to  ACS Poli Timişoara
Alexandru PopoviciNon-Affiliated to  ACS Poli Timişoara
Ionuţ NeaguNon-Affiliated to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Florin SanduCS Gaz Metan Mediaș to  Non-Affiliated
Ahmed MujdragićNon-Affiliated to  CS Gaz Metan Mediaș
Alexandru CurteanNon-Affiliated to  CS Gaz Metan Mediaș
Godfred BekoeCS Gaz Metan Mediaș to  Non-Affiliated
Godfred BekoeNon-Affiliated to  CS Gaz Metan Mediaș
Élton De Oliveira SantosCS Gaz Metan Mediaș to  Non-Affiliated
Élton De Oliveira SantosNon-Affiliated to  CS Gaz Metan Mediaș
Azdren LlullakuNon-Affiliated to  CS Gaz Metan Mediaș
Liviu BăjenaruCS Gaz Metan Mediaș to  Non-Affiliated
Alexandru NeacșaCS Gaz Metan Mediaș to  Non-Affiliated
Lucian CazanCS Gaz Metan Mediaș to  Non-Affiliated
Ionuț NeagCS Gaz Metan Mediaș to  Non-Affiliated
Ciprian BotoșerCS Gaz Metan Mediaș to  Non-Affiliated
Ciprian BotoșerNon-Affiliated to  CS Gaz Metan Mediaș
Ciprian BotoșerCS Gaz Metan Mediaș to  Non-Affiliated


MarcelinhoNon-Affiliated to  FC Botoșani
MarcelinhoFC Botoșani loan return to  Non-Affiliated
MarcelinhoNon-Affiliated loan return to  FC Botoșani
Călin TiuțNon-Affiliated loan return to  FC Botoșani
Roussel NgankamNon-Affiliated loan return to  FC Botoșani
Jérémy Faug-PorretNon-Affiliated loan return to  FC Botoșani
Armand ŞvichiNon-Affiliated loan return to  FC Botoșani
Dănuţ MunteanuNon-Affiliated to  FC Botoșani
Ovidiu DănănaeCS Universitatea Craiova to  Non-Affiliated
Ovidiu DănănaeNon-Affiliated to  CS Universitatea Craiova
Andrei SinNon-Affiliated to  CS Universitatea Craiova
Costin Curelea CS Universitatea Craiova to  Non-Affiliated
Viorel FerfeleaCS Universitatea Craiova to  Non-Affiliated
Sebastian AchimCS Universitatea Craiova to  Non-Affiliated
Valentin IlievCS Universitatea Craiova to  Non-Affiliated
Silviu IzvoranuCS Universitatea Craiova to  Non-Affiliated
Marius NiculaeNon-Affiliated to  FC Voluntari
Costel RoşuNon-Affiliated to  
Florin MaximNon-Affiliated to  FC Voluntari
Marius EneNon-Affiliated to  
Codruţ Lircă_Romanian Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Elvis StanNon-Affiliated to  _Romanian Lower Leagues
Alin ZahariaNon-Affiliated loan return to  _Romanian Lower Leagues
Laurenţiu IorgaFC Voluntari loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Saša NovakovićFC Voluntari loan return to  Non-Affiliated
George CălinţaruFC Voluntari loan return to  Non-Affiliated


Cristian SăpunaruCS Pandurii Târgu Jiu to  Non-Affiliated
Álvaro CorralCD Mirandés to  Non-Affiliated
Ion VélezCD Mirandés to  Non-Affiliated
Fran CarnicerCD Mirandés to  Non-Affiliated
Javier CanteroCD Mirandés to  Non-Affiliated
Mickaël GaffoorCD Mirandés to  Non-Affiliated
Manuel SánchezNon-Affiliated to  AD Alcorcón
Sercan SararerNon-Affiliated to  SpVgg Greuther Fürth
Sercan SararerFortuna Düsseldorf to  Non-Affiliated
Feiz ShamsinCS Pandurii Târgu Jiu to  Non-Affiliated
Feiz ShamsinNon-Affiliated to  CS Pandurii Târgu Jiu
Adil ChihiNon-Affiliated to  _German Lower Leagues
Matija SmrekarNon-Affiliated to  CS Pandurii Târgu Jiu
Elton Da SilvaNon-Affiliated loan return to  _Other Clubs
Cristian IrimiaNon-Affiliated loan return to  Retired Players
Daniel BălaşaNon-Affiliated loan return to  Retired Players
Viorel NicoarăCS Pandurii Târgu Jiu loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Lukáš DroppaCS Pandurii Târgu Jiu loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Pedro MingoteCS Pandurii Târgu Jiu to  Non-Affiliated
Florin CernatNon-Affiliated to  FC Voluntari
Cătălin SamoilăNon-Affiliated loan return to  _Romanian Lower Leagues
Paul BatinFC Dinamo București loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Vytautas ČerniauskasFC Dinamo București loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Romario KortzorgFC Dinamo București loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Eric BicfalviFC Dinamo București to  Non-Affiliated


Israel PuertoCD Lugo to  Non-Affiliated
David De CozCD Lugo to  Non-Affiliated
Jonathan PereiraCD Lugo to  Non-Affiliated
David LópezCD Lugo to  Non-Affiliated
Fernando VegaCD Lugo to  Non-Affiliated
Pau CendrósCD Lugo to  Non-Affiliated
Juan PabloCD Numancia to  Non-Affiliated
Vicente PérezCD Numancia to  Non-Affiliated
Iñigo RosSD Huesca to  Non-Affiliated
Óscar RamírezSD Huesca to  Non-Affiliated
Leo FrancoSD Huesca to  Non-Affiliated
Óscar GonzálezReal Valladolid CF to  Non-Affiliated
MáyorAD Alcorcón to  Non-Affiliated
Mikel IribasAD Alcorcón to  Non-Affiliated
Sergio RodríguezAD Alcorcón to  Non-Affiliated
Manuel SánchezCA Osasuna to  Non-Affiliated
Maikel MesaCA Osasuna to  Non-Affiliated
Erfan Zeneli_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated


Liviu MihaiNon-Affiliated to  
Nuno ViveirosCSM Politehnica Iaşi to  Non-Affiliated
Azdren LlullakuCSM Politehnica Iaşi to  Non-Affiliated
Gomo OndukuCSM Politehnica Iaşi to  Non-Affiliated
Matías MartínezArgentinos Juniors to  Non-Affiliated
Juan Alberto SabiaArgentinos Juniors to  Non-Affiliated
Cristian ÁlvarezArgentinos Juniors to  Non-Affiliated
Alexandru IonițăNon-Affiliated to  AFC Astra Giurgiu
Iulian RoșuAFC Astra Giurgiu to  Non-Affiliated
Matthew AmoahNon-Affiliated to  _Dutch Lower Leagues
Sascha BurchertNon-Affiliated to  SpVgg Greuther Fürth
Patrick OchsNon-Affiliated to  _German Lower Leagues
Mahamadou SissokoFC Voluntari to  Non-Affiliated
Ismail Aissati_Russia Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Damir VrančićEintracht Braunschweig to  Non-Affiliated
Juan RivasNon-Affiliated to  Unión Española
Matías Alasia_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Jorge CurbeloNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues


Vladimir DvalishviliPogoń Szczecin to  Non-Affiliated
Alin CârstoceaNon-Affiliated to  FC Viitorul
Florin CernatFC Viitorul loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Hérold GoulonFC Viitorul loan return to  Non-Affiliated


Änis Ben-HatiraEintracht Frankfurt to  Non-Affiliated
Ahmed JanuziNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs


Nunes_Série B & Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Ionuţ NeaguFC Steaua București to  Non-Affiliated
Aymen TaharFC Steaua București to  Non-Affiliated
AranhaNon-Affiliated to  Joinville EC
Bojan GolubovićNon-Affiliated to  FC Steaua București
Bojan GolubovićCSM Politehnica Iaşi to  Non-Affiliated
Paul PârvulescuFC Steaua București to  Non-Affiliated
Rafael CrivellaroNon-Affiliated to  FC Arouca


Rafael CrivellaroWisla Kraków to  Non-Affiliated
Carlton ColeCeltic FC to  Non-Affiliated
John PajoyNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs


Henrique Sereno1. FSV Mainz 05 to  Non-Affiliated
Joris MathijsenNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players


Saša StojanovićFK Crvena Zvezda to  Non-Affiliated


Anthony StokesCeltic FC to  Non-Affiliated
Dean HammondNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Giliano WijnaldumVfL Bochum to  Non-Affiliated
Stefan HierländerRB Leipzig to  Non-Affiliated
Samba DiakitéQueens Park Rangers FC to  Non-Affiliated
Suk-Young YunQueens Park Rangers FC to  Non-Affiliated
Armand TraoréQueens Park Rangers FC to  Non-Affiliated
Alejandro FaurlínQueens Park Rangers FC to  Non-Affiliated
Robert GreenQueens Park Rangers FC to  Non-Affiliated
Clint HillQueens Park Rangers FC to  Non-Affiliated
Ignacio Nicolini_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Damià AbellaMiddlesbrough FC to  Non-Affiliated
Jonathan WoodgateMiddlesbrough FC to  Non-Affiliated
Philippe Senderos_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Conor SammonDerby County FC to  Non-Affiliated
Daniel Haas1. FC Union Berlin to  Non-Affiliated
FelipeVfL Wolfsburg to  Non-Affiliated
Antonio Di NataleUdinese Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
José Antonio ReyesSevilla FC to  Non-Affiliated
BetoSevilla FC to  Non-Affiliated
Álvaro ArbeloaReal Madrid CF to  Non-Affiliated
Gregory Van Der WielParis Saint-Germain FC to  Non-Affiliated
Zlatan IbrahimovićParis Saint-Germain FC to  Non-Affiliated
Miroslav KloseSS Lazio to  Non-Affiliated
Gojko KačarHamburger SV to  Non-Affiliated
Johannes Van Den BerghHertha BSC Berlin to  Non-Affiliated
Sascha BurchertHertha BSC Berlin to  Non-Affiliated
Leon AndreasenHannover 96 to  Non-Affiliated
Christian SchulzHannover 96 to  Non-Affiliated
Ceyhun GülselamHannover 96 to  Non-Affiliated
Gökhan GönülFenerbahçe SK to  Non-Affiliated
Constant DjakpaEintracht Frankfurt to  Non-Affiliated
Marco SailerSV Darmstadt 98 to  Non-Affiliated
Alexander ManningerFC Augsburg to  Non-Affiliated
Piotr TrochowskiFC Augsburg to  Non-Affiliated
Joey O'brienWest Ham United FC to  Non-Affiliated
Stéphane SessègnonWest Bromwich Albion FC to  Non-Affiliated
Victor AnichebeWest Bromwich Albion FC to  Non-Affiliated
Joel EkstrandWatford FC to  Non-Affiliated
Steve HarperSunderland AFC to  Non-Affiliated
Danny GrahamSunderland AFC to  Non-Affiliated
Steven FletcherSunderland AFC to  Non-Affiliated
Wes BrownSunderland AFC to  Non-Affiliated
Peter OdemwingieStoke City FC to  Non-Affiliated
Gastón RamírezSouthampton FC to  Non-Affiliated
Kelvin DavisSouthampton FC to  Non-Affiliated
Nick PowellManchester United FC to  Non-Affiliated
Víctor ValdésManchester United FC to  Non-Affiliated
Martin DemichelisManchester City FC to  Non-Affiliated
Richard WrightManchester City FC to  Non-Affiliated
Kolo TouréLiverpool FC to  Non-Affiliated
Mark SchwarzerLeicester City FC to  Non-Affiliated
Paul KoncheskyLeicester City FC to  Non-Affiliated
Dean HammondLeicester City FC to  Non-Affiliated
Felipe MattioniEverton FC to  Non-Affiliated
Steven PienaarEverton FC to  Non-Affiliated
Leon OsmanEverton FC to  Non-Affiliated
Tony HibbertEverton FC to  Non-Affiliated
Paddy MccarthyCrystal Palace FC to  Non-Affiliated
Adrian MariappaCrystal Palace FC to  Non-Affiliated
Brede HangelandCrystal Palace FC to  Non-Affiliated
Marouane ChamakhCrystal Palace FC to  Non-Affiliated
Emmanuel AdebayorCrystal Palace FC to  Non-Affiliated
Marco AmeliaChelsea FC to  Non-Affiliated
Kieran RichardsonAston Villa FC to  Non-Affiliated
Charles NzogbiaAston Villa FC to  Non-Affiliated
Mathieu FlaminiArsenal FC to  Non-Affiliated
Sylvain DistinAFC Bournemouth to  Non-Affiliated
Stéphane ZubarAFC Bournemouth to  Non-Affiliated


Samed YeşilLiverpool FC to  Non-Affiliated


Wendell Lira_Série B & Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated


Kristian IpšaPiast Gliwice to  Non-Affiliated


Srđan ŽakulaFK Vojvodina to  Non-Affiliated
Bojan NastićFK Vojvodina to  Non-Affiliated


Emmanuel TorresIndependiente Rivadavia to  Non-Affiliated
Pablo BangardinoGuillermo Brown de Puerto Madryn to  Non-Affiliated


Steven TaylorNewcastle United FC to  Non-Affiliated


Marius CroitoruNon-Affiliated to  ACS Poli Timişoara


Emmanuel EbouéSunderland AFC to  Non-Affiliated
Gökay IravulFenerbahçe SK to  Non-Affiliated


Angelos ChantiNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs


Luciano Bebe_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Romaric_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated


José Adolfo ValenciaVitória de Guimarães to  Non-Affiliated
Nikola TrujićNon-Affiliated to  FK Vojvodina


Tomáš RosickýArsenal FC to  Non-Affiliated
Eduardo MéndezIndependiente Rivadavia to  Non-Affiliated


Pablo Daniel OsvaldoBoca Juniors to  Non-Affiliated
Nicandro BreeveldFC Steaua București to  Non-Affiliated
Cornel RâpăFC Steaua București to  Non-Affiliated
Houssine KharjaFC Steaua București to  Non-Affiliated
Timo GebhartFC Steaua București to  Non-Affiliated
Ciprian MaricaFC Steaua București to  Non-Affiliated


Avraam PapadopoulosNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players


Ángel ReynaCD Guadalajara to  Non-Affiliated


Rémi MarévalNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Kemy AgustienNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs


Índio_LigaPro & Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
João Paulo_LigaPro & Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
João Alves_LigaPro & Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Orlando_LigaPro & Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Luciano_LigaPro & Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Carlitos_LigaPro & Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Hugo Luz_LigaPro & Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated


Benjamin Gavanon_French Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Erkan ZenginNon-Affiliated to  Trabzonspor AŞ


Krzysztof UlatowskiNon-Affiliated to  _Polish Lower Leagues
Krzysztof WołczekNon-Affiliated to  _Polish Lower Leagues
Arkadiusz MysonaNon-Affiliated to  _Polish Lower Leagues
Dariusz PietrasiakNon-Affiliated to  _Polish Lower Leagues
Manuel ArboledaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Norbert WitkowskiNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Piotr BrożekNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players


Chris EaglesNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues


José EnriqueLiverpool FC to  Non-Affiliated


Grégory BettiolClermont Foot to  Non-Affiliated
Dennis OliechAC Ajaccio to  Non-Affiliated
Cédric KantéAC Ajaccio to  Non-Affiliated


Kike Tortosa_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Jaime Astrain_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Igor Cuesta_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Kily Álvarez_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Javi Barral_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Frank Nouble_English Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
D.j. Campbell_English Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Nile Ranger_English Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Yann Songo'oBlackburn Rovers FC to  Non-Affiliated
Ricardo Fuller_English Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Marvin Elliott_English Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated


Yoan GouffranNon-Affiliated to  Newcastle United FC
Yoan GouffranNewcastle United FC to  Non-Affiliated
Sylvain MarveauxNewcastle United FC to  Non-Affiliated
Gabriel ObertanNewcastle United FC to  Non-Affiliated
YuriNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Laurent BonnartNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players


André MoritzWest Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Bernardo Domínguez_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Juanma Barrero_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated


Djamel MesbahUC Sampdoria to  Non-Affiliated
Liassine CadamuroNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Gill Swerts_English Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Tomáš Dočekal_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Kandia Traoré_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Gergely Rudolf_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Ahmed Januzi_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Mindaugas Kalonas_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Kadú_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Joel Lindpere_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Rihairo Meulens_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Emmanuel Frimpong_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated


Youssef Fennich_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Rémi Maréval_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Mahir Shukurov_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Etto_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Gaston Mendy_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Dele Adeleye_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Michal Peškovič_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Renato SantosNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
Anderson PedraNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
EvertonNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues


Erkan ZenginTrabzonspor AŞ to  Non-Affiliated


Renato AbreuNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
KeirrisonNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
Michel AlvesNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
BolívarNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
André LuizNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players


Grigoris Papazacharias_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated


Nicklas BendtnerVfL Wolfsburg to  Non-Affiliated


Bănel NicoliţăFC Viitorul to  Non-Affiliated


Alireza HaghighiNon-Affiliated to  CS Marítimo
John GoossensNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players


Ariel IbagazaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Fernando GutiérrezNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Juan José MoralesNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
André DiasNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players


Zat KnightNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Joseph YoboNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players


Pablo PintosNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Jayro CamposNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Carlos AriasNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Edixon PereaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Cristian GarcíaNon-Affiliated to  CS Concordia Chiajna
Dany Rosero ValenciaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Roberto ChenNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players
Marios NicolaouNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Sofyane CherfaNon-Affiliated to  CAF Players


Derk BoerrigterCeltic FC to  Non-Affiliated


JacksonNon-Affiliated to  Coritiba FC


Milko NovakovićFK Vojvodina to  Non-Affiliated


John PajoyTalleres to  Non-Affiliated


Ivan PelizzoliNon-Affiliated to  Vicenza Calcio
Timo HildebrandNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Luis Garrido_CONCACAF Players to  Non-Affiliated


Jonatan BaumanNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues


Tommy OarNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Emmanuel PereaNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues


Júlio BaptistaNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players
Sekou OlisehNon-Affiliated to  AFC Astra Giurgiu


Manuele BlasiLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated


Marcos AssunçãoNon-Affiliated on loan to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
Marcos AssunçãoNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues


Niko KranjčarNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players
Sebastian Cojocnean_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated


DagobertoNon-Affiliated to  EC Vitória


Giuseppe SculliNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Chris KillenNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players


Julio MozzoNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Fausto MonteroUnión de Santa Fe to  Non-Affiliated
Juan RivasUnión de Santa Fe to  Non-Affiliated


Maximiliano OlivaCrucero del Norte to  Non-Affiliated
Emmanuel TorresNon-Affiliated to  Independiente Rivadavia


Iliyan MitsanskiEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated


Nikolay Mihaylov_Turkey Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Vladimir Gadzhev_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated


Anestis AgritisNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Juan Manuel DíazHuracán to  Non-Affiliated
Ivan IvanovNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Harmeet Singh_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated


Emmanuel EbouéNon-Affiliated to  Sunderland AFC


Jens WemmerPanathinaikos to  Non-Affiliated


Antônio CarlosNon-Affiliated to  Avaí FC


Alexis NizNon-Affiliated to  Sarmiento de Junín


Jermaine JonesNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players


Victor Hugo MontañoDeportivo Toluca FC to  Non-Affiliated
Mikael ForssellNon-Affiliated to  


Mamadou SamassaStade Brestois 29 to  Non-Affiliated
Brahim FerradjStade Brestois 29 to  Non-Affiliated
Dimas MoralesRamón Santamarina to  Non-Affiliated
Adrián FernándezInstituto to  Non-Affiliated


Bertrand LaquaitValenciennes FC to  Non-Affiliated
David DistéfanoHuracán to  Non-Affiliated
Pablo Nicolás BrunaHuracán to  Non-Affiliated


Luis Gabriel SolísNon-Affiliated to  Guillermo Brown de Puerto Madryn


Julien FaubertNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs


Diego TonettoNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Jossimar Mosquera_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated


Andrey ArshavinNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Raul CiupeNon-Affiliated to  


Gastón SangoyNon-Affiliated to  Arka Gdynia


Jean-Eudes MauriceNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Jerome ThomasNon-Affiliated to  Rotherham United FC
Marek ČechNon-Affiliated to  
Daniel AdejoNon-Affiliated to  Vicenza Calcio
IlsinhoNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players
Demy De ZeeuwNAC Breda to  Non-Affiliated
DagobertoCruzeiro EC to  Non-Affiliated
Gökhan ZanNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players


Idan VeredFK Crvena Zvezda to  Non-Affiliated


Franco MirandaNon-Affiliated to  
Ştefan GrigorieNon-Affiliated to  
Alexandru VagnerNon-Affiliated to  
Silviu PanăNon-Affiliated to  
Marian MarinNon-Affiliated to  
Bruno MadeiraNon-Affiliated to  
Mohamed SissokoEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated


Felipe SeymourCruzeiro EC to  Non-Affiliated
Daniel LungNon-Affiliated to  FC Clinceni
Sergiu HomeiNon-Affiliated to  FC Clinceni
Antônio CarlosFluminense FC to  Non-Affiliated
HenriqueFluminense FC to  Non-Affiliated
AyrtonSE Palmeiras to  Non-Affiliated


Emiliano AlbínNon-Affiliated to  FC Arouca
DidaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Đorđe DespotovićNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Gezim ShalajNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Hélio PintoWest Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated


George CălinţaruNon-Affiliated to  FC Voluntari


Avraam PapadopoulosEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Antonio NocerinoNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players
Carlos De GiorgisAtlético de Rafaela to  Non-Affiliated
Guillermo MarinoAtlético de Rafaela to  Non-Affiliated
Juan Eduardo EluchansAtlético de Rafaela to  Non-Affiliated


Antolín AlcarazNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs


RomeuLevadiakos FC to  Non-Affiliated
Marios NicolaouLevadiakos FC to  Non-Affiliated
Sofyane CherfaPanthrakikos FC to  Non-Affiliated
Georgios FotakisNon-Affiliated to  Panthrakikos FC
Andrew HoggKalloni FC to  Non-Affiliated
Gilvan GomesPlatanias FC to  Non-Affiliated


Antonio NocerinoAC Milan to  Non-Affiliated
Emmanuel TorresIndependiente Rivadavia to  Non-Affiliated
Juan Pablo AvendañoUnión de Santa Fe to  Non-Affiliated


MarcelinhoAtromitos FC to  Non-Affiliated
Lloyd DoyleyWatford FC to  Non-Affiliated
Jonathan ZébinaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players


Elliot GrandinNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Marco MottaNon-Affiliated to  


Khalid BoulahrouzNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Octavian AbrudanCS Gaz Metan Mediaș to  Non-Affiliated
Élton De Oliveira SantosCS Gaz Metan Mediaș to  Non-Affiliated
VitinhoCS Gaz Metan Mediaș to  Non-Affiliated
Radu ZahariaNon-Affiliated to  CS Gaz Metan Mediaș
George NeaguNon-Affiliated to  CS Gaz Metan Mediaș
Cristian DanciNon-Affiliated to  CS Gaz Metan Mediaș
Sebastián SánchezNon-Affiliated to  Gimnasia Jujuy


AmauriTorino FC to  Non-Affiliated
Gordan BunozaNon-Affiliated to  CS Pandurii Târgu Jiu


Ricardo Vaz TêNon-Affiliated to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Roman ShirokovNon-Affiliated to  PFC CSKA Moskva
Fran CruzNon-Affiliated to  
Paul BotaşNon-Affiliated to  
Diego TorresNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues


Gökhan SüzenNon-Affiliated to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Anthony AnnanNon-Affiliated to  
Leandro DamiãoNon-Affiliated to  Real Betis Balompié


Pedro HenriqueNon-Affiliated to  ACS Poli Timişoara
Artem MilevskiyNon-Affiliated to  CS Concordia Chiajna
Călin AlbuțNon-Affiliated to  CS Gaz Metan Mediaș
Raul CostinNon-Affiliated to  
Alexandru PopoviciACS Poli Timişoara to  Non-Affiliated
Alexandru CurteanACS Poli Timişoara to  Non-Affiliated
Marius CroitoruACS Poli Timişoara to  Non-Affiliated
Adrian PoparaduACS Poli Timişoara to  Non-Affiliated
George NeaguACS Poli Timişoara to  Non-Affiliated
Sascha KirschsteinACS Poli Timişoara to  Non-Affiliated
Mitar Novaković_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Ivan Rogač_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Nikola Drinčić_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Ante Tomić_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Bojan Jović_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Yordan Todorov_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated


Nikola TrujićFK Partizan Belgrade to  Non-Affiliated


Alexis NizSarmiento de Junín to  Non-Affiliated
Marcelo BustamanteSarmiento de Junín to  Non-Affiliated
Lucas OviedoNon-Affiliated to  


Fabián Vargas_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Marley BerkvensNon-Affiliated to  _Dutch Lower Leagues
Furkan AlakmakNon-Affiliated to  _Dutch Lower Leagues
Alexis NorambuenaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Sebastián ErerosNon-Affiliated to  Quilmes
Sebastián ErerosNon-Affiliated to  Quilmes
Matías PérezNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Germán MandarinoNon-Affiliated to  Huracán
Andrés FranzoiaNon-Affiliated to  San Martín (SJ)
Wojciech PawłowskiNon-Affiliated to  
Mihai CosteaNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
Gabriel TamașNon-Affiliated to  FC Steaua București
Cristian GonzálezNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Gabriel TamașCardiff City FC to  Non-Affiliated


Christos BourbosPanathinaikos to  Non-Affiliated
Artem MilevskiyHNK Hajduk Split to  Non-Affiliated
Mihai DinaNon-Affiliated to  AEL Limassol
Andrés FranzoiaArgentinos Juniors to  Non-Affiliated
Olexandr YakovenkoNon-Affiliated to  FC Dynamo Kyiv
Pedro KenNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Juan Manuel TorresNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Fran CruzUE Llagostera to  Non-Affiliated
JuananCD Leganés to  Non-Affiliated


Lucas OviedoBoca Unidos on loan to  Non-Affiliated
Fabiano SantacroceNon-Affiliated to  Ternana Calcio
Jorge CurbeloArsenal de Sarandí to  Non-Affiliated
Diego RiveroNon-Affiliated to  Chacarita Juniors
Don CowieNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Vitor SabaNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)


Salvatore MasielloNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
CacauNon-Affiliated to  _German Lower Leagues
Riccardo TaddeiLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Andrey Arshavin_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Nick ProschwitzNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Haris MedunjaninNon-Affiliated to  Maccabi Tel Aviv FC
Kevin ConstantNon-Affiliated to  Bologna FC 1909
Alessandro BudelNon-Affiliated to  FC Pro Vercelli 1892
Chris MaguireRotherham United FC to  Non-Affiliated
Edson SilvaNon-Affiliated to  FK Crvena Zvezda


Antonio TomásCD Numancia to  Non-Affiliated
Federico PoggiNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Jonatan BaumanInstituto to  Non-Affiliated
Dario GandínNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Flavio CiampichettiGuillermo Brown de Puerto Madryn to  Non-Affiliated
Roberto ChenMálaga CF to  Non-Affiliated


Michael Langer_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Adama Tamboura_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Jordan LotièsNon-Affiliated to  Dijon FCO
Carl MedjaniNon-Affiliated to  Levante UD
Flávio FerreiraMálaga CF to  Non-Affiliated
Adriano Leite RibeiroNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players
Jermaine Jones_CONCACAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Lynel Kitambala_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Boban Bajković_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
UellitonAvaí FC to  Non-Affiliated
Manu LanzaroteNon-Affiliated to  Real Zaragoza
Antolín AlcarazUD Las Palmas to  Non-Affiliated
Nicolás CabreraQuilmes to  Non-Affiliated
Diego TonettoDefensa y Justicia to  Non-Affiliated
Cristian GarcíaColón de Santa Fe to  Non-Affiliated
Haris MedunjaninRC Deportivo La Coruña to  Non-Affiliated


Hugo IriarteGuillermo Brown de Puerto Madryn to  Non-Affiliated
Gianpietro ZecchinNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
José BosingwaNon-Affiliated to  Trabzonspor AŞ
Philippe SenderosNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Don Cowie_English Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Angelos ChantiIraklis to  Non-Affiliated
Ante VukušićNon-Affiliated to  SpVgg Greuther Fürth
Manu LanzaroteFC Asteras Tripolis to  Non-Affiliated
KeirrisonCoritiba FC to  Non-Affiliated
Nemanja VidićNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Liviu AntalNon-Affiliated to  CS Pandurii Târgu Jiu
Marcelo SarmientoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
LucianoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Maxime DeckersNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Maxime DeckersWillem II to  Non-Affiliated
Steven ThicotNon-Affiliated to  CD Tondela


Emiliano VecchioNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
YuriSD Ponferradina to  Non-Affiliated
Gordan BunozaDelfino Pescara 1936 to  Non-Affiliated
Philippe SenderosAston Villa FC to  Non-Affiliated
Marcos PirchioNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs


Aythami ÁlvarezSD Huesca to  Non-Affiliated
NagoreNon-Affiliated to  SD Huesca
Derek BoatengNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players
Derek BoatengNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players
David CerraNon-Affiliated to  
Ashley ColeNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players
Hérold GoulonNon-Affiliated to  FC Viitorul
David TimorNon-Affiliated to  CD Leganés
Román Díaz_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Maxi PellegrinoAll Boys to  Non-Affiliated
Cristian GonzálezAll Boys to  Non-Affiliated
Maximiliano TimpanaroRamón Santamarina to  Non-Affiliated
Fernando GutiérrezLos Andes to  Non-Affiliated
Giuliano BardínInstituto to  Non-Affiliated
Franco MirandaInstituto to  Non-Affiliated
Julio MozzoFerro Carril Oeste to  Non-Affiliated
Eduardo CasaisFerro Carril Oeste to  Non-Affiliated
Cristian SteleDouglas Haig to  Non-Affiliated
Leandro CoronelChacarita Juniors to  Non-Affiliated
Héctor DesvauxCentral Córdoba (SdE) to  Non-Affiliated
Marcos PirchioAll Boys to  Non-Affiliated
Emmanuel PereaAll Boys to  Non-Affiliated
Salvador ReynosoAll Boys to  Non-Affiliated
Pablo BarzolaAll Boys to  Non-Affiliated
Santiago HoyosAll Boys to  Non-Affiliated
Nuno André CoelhoNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players


Emmanuel AdebayorNon-Affiliated to  Crystal Palace FC
David TimorReal Valladolid CF to  Non-Affiliated
Mamadou MbodjNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Fabrício DornellasNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Guilherme SityáFC Bari 1908 to  Non-Affiliated


Michał GliwaNon-Affiliated to  Sandecja Nowy Sącz
Franco Sosa_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Renaldo Rama_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Leonardo Borzani_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Luis Gabriel SolísGimnasia Jujuy to  Non-Affiliated
Pablo MattosNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
René LimaUnión Española to  Non-Affiliated
Claudio FileppiCrucero del Norte to  Non-Affiliated
Daniel AdejoKalloni FC to  Non-Affiliated
Vitor SabaKalloni FC to  Non-Affiliated
Kenan BarganNon-Affiliated to  Panionios
Luís LourençoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players


Cristian GavraNon-Affiliated to  CS Gaz Metan Mediaș
Cristian GavraNon-Affiliated to  CS Gaz Metan Mediaș
Roman ShirokovFC Spartak Moskva to  Non-Affiliated
Fabrício DornellasFK Partizan Belgrade to  Non-Affiliated
Ionuț NăstăsieNon-Affiliated to  _Romanian Lower Leagues
Vasile BuhăescuNon-Affiliated to  
Dany Rosero ValenciaArsenal de Sarandí to  Non-Affiliated
Germán Mandarino_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Sebastián SánchezAtlético de Rafaela to  Non-Affiliated


Răzvan PatricheNon-Affiliated to  FC Clinceni
Andrei LunguNon-Affiliated to  _German Lower Leagues
Silvano VarnhagenNon-Affiliated to  _German Lower Leagues
Juan AntonioNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Daniele ContiNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Rúben BrígidoNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Cristian SârghiNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Grégoire PuelNon-Affiliated to  Le Havre AC
Mike TrosNon-Affiliated to  _Dutch Lower Leagues
Lassad NouiouiNon-Affiliated to  CAF Players
Sérgio Marakis_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Paulo AssunçãoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players


Steve HarperNon-Affiliated to  Sunderland AFC
Claudiu IonescuNon-Affiliated to  
Carlos RearteNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Alexandru ComanNon-Affiliated to  
Stephen HuntNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Boldizsár BodorNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Dominik ReinhardtNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Spyros VallasNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Cornel FrăsineanuNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Christian TiffertNon-Affiliated to  _German Lower Leagues
Sebastián GallegosNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Cătălin DomanNon-Affiliated to  ACS Poli Timişoara
Hakan BayraktarNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Emil DicăNon-Affiliated to  
Malte MetzelderNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Mohamed ZidanNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Sérgio MarakisNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Kenan BarganKalloni FC to  Non-Affiliated
Pavlos MitropoulosPanionios to  Non-Affiliated
Facundo QuirogaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Danu SpătaruNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Cătălin ŢîrăNon-Affiliated to  
Cesare NataliNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Adnan MravacNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Luciano José Pereira Da SilvaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Eñaut ZubikaraiNon-Affiliated to  CD Tondela
Arran Lee-BarrettNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Jordan LotièsCA Osasuna to  Non-Affiliated
Ilias AnastasakosNon-Affiliated to  _Greek Lower Leagues
Ádám KovácsikNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Jak AlnwickNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Tommy OarIpswich Town FC to  Non-Affiliated
Kevin FoleyNon-Affiliated to  Ipswich Town FC
Nicolas SpolliNon-Affiliated to  AC ChievoVerona
Kristian IpšaNon-Affiliated to  Piast Gliwice
Bruno HerreroNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Michalis SifakisNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Alireza HaghighiFC Rubin Kazan to  Non-Affiliated


GuimaNon-Affiliated to  FC CFR 1907 Cluj
Luciano BecchioNon-Affiliated to  Rotherham United FC
Kevin NolanNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Adrián GuninoNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Christian LellNon-Affiliated to  _German Lower Leagues
Paulo JorgeNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Paulo JorgeNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Alessandro FabbroNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Salvatore GambinoNon-Affiliated to  _German Lower Leagues
Martin TaylorNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Mourad MeghniNon-Affiliated to  CAF Players
Adrian PopaNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Adrian PopaNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Nestor DjengoueNon-Affiliated to  _German Lower Leagues


MatuzalémNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players
Afonso AlvesNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Diego TorresCrucero del Norte to  Non-Affiliated
Filip KasalicaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Mario YepesNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Nicolas SpolliCarpi FC 1909 to  Non-Affiliated
Leandro RinaudoVicenza Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
AmaralNon-Affiliated to  EC Vitória
Erik DomaschkeNon-Affiliated to  _German Lower Leagues
Athos SolomouNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
Jorge WagnerEC Vitória on loan to  Non-Affiliated
Vojo UbiparipNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Stephen DobbieNon-Affiliated to  
Eduardo TuzzioNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Juan Manuel LuceroNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Alessio De BodeNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)


Gai AssulinNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Noé PamarotNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Edu OriolNon-Affiliated to  UE Llagostera
Gary Taylor-FletcherNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Gonzalo JaraNon-Affiliated to  Universidad de Chile
NachoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Álex PérezNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players
Owen GarvanNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
MíchelNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Alper BagceciNon-Affiliated to  _German Lower Leagues


Nicolae MușatNon-Affiliated to  FC Botoșani


Mirel BolboaşăNon-Affiliated to  
Gonzalo Jara1. FSV Mainz 05 to  Non-Affiliated
Pedro KenCruzeiro EC to  Non-Affiliated
Niko KranjčarFC Dynamo Kyiv to  Non-Affiliated


Patrick EkengNon-Affiliated to  FC Dinamo București
Stefan BabovićFK Partizan Belgrade to  Non-Affiliated
Javier MatillaReal Betis Balompié to  Non-Affiliated
Eduard PapACS Poli Timişoara to  Non-Affiliated
Miroslav ManolovASA Tîrgu Mureș to  Non-Affiliated
Paul BatinNon-Affiliated to  FC Dinamo București
Pulpo RomeroNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Athos Solomou_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Athos Solomou_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Sérgio Marakis_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Rúben Brígido_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Mario SantanaNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Edoardo PazzagliNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)


Ştefan GrigorieCSM Politehnica Iaşi to  Non-Affiliated
Isak SsewankamboNon-Affiliated to  Derby County FC
Mariano BogliacinoLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) to  Non-Affiliated
Mauricio GomezAtlético de Rafaela to  Non-Affiliated
Lucas KruspzkyAtlético de Rafaela to  Non-Affiliated
Ignacio FideleffNon-Affiliated to  Club Nacional de Football
Anthony RéveillèreNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Anthony RéveillèreNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Humberto SuazoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players


Leandro Benítez_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated


Ciprian MaricaNon-Affiliated to  FC Steaua București
Mcdonald MarigaNon-Affiliated to  US Latina Calcio
Vlad MorarNon-Affiliated to  
Slaviša RadovićFK Vojvodina to  Non-Affiliated
Mamadou MbodjFK Crvena Zvezda to  Non-Affiliated
Hérold Goulon_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Alexandru Coman_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Ricardo Ribeiro Fernandes_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Pablo ÁlvarezUniversidad Católica to  Non-Affiliated
Alfonso ParotNon-Affiliated to  Universidad Católica
Pavol Bajza Non-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
José Pedro FuenzalidaNon-Affiliated to  Universidad Católica
Xavier TomasNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Nicolas BremecNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Miguel Fernández_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated


Francesco LuoniNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Nemanja VidićFC Internazionale Milano to  Non-Affiliated
Andrea De VitoNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Darío CapogrossoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Vitor JúniorNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Slobodan NovakovićNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Andrea CristianoNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Eugênio Rômulo TogniNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Fred BensonNon-Affiliated to  _Dutch Lower Leagues
Eduard PapNon-Affiliated to  ACS Poli Timişoara
Alexandru LazărACS Poli Timişoara to  Non-Affiliated
Cătălin ŢîrăCS Concordia Chiajna to  Non-Affiliated
Marian ConstantinescuCS Concordia Chiajna to  Non-Affiliated
Mihai DinaCS Concordia Chiajna to  Non-Affiliated
Silviu PanăCS Concordia Chiajna to  Non-Affiliated
Bruno MadeiraCS Concordia Chiajna to  Non-Affiliated
Alexandru VagnerCS Concordia Chiajna to  Non-Affiliated
Marian MarinCS Concordia Chiajna to  Non-Affiliated
Cristian SârghiCS Concordia Chiajna to  Non-Affiliated
Daniel LungCS Concordia Chiajna to  Non-Affiliated
Vlad RusuNon-Affiliated to  FC Viitorul
Cristian GavraFC Viitorul to  Non-Affiliated
Liviu GaneaCSM Politehnica Iaşi to  Non-Affiliated
Cristian DanciFC Botoșani to  Non-Affiliated
GuimaFC CFR 1907 Cluj to  Non-Affiliated
Andrei CiolacuNon-Affiliated to  ASA Tîrgu Mureș
Eugen CrăciunFC Voluntari to  Non-Affiliated
Alexandru IonițăFC Voluntari to  Non-Affiliated
John GoossensFC Voluntari to  Non-Affiliated
Alin CârstoceaFC Voluntari to  Non-Affiliated
George CălinţaruFC Voluntari to  Non-Affiliated
Florin MaximFC Voluntari to  Non-Affiliated
Mircea BornescuNon-Affiliated to  FC Voluntari
Juan PabloNon-Affiliated to  CD Numancia
Adrián ColungaNon-Affiliated to  RCD Mallorca
Damián AlbilNon-Affiliated to  Central Córdoba (SdE)
Luciano BecchioBelgrano to  Non-Affiliated
Sergio EscuderoBelgrano to  Non-Affiliated


Nikola Karaklajić_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Đorđe DespotovićFK Crvena Zvezda to  Non-Affiliated
Mauro CettoNon-Affiliated to  Rosario Central
Diego PozoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Federico PintosNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Sayed MoawadNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Stefan DjordjevićNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Bo-Kyung KimNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Admir TeliNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Nicolas FarinaNon-Affiliated to  _French Lower Leagues


Jayro Campos_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Emiliano VecchioColo-Colo to  Non-Affiliated
Eduard PapACS Poli Timişoara to  Non-Affiliated
Rashid BrowneFC Botoșani to  Non-Affiliated
Andrei CordoșFC Botoșani to  Non-Affiliated
Raul CostinFC Botoșani to  Non-Affiliated
Fwayo TemboAFC Astra Giurgiu to  Non-Affiliated
Ninos GouriyeAFC Astra Giurgiu to  Non-Affiliated
Victor RîmniceanuNon-Affiliated to  FC Dinamo București
Leandro CarusoNon-Affiliated to  
Dani BenítezNon-Affiliated to  AD Alcorcón


Javier SaviolaRiver Plate to  Non-Affiliated
Edixon Perea_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Victor RîmniceanuFC Viitorul to  Non-Affiliated


Bogdan MilićCA Osasuna to  Non-Affiliated
Dani BenítezSD Huesca to  Non-Affiliated
Fabián MonserratCrucero del Norte to  Non-Affiliated
Nico PulzettiNon-Affiliated to  Spezia Calcio
MatuzalémHellas Verona FC to  Non-Affiliated
Sergiu HancaNon-Affiliated to  FC Dinamo București
Raul CiupeFC Viitorul to  Non-Affiliated
Cristian MunteanuFC Viitorul to  Non-Affiliated
Călin AlbuțFC Viitorul to  Non-Affiliated
Miloš ZukanovićNon-Affiliated to  RC Lens
Miloš ZukanovićNon-Affiliated to  RC Lens
Richard DunneNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Fábio SimplicioNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
Fábio SimplicioNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
Alan TateNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Dani NdiNon-Affiliated to  Real Sporting de Gijón
Carlo CostlyNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players


Gonzalo BustamanteNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Morgan AmalfitanoNon-Affiliated to  Lille OSC
DidaSC Internacional to  Non-Affiliated
Eugênio Rômulo TogniUS Avellino 1912 to  Non-Affiliated
Enric PiUE Llagostera to  Non-Affiliated
Darren O'deaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Sinan KurumuşNon-Affiliated on loan to  _Other Club
Mitchell De VlugtADO Den Haag to  Non-Affiliated
Mario YepesSan Lorenzo  to  Non-Affiliated
Mauro CettoSan Lorenzo  to  Non-Affiliated
Jermaine JenasNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Darren O'deaWest Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Dani BenítezNon-Affiliated to  SD Huesca
Dominick KumbelaNon-Affiliated to  Eintracht Braunschweig
Adrian RicchiutiLega Pro - Group A (North & Central West) loan return to  Non-Affiliated


Alejandro MartinuccioNon-Affiliated to  AA Ponte Preta


Wiljan PluimNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Zak WhitbreadNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Gabriel VallésNon-Affiliated to  
Fabio DaprelàNon-Affiliated to  Carpi FC 1909
Benjamin PsaumeNon-Affiliated to  _French Lower Leagues
Dominick KumbelaSpVgg Greuther Fürth to  Non-Affiliated
Brad JonesNon-Affiliated to  NEC Nijmegen
Igor Morozov_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Marius Žaliūkas_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Denni AvdićNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Denni AvdićNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs


Eros SchiavonNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Fabio DaprelàUS Città di Palermo to  Non-Affiliated
Salim MoiziniNon-Affiliated to  _French Lower Leagues


Roberto NanniVélez Sársfield to  Non-Affiliated
José Pedro FuenzalidaBoca Juniors to  Non-Affiliated


Eiji KawashimaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Abdisalam IbrahimVeria FC to  Non-Affiliated


Giandomenico MestoNon-Affiliated to  Panathinaikos
Dejan LekićNon-Affiliated to  Girona FC
Romain InezNon-Affiliated to  


GuimaNon-Affiliated to  FC CFR 1907 Cluj
Cristian TulaNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Tiago GomesNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Souleymane KeitaNon-Affiliated to  


Kevin-Prince BoatengNon-Affiliated to  AC Milan
Urby EmanuelsonNon-Affiliated to  Hellas Verona FC
Ricky ÁlvarezNon-Affiliated to  UC Sampdoria


Sergiu HancaASA Tîrgu Mureș to  Non-Affiliated
Cristian BrăneţNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Cătălin DeduNon-Affiliated to  _German Lower Leagues
Ross JenkinsNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Ken LeemansNon-Affiliated to  _Dutch Lower Leagues
Mimoun AzaouaghNon-Affiliated to  _German Lower Leagues
Michael MelkaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Michael MelkaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Paul CouttsNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Carsten RothenbachNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Carsten RothenbachNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
MigueNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Christian EichnerNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players


Gheorghe FlorescuNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Gheorghe FlorescuNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Admir Teli_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Darryl FlahavanNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Iván HernándezNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Matías Pérez_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Sergio MantecónNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
CifuNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Óscar RubioNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
André BikeyNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
Diomansy KamaraNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
Fernando VelascoNon-Affiliated to  
Teteh BanguraNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Silviu IlieNon-Affiliated to  
Luke VarneyNon-Affiliated to  Ipswich Town FC
Ilias KotsiosNon-Affiliated to  _Greek Lower Leagues
Marian PleașcăNon-Affiliated to  CS Pandurii Târgu Jiu


Juan AguileraNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
Eneko FernándezNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Leon BestNon-Affiliated to  Rotherham United FC
Serkan ÇiftçiNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Jean CalvéNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Csaba HorváthNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Björn KopplinNon-Affiliated to  _German Lower Leagues


Abdelkader GhezzalNon-Affiliated to  


Ciprian SelageaNon-Affiliated to  
Isaiah OsbourneNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Isaiah OsbourneNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Fabien FarnolleNon-Affiliated to  Le Havre AC


Adam StraithNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Faris HarounNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Frédéric NimaniNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Lukas SinkiewiczNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
JofreNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
Sebastián VidalNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Albert RieraNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Zlatan MuslimovićNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
MohaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
George CurcaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Zafer YelenNon-Affiliated to  _German Lower Leagues
Timo AchenbachNon-Affiliated to  _German Lower Leagues
Manuele BlasiNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
Maciej MielcarzNon-Affiliated to  _Polish Lower Leagues
Dmitri SychevFC Lokomotiv Moskva to  Non-Affiliated
Mihai CosteaFC Voluntari to  Non-Affiliated
Alexandru BourceanuNon-Affiliated to  FC Steaua București
Aljoša VojnovićFC Dinamo București to  Non-Affiliated
Ricky Van HaarenFC Dinamo București to  Non-Affiliated
Gezim ShalajFC Dinamo București to  Non-Affiliated
Gabriel AbrahamFC Dinamo București to  Non-Affiliated
Elton Da SilvaFC Voluntari to  Non-Affiliated
Radu ZahariaFC Voluntari to  Non-Affiliated
Paul BotaşFC Voluntari to  Non-Affiliated
Michele PaolucciNon-Affiliated to  
José CarlosNon-Affiliated to  Club Gimnàstic de Tarragona
Lukasz JamrózNon-Affiliated to  _Polish Lower Leagues
Andrzej NiedzielanNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Sebastian OlszarNon-Affiliated to  _German Lower Leagues
Cătălin MunteanuNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players


Rok ŠtrausNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Fabrice PancrateNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Aitor MonroyNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Juraj DancikNon-Affiliated to  _Polish Lower Leagues
Luca AnaniaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Leon CortNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Ilan AraujoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Doru BratuNon-Affiliated to  
Jonatan ValleNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Patrick MayerNon-Affiliated to  _German Lower Leagues
Christos PipinisNon-Affiliated to  Apollon Smyrni
Ciprian VasilacheNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Ron VlaarNon-Affiliated to  AZ Alkmaar
Ron VlaarNon-Affiliated to  AZ Alkmaar
Darío CvitanichNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players


MichuNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues


Sébastien FreyNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Sébastien FreyNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players


Ahmed HegazyNon-Affiliated to  CAF Players


AranhaCR Vasco da Gama to  Non-Affiliated


Ivan IvanovFC Basel to  Non-Affiliated


AmaralCR Flamengo to  Non-Affiliated
Renato SantosCR Flamengo to  Non-Affiliated
Wilson PalaciosNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players
Emerson Da ConceiçãoAtlético Mineiro to  Non-Affiliated
JosuéAtlético Mineiro to  Non-Affiliated
Edson SilvaSão Paulo FC to  Non-Affiliated


Luís FabianoNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players


CearáNon-Affiliated to  Coritiba FC
Luís FabianoSão Paulo FC to  Non-Affiliated
Luís FabianoSão Paulo FC to  Non-Affiliated


Souleymane Keita_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated


Andrés FleurquinNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Andrés Fleurquin_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated


Luis Amaranto PereaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players


Franco CoriaNon-Affiliated to  Crucero del Norte
Hernán GranaNon-Affiliated to  All Boys
Franco CángeleNon-Affiliated to  Boca Unidos


Sebastián GallegosOlimpo to  Non-Affiliated
Emanuel TrípodiNon-Affiliated to  Sarmiento de Junín


CharlesCruzeiro EC to  Non-Affiliated
Leandro DamiãoCruzeiro EC to  Non-Affiliated
Júlio BaptistaCruzeiro EC to  Non-Affiliated
CearáCruzeiro EC to  Non-Affiliated


Cristian LobatoNon-Affiliated to  Club Gimnàstic de Tarragona


Nikolaos PantidosPanionios to  Non-Affiliated
Andrea CossuNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)


Paul BatinFC Botoșani to  Non-Affiliated
Sebastian IancNon-Affiliated to  
Marius MateiNon-Affiliated to  
Andrei PoverloviciNon-Affiliated to  
Vasile BuhăescuCS Mioveni to  Non-Affiliated
Ahmed MujdragićCS Gaz Metan Mediaș to  Non-Affiliated
Godfred BekoeCS Gaz Metan Mediaș to  Non-Affiliated


Ciprian Marica_Turkey Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated


Arlind AjetiNon-Affiliated to  Frosinone Calcio
Mohammed TchitéNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Stephen KellyNon-Affiliated to  Rotherham United FC
Darío CvitanichCF Pachuca to  Non-Affiliated
Carl MedjaniTrabzonspor AŞ to  Non-Affiliated


Elvis StanFC Voluntari to  Non-Affiliated
GuimaFC CFR 1907 Cluj to  Non-Affiliated
Armand ŞvichiFC Botoșani to  Non-Affiliated
Ionuț TârnăcopCS Universitatea Craiova to  Non-Affiliated
Ovidiu DănănaeCS Universitatea Craiova to  Non-Affiliated
Fwayo TemboNon-Affiliated to  AFC Astra Giurgiu
Daniel NiculaeNon-Affiliated to  AFC Astra Giurgiu
Pedro HenriqueACS Poli Timişoara to  Non-Affiliated
Cătălin DomanACS Poli Timişoara to  Non-Affiliated
Guy DemelNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs


Markus MendlerNon-Affiliated to  _German Lower Leagues
Danijel MarčetaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Matthias JaissleNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Pierre DucasseNon-Affiliated to  _French Lower Leagues
Predrag StevanovićNon-Affiliated to  _German Lower Leagues
Victor AstafeiNon-Affiliated to  _Other Club
Alexandru IacobNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Mario EggimannNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Sotiris KyrgiakosNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Bongani KhumaloNon-Affiliated to  CAF Players
Bongani KhumaloNon-Affiliated to  CAF Players
Pasquale FoggiaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Maik FranzNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players


Pablo MiglioreNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Ezequiel SchelottoNon-Affiliated to  Sporting Clube de Portugal


Wesley VerhoekNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
Fernando HurtadoNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Luke WilkshireNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Darío Capogrosso_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Carlos RearteIndependiente Rivadavia to  Non-Affiliated


Kevin ConstantTrabzonspor AŞ to  Non-Affiliated


Humberto SuazoColo-Colo to  Non-Affiliated
Julián BottaroNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Sven MüllerNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players


Matej IžvoltNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Łukasz KacprzyckiNon-Affiliated to  _Polish Lower Leagues
Martin LanigNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Márton FülöpNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Alex BrunoNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Alex BrunoNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Ricardo Vaz TêNon-Affiliated to  
Gabriel NowakNon-Affiliated to  _Polish Lower Leagues


José BosingwaTrabzonspor AŞ to  Non-Affiliated
Luis HenriquezNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players


Guillermo Antonio IriarteNon-Affiliated to  _Ascenso MX & Lower Leagues
Jonas IvensNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Raffaele PalladinoNon-Affiliated to  FC Crotone
João VitorNon-Affiliated to  Figueirense FC
Aarón ÑíguezNon-Affiliated to  SC Braga


Antonio SalazarNon-Affiliated to  _Ascenso MX & Lower Leagues
Grzegorz BartczakNon-Affiliated to  Miedź Legnica
MichuSwansea City AFC to  Non-Affiliated


Simon PontdemeNon-Affiliated to  _French Lower Leagues
Jan WashausenNon-Affiliated to  _German Lower Leagues
Gerard BordasNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Barış ÖzbekNon-Affiliated to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Barış ÖzbekNon-Affiliated to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Gerson SheotahulNon-Affiliated to  _Dutch Lower Leagues
GabrielNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players
Lionel ScaloniNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Pablo RuizNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players


Vladimir GadzhevNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Adnan ZahirovićNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Matti Lund NielsenNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Felipe MattioniNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Javi MartínezNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Cedric Van Der GunNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Cedric Van Der GunNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Thilo LeugersNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Marc PlanusNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Miloš DimitrijevićNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Marvin SordellNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Marcel StutterNon-Affiliated to  _German Lower Leagues
Marcel StutterNon-Affiliated to  _German Lower Leagues
Robert ServínNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs


Caio SeccoNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Alessandro BernardiniNon-Affiliated to  US Salernitana 1919


Marián KelemenNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Łukasz KrzyckiNon-Affiliated to  _Polish Lower Leagues
Dan MateiNon-Affiliated to  _Romanian Lower Leagues
Alexandru VagnerNon-Affiliated to  CS Concordia Chiajna
Emiliano TaranaNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Gilberto MartinezNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Francesco ParraviciniNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players


Carlos MarchenaNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
Javier CamuñasNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Rui DuarteNon-Affiliated to  
Cheick N'diayeNon-Affiliated to  _French Lower Leagues
Rudy HaddadNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Román GolobartNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Eduard NicolaNon-Affiliated to  FC Clinceni
Jason DavidsonNon-Affiliated to  Huddersfield Town FC
Manuel PamićNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Giourkas SeitaridisNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Zvonimir VukićNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Diego PérezNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Samoel CojocNon-Affiliated to  


Florin NanuNon-Affiliated to  _Romanian Lower Leagues
Florin NanuNon-Affiliated to  _Romanian Lower Leagues


Ioan MeraNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Alexandru NeacșaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Alexandre DurimelNon-Affiliated to  _French Lower Leagues
Rodrigo GalattoNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
JuanNon-Affiliated to  Coritiba FC
CrisNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Valentin CoşereanuNon-Affiliated to  _Romanian Lower Leagues
Valentin CoşereanuNon-Affiliated to  _Romanian Lower Leagues
Donovan LéonNon-Affiliated to  Stade Brestois 29


Nelson BonillaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Nelson BonillaNon-Affiliated to  Non-Affiliated
Nelson BonillaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Claudiu CodobanNon-Affiliated to  
Luke VarneyIpswich Town FC to  Non-Affiliated
Stephen HuntIpswich Town FC to  Non-Affiliated
Stuart TaylorLeeds United FC to  Non-Affiliated
Jermaine JohnsonSheffield Wednesday FC to  Non-Affiliated
Martin TaylorSheffield Wednesday FC to  Non-Affiliated
Anthony GardnerSheffield Wednesday FC to  Non-Affiliated
Lewis PriceNon-Affiliated to  Sheffield Wednesday FC
Brad Jones_English Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated


PaulinhoNon-Affiliated to  
Bruno CirilloNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players


Manuel OnwuNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Manuel OnwuNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Driss FettouhiNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
Rok ElsnerNon-Affiliated to  Olimpia Grudziądz
Sigourney BandjarNon-Affiliated to  _Dutch Lower Leagues


Luka LukovićNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Quincy Owusu-AbeyieBoavista FC to  Non-Affiliated
Marek ČechBoavista FC to  Non-Affiliated
Paulo ViníciusNon-Affiliated to  Boavista FC
Bobley AndersonNon-Affiliated to  
Giorgi LoriaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Jonathan De Lima ReisNon-Affiliated to  _Other Club
Jonathan De Lima ReisNon-Affiliated to  _Other Club
Ezequiel MaggioloNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Brian MurphyNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Brian MurphyNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Álvaro PeñaNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Kevin-Prince BoatengAC Milan to  Non-Affiliated
Mohammadou IdrissouNon-Affiliated to  _German Lower Leagues
Petr JandaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Club
Petr JandaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Club
Mitar NovakovićNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Steven PereiraNon-Affiliated to  _Eerste Divisie Other Clubs


Ziri HammarNon-Affiliated to  CAF Players
Mouhamadou DaboNon-Affiliated to  Troyes AC
Yannick SagboNon-Affiliated to  CAF Players
Nikolaos ArgyriouNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Ostoja StjepanovićNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs


Mounir El HamdaouiNon-Affiliated to  AZ Alkmaar
Shola AmeobiNon-Affiliated to  
Víctor AndrésNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Rafa GarcíaNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
CarlosNon-Affiliated to  CAF Players
Iván PérezNon-Affiliated to  _LigaPro & Lower Leagues
Iván PérezNon-Affiliated to  _LigaPro & Lower Leagues
Gilberto SilvaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Kristijan NaumovskiNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Michal PeškovičNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Mateusz StąporskiNon-Affiliated to  
Mateusz StąporskiNon-Affiliated to  
Armiche OrtegaNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues


Jordi PabloNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
José Antonio EspínNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Diego RivasNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Luke YoungNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Ion EchaideNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Seydou YahayaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Vujadin SavićNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Aitor FernándezNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
Thomas SorensenNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Mayron GeorgeNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
José Manuel CasadoNon-Affiliated to  
Madjid BougherraNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
Vlada AvramovNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Danijel LjubojaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Kaspars GorkšsNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Arnaud Sutchuin-DjoumNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Cristian ManeaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs


Princewill OkachiNon-Affiliated to  _Polish Lower Leagues
Álvaro RecobaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Alberto PereaNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Ibrahima YattaraNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Carlton ColeNon-Affiliated to  Celtic FC
Túlio De MeloNon-Affiliated to  Chapecoense
Diego GomezNon-Affiliated to  Angers SCO
Kévin AninNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players


Alexander MadlungNon-Affiliated to  Fortuna Düsseldorf


Ciro PolitoNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)
Michele FerriNon-Affiliated to  Lega Pro - Group A (North & Central West)